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How Coffee 'Fights' For You: Slow Down Aging With Your Next Cup!

by Sarah Jones

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Wrinkles and laugh lines are just a few of the delights that the world has in store for you as aging comes around, or does it have to be this way? New research that has come to light has found that those seeking the eternal elixir of youth should look to their morning cup of coffee!

As it turns out, coffee does not only delay the physical effects of aging but also works quite effectively as a means to fight some diseases. Curious to find out more? Here’s how:  


Coffee and the battle against inflammation


coffee beans


Inflammation is defined as the internal mechanism within the human body to guard itself against infection and disease and to aid in the recovery from an ailment, according to Medical News Today. However, if the body is constantly in a state of inflammation, it can become more susceptible to illnesses such as heart disease, cancer and brain conditions such as Alzheimer’s.

Research conducted found that individuals enrolled in a long-term study, who were regular coffee drinkers ended up with the lowest levels of inflammation, but those with the highest blood pressures. The participants who reported the most joint and muscle tension also reported being the lowest coffee consumers in the study.

The researchers in this study then wanted to see if caffeine could have an immediate effect on inflammation, they inserted chemicals that are known to cause inflammation within human immune cells and then proceeded to add caffeine. The caffeine halted the inflammatory compounds from causing any inflammation within the cells.

Coffee has also been found to hamper the overall risk of disease for its consumers with a variety of protective benefits from dementia to stroke and even Parkinson’s disease. It also has the additional advantage of increasing life expectancy overall. In further research, habitual coffee consumption has been shown to lower suicide risk and reduce the likelihood of developing depression.

The benefits are, however, limited to coffee and do not extend to energy drinks due to them not using real caffeine but rather a synthetic compound which may have detrimental effects.

However, even with coffee having all of these benefits it is still vitally important to bear in mind, that caffeine is a stimulant and consuming it in excess can lead to a decline in the quality of sleep and a hampering of the ability of the adrenal glands to function effectively. Not to mention that too much of anything is never good!


Coffee and the aging process


A woman covered in coffee


Many beauty products tout caffeine as the miracle ingredient destined to vanquish your cellulite or remove your raccoon eyes in an instant, while these may sound too good to be true. There is merit to their claims; caffeine is a dehydrator meaning that when it gets in contact with cells, it sucks the excess water out of them and causes an instantaneous reduction in the size of these cells.

This leads to a short-lived set of bright eyes or the presentation of less cellulite, however, one should not forget the far more important reason coffee is very much loved - its antioxidants. Research has reported that coffee is the dominant source of antioxidants within the human dietary outfit.

Free radicals are chemicals within the human body that attack its physical organs and basic cell structures such as our DNA, this can lead to serious consequences such as a greater likelihood of contracting a disease, along with the speeding up of the physical aging process and ultimately, death.

When free radicals induce damage within the human body, the body moves into a state of emergency, sensing that it is in danger, the metabolic system is thrown out of its natural fat-burning mode and instead, in order to save you from the upcoming crisis, enters into fat-storage mode. Thus, destroying all the work you put into losing and maintaining your weight.


How does it fight back?


coffee helps to delay the aging process


Antioxidants, however, can effectively disarm free radicals by simply giving them an electron boost and spares you from both the stress-induced aging and the increased vulnerability to a number of diseases like cancer. A great way to boost the natural bodily process of clearing out free radicals and toxins is through the liver.

Coffee has two separate highly beneficial kinds of antioxidants within the dark brew, namely polyphenols and hydrocinnamic acids. The vast majority of people within the Western world only ingest on average 1-2 mg of antioxidants per day, this is mainly through liquids such as tea or coffee. Few, if any, individuals get their antioxidants from solid food.

While coffee may be one of the highest ranking sources of antioxidants according to a food comparison study, coming in behind cloves, peppermint, star anise, dark chocolate, various berries and black olives to name a few of the spices and foods you might want to add to your pantry, should you want to fight back the aging bug.




In order to dismantle the mechanisms of aging and drastically reduce your chances of experiencing one of the many ailments that coffee may protect against, why not pour yourself an extra cup before you start the school run? Coffee has been linked to the fostering of improved health, a greater vitality and life expectancy in its most ardent drinkers and combats the aging process, it’s clear to see why this is still one of the most beloved pick-me-ups the world over!


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