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On & Beyond Detox

Detox your mind, body, and soul with uplifting stories from people just like you. Learn how to develop healthy eating habits and read inspiring stories that will help you kickstart a healthier lifestyle.

5 Easy Recipes to Detox Your Body at Home

Modern life brings a lot of good things, but it has also brought plenty of bad along. Due to the lack of time and growing population, our food has become more and more unhealthy. 

10 Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

You've probably heard it before. How you should take a glass of warm water that's infused with lemon early in the morning, as it is beneficial to your wellbeing. But what exactly are the health benefits of drinking water with lemon?

10 Amazing Foods That Will Naturally Detox Your Body

Here we are, plowing through winter and looking forward to any sign of spring. We still feel sluggish after the holidays and those New Year resolutions seem to have already faded in the background. Now it’s the perfect time to give our bodies a helping hand to get rid of toxins and thrive.

How to Implement Fasting for Effective Weight Loss

New year, new habits, new weight loss plans. For many of us, without fail, the first months of the year remind us that we should do something to improve our wellbeing. And, most often, that “something” is losing weight.

5 Foods and Drinks That Will Improve Your Focus

Do you badly want to improve your brainpower and focus? How often do you zone out but keep wishing it didn’t happen frequently? Well, when it comes to the effects of reduced brainpower and attention, you're not alone – at least all of us have been there once in our lifetime.

3 Ways Coffee Can Help You Detox Your Body

Life in the century of processed foods and chlorinated or fluoridated water is a challenge to your body. Everything you may be consuming is loaded with chemicals, artificial flavors, preservatives and antibacterial substances. These foods not only take longer to digest and get processed in your body but they also pose a threat to your body's capability to remove toxins on its own. Thankfully, there is one delicious drink that could help: coffee.

10 Techniques to Help You Relax Your Mind and Body in Less than 5 Minutes

With the bustle and hassle of life, it’s common that many people feel overwhelmed, stressed and pushed to the edge of the cliff at one point or another. 

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