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Chlorophyll: 5 Reasons Why It’s Good For You

by Elaine Clara Mah

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The latest hype in the wellness industry is Chlorophyll water or liquid chlorophyll, with celebrities swearing by it and many wellness enthusiasts claiming it to be the next fat-busting miracle water.

Liquid chlorophyll is a great addition to your diet as it contains vitamins and antioxidants that are beneficial to your body. As an ardent supporter of wellness, we at BookDetoxRetreats.com outlines 5 great reasons why chlorophyll can be beneficial for you:


How Do We Get Chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll is naturally occurring in plants and vegetables, so consuming a good amount of veggies will get you some in your system. Another way to consume chlorophyll is through supplements such as tablets, ointments, sprays and liquids.


It Cleanses The Liver

Chlorophyll protects healthy cells and tissue by increasing phase II biotransformation enzymes – which keep the liver healthy and at its optimal functioning levels. An animal study has shown that chlorophyll reduced incidences of liver tumors drastically, from 29 to 64 percent! Chlorophyll also stimulates the regeneration of damages liver cells, and is said to be much more potent than traditional herbs like milk thistle, dandelion and artichoke. On a simpler level, chlorophyll encourages the movement of bile – which helps eliminate toxins from the food we consume.


It Aids Weight Loss

This superfood also aids in weight loss as it helps control hunger and cravings. A 2013 study showed that chlorophyll helps suppress hunger. According to the study, twenty moderately overweight woman who were given test meals on three separate occasions – two of which contained chlorophyll – noted that they felt less hungry following the meals with chlorophyll than the one without. This is due to an appetite-suppressive compound that is present in chlorophyll called thylakoids. Additionally, chlorophyll also potentially contains lipolytic enzymes that trigger movement of fatty acids, which is then transformed into glucose and used for energy. 


It Reduces Body Odor

Want a natural deodorant free from harmful chemicals? Try chlorophyll! Chlorophyll’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties helps conquer body odor from inside out. A doctor in New York in the 1950s discovered that taking baths in waters containing chlorophyll or consuming the compound reduces body odor. In recent years, a study of people suffering from trimethylaminuria – a condition that causes fishy odors – found that consuming chlorophyll supplements significantly reduces amounts of trmethylamines present in the body.


Promotes healing

Chlorophyll has tremendous healing properties and is said to slow the rate of harmful bacteria reproduction, and therefore speeding up wound healing. The use of chlorophyll in ointments has dated back to the 1940s, where chlorophyll has been added to in ointments to heal persistent open wounds.


Improves Blood Health

Chlorophyll improves the quality of red blood cells in the body, as the molecular structure of chlorophyll is similar, if not identical to our body’s hemoglobin. When ingested, chlorophyll acts like hemoglobin and carries out the same duties as hemoglobin does, which is to increase oxygenation and nutrient delivery to cells. In 2004, a study showed that wheatgrass (which is 70% chlorophyll) reduced the number of blood transfusions that thalassemia patients needed, though this study is still inconclusive as there is a debate as to whether it was wheatgrass or chlorophyll that influenced this result.

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