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Simple Ways For Staying Healthy While On Vacation

by James Wilson

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My holidays are always filled with sun, adventures, and food. Unfortunately, though, the longer it drags on, the short the adventures get, and the more the food piles up! Food focused trips are my number one weakness and have dragged me over halfway across the world.

It is because of this that I needed to put this post out there. Too many times I’ve come back from a long trip and felt that I’m in dire need of a detox and exercise. The good news is, we don’t necessarily have to take drastic actions after our travels. We can certainly take simple steps to maintain our health during the vacation itself! With that, here are my tips for staying healthy while on vacation:


Walk Whenever & Wherever You Can


When traveling, walk whenever you can


Sure, it would be nice to take a taxi or some form of public transport everywhere you go. The problem is, if you are anything like me, you are probably consuming more calories than your body requires. You may be able to convince yourself that you are, indeed, on vacation, but that excuse does not carry through to reality.

If the place you need to be is quite nearby where you are, why not walk there? Not only will you save money, but the exercise will also help you burn some of the calories you just consumed. Yes, it may not be a significant amount, but know that every little bit counts towards a healthier and fitter you!


Eat Plenty of Fruits


Fresh fruits will help to keep you healthy


It is genuinely all too easy to skip past eating fruits and vegetables while on holiday. Why do that when there is delicious local cuisine just waiting to be gobbled up, right?

Not only do fruits and vegetables provide the essential micronutrients and vitamins to your body, but they also provide fiber and water to help maintain a good digestion system. In short, if you miss out on your fruits and vegetables, you might be even more backed up from all the extra food you’re taking in. 

It does not need to be difficult, either! When shopping in the markets, buy whatever fruit is in season; they are bound to be delicious. Oh, and surely, a side salad or a vegetable dish doesn’t hurt, right? Alternatively, if you weren’t able to consume enough fiber during your getaway (despite your best efforts), why not join a weekend detox retreat or a juice detox? Your body will surely thank you for it!


Maintain Portion Control


Yes, I understand that this is probably the hardest tip to follow. I mean, you’re on vacation, for crying out loud! I get it, but then again, you want to keep in –reasonably- good shape, do you not?

Know that you do not need to control your portions for all your meals – that would be madness. Personally, I like to keep either lunch or dinner lighter than the other two. Breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day and I am a big eater in the morning, anyway.

To balance out the food I consume during the day, dinner is usually the meal I cut down on, seeing as I will likely not be doing much between the meal and bedtime.

That said, for practicality purposes, I have personally found lunch to be easier to control. With me waking up relatively late during vacation, I often find myself skipping or just having a little lunch. By the way, I found that brunch works, too!


Be Aware of Your Food Choices


When you’re traveling to awesome places around the globe, remember that other than controlling your portions for some of your meals, note that you don’t have to eat out for every meal.  Most accommodation these days will come with some form of kitchen, be it personal or communal. Why not whip up a quick breakfast of cereal and milk the day after you had an atypically heavy dinner? Portion control is really important, but if you are eating fast food for every meal, it isn’t enough to keep your health in check. Choose your food intake wisely!


Avoid Too Much Sun Exposure


Protect your skin from too much exposure to the sun


Most of us will associate health with the food you eat, but many forget that it is so much more than that! It is certainly tempting to sit out in the sun all day and relax, but is it the healthiest thing to do? Overexposure to the sun can cause all kinds of complications, the least of which is a sunburn, a painful experience.

This, obviously, is not just talking about sunbathing. Swimming, running, or just generally hanging about in unshaded areas all put you at risk for overexposure to the sun.

If you are planning on lazing about in the sun, be sure to do it under/near a sun umbrella/tree. Do not expose your skin to that much sun at once. Oh, and don’t forget to lather sunscreen! SPF 15 should be adequate to protect you from the sun’s ray and be sure to re-apply every few hours.


Drink Lots of Water


Stay well hydrated


While this is the easiest and most essential, most of us have been guilty of forgetting to drink water when we should.

Not only does water keep the body alive and kicking, but it also helps flush out toxins, keep energy levels up, and helps negate the headaches that come with a crazy night or jet lag. Are these not enough reasons for you to drink more water on vacation? You’d be interested to know that drinking water (8 glasses or 2 liters/ day) also promotes weight loss and boosts your immune system.

Don’t worry, I’ll wait here – now go grab yourself a glass of water!


Drink (Alcohol) Responsibly


Vacation is a time to let loose and I have been guilty of having one too many wild nights while on foreign soil. When you travel as often as I do, however, can you really keep on using the excuse that it only happens “every once in a while”? Surely, your liver does not need the extra strain.

Note that this does not only apply to alcohol. I have caught myself drinking fizzy sweet drinks while on vacation way too often when I should be drinking more water. Keep in mind that on average, each can of soft drink contains about seven tablespoons of sugar (or more). This may just motivate you to opt for a refreshing cold glass of water instead.

In the end, keeping healthy is far more a way of life than something that can be put into bullet points. These tips, however, will help you kick start a much healthier vacation, and, hopefully, a healthier life moving forward!

Happy travels!


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