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Why You Should Reconsider Your Sugar Intake

by Erick Blake

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With an average consumption of roughly 3 times the recommended daily amount, sugar can easily top the list of seemingly harmless yet addictive substances.

Sugar is not just consumed as a part of desserts but is present in many everyday foods such as breakfast cereals, energy bars, sauces, and packaged juices. It sneaks into our lives every day and harms us in multiple ways.

Adding inches to the waistline is just one of the commonly seen harmful effects of sugar. Research shows sugar actually messes with our leptin-ghrelin regulatory cycle, which is responsible for satiety and hunger. It also numbs our taste buds, leading us to indulge more. It can also lead to increased incidences of high cholesterol, cardiac ailments and mood swings.

People addicted to sugar also tend to display withdrawal symptoms. It is therefore essential to reduce as much as possible the consumption of sugar and detox your body regularly from this sweet poison.

There are many ways to detox, either via juicing, fasting or attending a sugar detox retreat. This will help your body eliminate toxins and recover from the long-standing effects of sugar.

Want to know more about how sugar affects your body? Check the infographic below and find out which are the different hidden sources of sugar that you might be unintentionally consuming every day!

effects of sugar

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