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20 Harmful Toxins You’re Exposed to Every Day

by Emily Pham

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Did you know that lethal toxins are entering your body through familiar products every day? Want to know exactly which ones? Here is a list of 20 common toxins found in items used by millions of people around the world.

1. Benzaldehyde

The Environmental Protection Agency has published a study on the surprising toxicity of chemicals such as benzaldehyde, camphor, ethyl acetate, benzyl acetate, linalool, acetone, and methylene chloride, which are commonly found in the ingredients of perfume, fragrance and room sprays that we use. This study caused a shock in people who use perfume on a daily basis.

Because of the toxicity of the chemicals present in these products, it is recommended to use them just sporadically. You can limit your perfume usage to special occasions instead of wearing it every day. Instead of spraying the entire household with scented room sprays after cleaning, you can open all the windows to let fresh air in.


2. Lead

lead in cosmetics

Cosmetics, like fragrances, have found a bad reputation of having a high level of toxicity. For lead and synthetic dyes have been regular ingredients in lipsticks, eyeshadows, and blushes. Alcohol, while not directly toxic, can dry out your skin and expose it to other environmental elements.

Although it is hard to avoid products that have these chemicals, try to look for mineral-based, organic and fragrance-free cosmetics as they would have the least toxic ingredients.


3. Aluminum

For years, antiperspirants have contained aluminum. This ingredient has been found to be blocking the sweat from vaporizing from the skin, and thus help with keeping the undesired smell under control.

However, some studies have been carried out to test the toxicity of aluminum in antiperspirants, and although the results are inconclusive, they have found that aluminum might boost the development of breast cancer. Therefore, the U.S Food and Drug Administration has required antiperspirant producers to put a warning label on these products.

If you feel like you’ve been exposed to these elements too much, it could even be recommended to get a heavy metal cleanse.



Your bed might be the most comfortable place in the world, but it might not be the most healthy place! Numerous mattresses have an abnormally high amount of a dangerous compound called PBDEs. The presence of PBDE has been associated with damage to the brain and the reproductive systems while causing the degeneration of sperm quality and possibly other medical conditions regarding the thyroid gland.

Therefore, it is always better to sleep on a mattress free of PBDE for the sake of your long-term health.


5. Preservatives

While canned foods are in popularity because of their convenience and variety, many of them contain a high level of preservatives, food dyes and salt. All these ingredients are damaging to your health: preservatives and food dyes are known to cause cancer, and salt contributes to hypertension. Therefore, it is highly recommended to stop buying frozen meals and canned foods; instead, opt for healthier diets that contain fresh ingredients.

Even if you’re on vacation, you can always book a detox retreat with an alkaline diet meal plan.


6. Phthalates

Even now, you might see your grandma put freshly baked cookies in a glass jar instead of a plastic one, and this is not without a reason. Plastic containers, or plasticware in general, always contain Phthalates.

This is a chemical that interferes with the endocrine system in your body to directly harm the overall development of your body, the reproductive systems, and the nervous system. While plasticware gets old with time, they break down and release phthalates, among several toxic chemicals, into the food they contain.


7. Pesticides

The current trend of "going organic" worldwide has a strong and solid foundation. The advocates of the organic foods say that commercially-grown foods nowadays have excessive pesticides level in them for a very long time after production, and this is confirmed by the scientists. Leftover pesticide could contribute to the development of cancer and cause stomach upset.

Learn how to get the most of pesticide-free products by going on an organic food culinary vacation.  


8. Antibiotics

You might not be on a prescription for antibiotics, but you might develop a resistance to antibiotics unknowingly. That is because you might be exposed to antibiotics commonly found in cattle meat such as cow, pig, and chicken.

These products are kept under unsanitary conditions, therefore, the producers feed them antibiotics to keep them healthy. However, the antibiotics might enter your body even after the meat is cooked, and contribute to antibiotics resistance.


9. Copper

copper toxic

Copper toxicity can lead to vomiting, inflammation, and damage to the body organs such as liver and kidney; moreover, as zinc and copper cannot be consumed together, too much copper can cause the body to absorb zinc less efficiently and lead to zinc deficiency.

Excessive copper can be found by using copper cookware, or drinking water containing this mineral. It is best not to use the cookware made from copper, and filter your water if you suspect there is a high level of it.


10. Mercury

Mercury poisoning is a serious condition caused by eating the small fish variety such as tuna or mackerel, and improperly disposing of batteries and thermometers. This poisoning has always captured the public's interest, as this poisoning is especially damaging to the mental health.

Over the world, governments have special laws and guidance on how to properly dispose of the mercury-containing items, and how fish farms can prevent the problem of mercury in the waters where their fish are kept.


11. High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)

high fructose syrup

HFCS is the alternative to the regular sugar-cane sugar, but it has been found to contribute to serious diseases like diabetes and cancer. Nevertheless, it is commonly found in soft drinks, snacks, and canned foods which people like to consume.

Limit your serving of these items to one or two per week, or do not consume them at all if you want to keep the doctor away!


12. Hydrogenated Fats And Oils

Along with HFCS, hydrogenated fats and oils are frequently used in commercially produced drinks and snacks. They’re ideal due to their convenience, availability, and cost-effectiveness. However, these fats and oils have gone under treatment to make them harder to go bad in processed foods; therefore, they are harder to be digested in your body and can cause stomach problems, inflammation, cancer, diabetes and unwanted weight gain.

HFCS and hydrogenated fats are the usual ingredients in fast foods and snacks, so you might want to avoid eating any junk food!


13. Triclosan


Besides having the potential of causing cancer, triclosan has a similar adverse effect to antibiotics which is increasing your body's resistance to antibiotics. This toxic ingredient is hard to avoid because it is used in beauty products in everyday life, such as toothpaste, shampoos, and soaps.

How to avoid contact with triclosan? Consider switching to natural and organic personal care products without the presence of triclosan. 


14. Arsenic

Although arsenic toxicity is no longer a problem in developed nations, there are still many countries that are combating arsenic contamination of water. The presence of arsenic in household water can lead to vomiting and skin cancer.

If you happen to live in a country with this problem, stick to bottled water or get yourself a water filtration system in your home to prevent this problem.


15. Ethanol

ethanol is toxic

You might not like this, but it could be a good idea to give up alcohol. The ethanol chemical that is plentiful in alcoholic beverages, if consumed in high doses, can cause vomiting and damage to the liver and kidney. In some cases, ethanol toxicity can even be the cause of your death.

Therefore, try to at least have a controlled alcohol intake or help your body with a general detox; it would be extremely beneficial to your health.


16. Flouride

Flouride poisoning can be caused simply by swallowing too much toothpaste. Fluoride consumption can lead to headaches, gut problems and nausea. As mentioned before, try to only use personal care products with natural ingredients that won’t harm your body.


17. Chlorine

Chlorine is an effective water treatment for swimming pools, but prolonged exposure to the chlorine in water could irritate the skin, and a higher toxicity level could lead to stomach and kidney problems. That’s why swimmers are always advised to wash thoroughly with cleaning products after spending some time in the swimming pool.


18. Cyanide​

This dangerous chemical is found in many common foods and fruits, such as apples, nuts and seeds, and lima beans. Cyanide poisoning leads to oxygen deprivation for body cells and could even be fatal. Be aware of foods that contain cyanide, and use other foods as substitutes.


19. Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PB)

PB is present in lubricants for machines and electrical equipment. It has been found to damage the immune system, cause certain skin problems, and potentially elevate the risk of getting cancer. The movement to discontinue the use of PB has been primarily in the U.S but many other countries are soon looking up to the example, and this is good news for the global public health.


20. Steroids

What other toxin is in our livestock? It is steroids. While antibiotics are used on the cattle to prevent diseases, steroids are being abused in getting the animals to produce more meat with better efficiency. The built-up steroid level in the livestock is transferred to our body after meat consumption, and it is directly responsible for damaging the nervous system, the liver, and the skin. Therefore, natural and free-range meat sources are considered a better and healthier choice compared to the commercially produced meat.

Feel like you’ve been exposed to many of these elements? Sign up for a detox retreat and kickstart a healthier lifestyle clean from all these toxins.

Emily is a guest author from natural home remedies.

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