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7 Attitudes You Need to Detox from to Transform Your Life

by Smith Willas

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Change is not easy. And if this is a change for better, it is going to be even more difficult. For example, eating healthy is considered a good habit. You realize the benefits of eating only fresh, organic products, but sadly, you have never been able to accomplish this mission even after countless resolutions. And if you have succeeded, only you can understand what it takes to establish a good habit.

People get used to bad, unhealthy habits unknowingly. Initially, they may seem like minor things, but eventually, these little things can turn your life into a living hell. If such is the case for you, if you want to detoxify all the negativity and transform your life, here are 7 things to give up immediately in a detox retreat:


#1 Egoism


Your ego should be under your control. However, most of us find it difficult to push our ego down. Ego has been the biggest factor behind domestic clashes, failed relationships and broken friendships.

Ego is when you feel yourself above others. When you feel you are always right or you can never be wrong, or if you are ready for an altercation to prove your point– you may have gone too far and become an egomaniac.

How can you tell if you are an egoist? If most of your talks, emails, text messages and sentences start with I, Me, My, Mine, chances are you are an egoist and ego-man and need to get rid of it to become a better person.

Ego is one of the biggest toxins living in our mind. You need to detox it to transform your life.


#2 Fear of Uncertain Future

bad habits

The future is uncertain. That’s the beauty of it. That’s what motivates us to live in the present. To see noteworthy transformations in your life, it is imperative to quit thinking about the uncertainties of what may happen.

Once you start valuing your present, you will notice improvements in various aspects of your life. But for that, you will need to recognize the power of now. Start living in the present and see the fear of future detoxifying away from your mind.


#3 Sacrificing your Feelings and Preferences


Those who sacrifice their feelings and preferences are not doing somthing good to themselves. This is something that used to happen in classic movies and literature, not reality. To live happily and bring joyful moments into your life, you should never overlook your feelings and preferences.

Listen to the voice coming from deep inside. This voice is the biggest support we all have. It tells us if a step we are going to take will be a good decision or not. Never go against it.

If you have feelings for someone, just go tell him/her about it. If you choose to see your friends on a certain weekend over meeting your girlfriend, that is perfectly fine. Know what you want and make decisions accordingly. This is the way it should be; your partner should understand that you also have friends you want to hang out with from time to time.


#4 Unhealthy Food

junk food detox

You are what you eat, that’s no secret. What you eat has a direct connection with your physical and mental health. To see positive changes happening in your life, you will need to make a significant shift in your daily eating habits.

Junk food is what it is: junk. It contains loads of toxic substances that you bring into your body on purpose. Stop eating junks and start detoxifying your system by replacing them with healthy food options in an Alkaline diet retreat.

A healthy diet is an important part of a positive, successful, and happy life. Eliminating all unhealthy foods at once could be a tough challenge; begin by listing and leaving all your unhealthy habits one by one over a period of time starting today. All you need is the courage to make strict decisions regarding your food choices.


#5 Excuses


Excuses offer you an escape in complicated situations. However, they never really escape from you, they keep pinching you in remorse. Get rid of such pinching toxins by accepting your faults and inabilities instead of making excuses.

We make silly excuses for a variety of reasons in many situations. We often put forward a solid excuse to avoid feeling embarrassed. When it becomes difficult for us to handle the responsibility, we come forward with an excuse. If we make a mistake, an excuse is almost automatic to defend ourselves…

Are you also living with a life of never-ending excuses? Excuses make you stay stuck on the same level of your life, which you are trying to change for better. When you make an excuse, you’re missing a chance to improve.


#6 Wanting to Be Liked by Everyone


You cannot make everyone love you or like you – no matter how good you are or how big your fan base is. If someone likes you, that’s great. If someone doesn’t, that’s OK, too. It’s perfectly fine to be disliked. Understand that people have their own choices and preferences. So, they may or may not like you and you should be strong enough to accept that.

Detoxify such self-denials from your heart starting from today.


#7 Taking Shortcuts


There is no shortcut to success. Good things take time to bear fruit. Similarly, if you are trying to transform your life, you wouldn’t see anything good on day one. The only way to see success in any of your goals or plans is to work hard.

Many people would happily choose a shortcut to pace up their progress towards their goal, but shortcuts normally lead to disappointment because they rarely work long-term. Never be in a hurry and you shall see success in a while.

Are you ready to give up these things to start the detoxification and transformation of your life? Kickstart these new habits by going on a detox weekend!

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