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5 Amazing Ways To Detox Your Body

by Andrew Macia

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Cleansing our body after a weekend of partying and drinking only takes a couple of days. We can start the cleansing process by gaining back all the water we lost the night before. To this end, sipping water frequently throughout the day will help replenish the body and rid it of the last traces of alcohol.

Recovering and detoxing from an addiction, however, is a completely different story. Years of substance abuse can’t be fixed through a few days of detox. For example, if one had an alcohol addiction and is working to detox from it, withdrawal symptoms can cause seizures and great pain. The same rings true for other kinds of substance abuse.

The process of rehabilitation is one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’ll take time, dedication, motivation, and above all, lots of love. Not only from  those who stay by our side, but also love for ourselves.

While alcohol and substance abuse will need the attention of doctors and healthcare professionals, less serious health problems like bloating and insomnia can be tackled by a frequent detox program. To start on the right foot, here are some awesome tips on how to detox our body:


Watch what you eat

Whole foods

Going through detox does not only mean that we will be cleaning our body of alcohol and any other drugs. It also means that we will be getting rid of all negative components or elements that could be interfering with the proper functioning of our system.

Watching carefully what we eat will guarantee that we’re always provided with all the right nutrients, while reducing the amount of poorly nutritious foods. There are thousands of recipes we can start following, many of which include super healthy and delicious salads.

Our liquid intake is also quite important if we want to achieve better results. Drinking a lot of liquids will help our metabolism process everything much faster. Water in particular, with a bit of lemon juice first thing in the morning, will help all the waste we have inside find its way out much easier.


Take a break from sugar

Detoxing our body is more related to what we keep feeding it than anything else. Though watching our sugar intake technically would also fit in the previous point, it’s very important to know that providing unnecessary quantities of sugar to our body will make it feel the need for more insulin and, if made a regular habit, it could also lead to diabetes or serious weight issues.

When craving sweets, it is best to stick to fruits, which contains natural sugar. Artificial sweeteners or the sugar in processed foods will do little for our detoxing process.




Besides being of great help when we want to control our weight, exercising on a regular basis will also help us to improve our blood pressure and lymph system. Better blood flow or circulation means digesting food will become an easier job for our body. Exercising also helps to control cortisol, which is the hormone that regulates stress. In other words, we’ll be in a better mood while processing everything much faster.

Working out also helps the body to release endorphins, which are the hormones that allow us to feel joy and happiness. When we work out we also concentrate better. Pairing our exercise with meditation also contributes to the better functioning of the body by raising self-awareness and mindfulness.


Sweat & Exfoliate

Working on our skin is also a great way to get rid of all the toxins in our body. Cleaning our skin through exfoliation while going to the sauna on a regular basis will help us rid the body of toxins that aren’t digested properly and that might have gotten a bit too comfortable calling our body their home.


Organic food

organic food

Buying processed foods is one of the worst things we can do if we’re aiming for a healthy lifestyle that starts with a detox. These foods lack all the nutrients that our body needs and replaces them with saturated fats, sugar, and chemicals that have never proved to help us in any way.

By eating a healthy balanced diet full of colorful fruits and vegetables, we are providing our body with what nature intended us to consume from the very start of our life.

We should also try to reduce if not completely give up on processed meat or red meat in general since its consumption has been strongly linked to cancer, while its production, also known as animal farming, is the leading cause of global warming. So we’d be helping the planet by helping ourselves!

Whether we want to clean our body for a rehabilitation program, or if we just want to start a new healthy lifestyle, there are quite a few things that we can do to keep our body clean while also nourishing it with all it will ever need to function correctly.

We must also remember that having a healthy body automatically leads to having a healthy mind, and when those two are combined, happy and healthy, everything else will fall into place giving us inner peace, joy and more time to enjoy life with everyone we love.

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