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Six Tips to Prepare & Detox Your Skin for the Summer

by Dr. Kojian M.D.

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You're ready for the summer sun and excitement, but your skin isn't. This is an annoying problem that many people have. Their skin doesn't acclimate to the new, hot environment quickly enough, so it becomes dry and loses flexibility.​

The summer sun can be dangerous to your skin; the UV index is incredibly high and prolonged exposure to the sun can cause burns, blisters, or worse. That’s why, in addition to using sunscreen and hats, you'll need to refresh your skin and bring back its glory. You don't need to use any commercial products that advertise such effects since you can achieve them all by yourself by using household items and physical activity.

So, let's not waste any more time on this intro and let's dive right into the six tips for summer skin detox you should follow to cleanse your skin and prepare it for summer!


Start with Lemon

lemon water

There's no tastier and healthier way to start your day than by preparing a glass or two of lemon water. One difference here (that most people don't do) is to prepare it by using warm water. Warm water makes the lemon tastier, and it works as a more efficient detox.

Lemons are healthy because they're filled with antioxidants and Vitamin C, but they're also alkaline and have such an effect on your body. This means that drinking lemon water can restore your pH balance, which can easily get disrupted through various things. Your pH balance is important because it keeps the immune system in check. 


Hydrate with H2O

Since warmer weather is on the horizon, you'll need to take extra care by drinking water. Our bodies sweat a lot more (even when you're in a swimming pool or the sea) during the summer period which can lead to dehydration and fatigue (or worse).

This doesn't mean you have to drink water like a madman, but it does mean you need to up your intake from the usual levels. Always have a bottle of fresh water handy, so you can hydrate whenever you feel thirsty. We recommend around 2-3 liters of water each day, but it's all up to you. Just don't let yourself dehydrate as you can have issues such as dizziness, headaches, and other sun-related conditions.

Oh, one last thing. If you're hydrated properly, your skin will benefit massively and will regain its flexibility. 


Use Cleansing Bath to Detox

detox bath

Cleansing baths have been in use for a long, long time, and that's exactly what you need to detox your skin and bring back its former glory. It doesn't take anything fancy or expensive; all you need is a bath (which you probably have), some Epsom salts and any calming essential oil (but I recommend lavender as it's wonderful).

Add a single cup of Epsom salts and a little bit of essential oil (though, if you want to add more so it smells better, go for it!) and sit in the bath. Lay back and relax and let the cleansing bath do its magic. This combination of ingredients helps bring out toxins and other similar impurities from your skin.


Get Moving

Physical activity is probably the most important tip we have on this list. You need to keep moving and exercising (at least a little bit each day) because it will open up your skin and shed those extra pounds.

Your pores open up when you work out and sweat. This keeps them functioning and constant, thus, decreasing the possibility of being blocked.


Natural Acid Peel

Natural acid peels are commercially available as well, but you never know what goes into those. When making your homemade acid peel, you are in control of what goes into the final formula. There are many guides online about how to prepare and create a natural acid peel, so take a look.

Natural acid peels are used to soften and moisturize your skin. This is exactly what you need for your face if you want to prepare it for summer properly.


Get your Green Tea Daily

Green tea truly is a wonderful little drink. There are so many benefits associated with it that it's crazy that more people don't drink it. Scientists have proven that drinking green tea has a positive effect on your immune system. It also helps with antioxidant skin defense which needs to stay efficient against the environment and its effects. Two cups of green tea daily will do the trick, and you'll be feeling the difference rather soon.

Want to take advantage of the nice summer weather? Go on a detox retreat in the USA and help your skin look radiant all season long!

Dr. Kojian is a guest author from DrtoHelp.com.

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