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How to Lose Weight: 5 Safe and Easy Tips!

by Elaine Clara Mah

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It’s the same old question that’s been asked over and over again. How do we lose weight? And more importantly, how do we keep the weight off? Much of weight loss is perseverance and motivation, but there are some useful tips that we can apply to help make the process more effective and less painful! 

To help you on your weight loss journey, here are BookDetoxRetreats’s top 5 safe and easy weight loss tips.

Ditch Process!


Image credit: Pixabay

3-minute cup noodles, as easy and tempting as they may sound, are never a good idea for when you are trying to lose weight. Neither are those cream crackers sitting in your pantry, waiting to be devoured. While convenient, processed foods are usually high in sugar and saturated fat.

Instead, opt for wholesome, natural foods. Choose whole grain products and make whenever you can instead of buying pre-packed goods. Want a nice salad dressing to go with your veggies? Make it!


Load Up on Water


Image credit: Pixabay

Drink more water! The benefits of drinking water are abundant. More water in your system will help you cleanse your body, increase your metabolism rate and suppress your appetite. More importantly, it helps reduce water weight retention. So great is the benefit of water that many people are choosing to go on a water fast every once in a while to cleanse their body.

Understandably, a water fast is not for everyone. Drinking as much as your body needs is sufficient to help with weight loss. Let your body cue you when you need water. Drink when you feel thirsty. Take a peek at your pee. If it’s light yellow, you’re good to go.


Go on a Detox Program


Image credit: Pixabay

There’s nothing like a good detox program to kick-start your weight loss journey! A detox will help effectively eliminate toxins from your body, by supporting your internal organs during their detoxification process. Put simply, a detox takes the workload off your elimination organs, so that it can work better in getting rid of unwanted toxins.

However, it can be quite challenging to get a good detox program underway, especially when you’re in the city and surrounded by temptations everywhere. The best way to really reap the benefits of a detox program is to go on a detox retreat, where you can focus fully on you and your body.


Pick up a Fitness Regime


Image credit: Pixabay

Be it a daily jog around the park, a yoga retreat, or a martial arts camp, pick a fitness regime that suits you and stick to it. Your workout doesn’t have to be intense or extreme. It only needs to keep you moving and your heart pumping so that you burn calories and build muscle.

How much exercise should you do? To give you a rough idea, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that you do at least 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week. This means, you only need to exercise between 20 to 30 minutes per day to meet this goal!




Image credit: Pixabay

Much of our over-eating habits stem from negative emotions, and meditation is a good tool to help us overcome these emotions. Meditation is said to release the oxytocin hormone or the “love” hormone, emitting feel-good emotions to your mind and body, thus combatting the negative ones.  Even if you’ve never meditated before, you can start anytime and anywhere with a meditation retreat.

Not sure where to begin? Try these meditation apps to help you begin your meditation habit!


Thanks for reading this article! Want to go on a detox retreat? Perhaps a juice detox retreat is a good place to start!

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