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10 Techniques to Help You Relax Your Mind and Body in Less than 5 Minutes

by Kathy Mitchell

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With the bustle and hassle of life, it’s common that many people feel overwhelmed, stressed and pushed to the edge of the cliff at one point or another. 

Thankfully, there are some healthy practices that you can follow to find just a little more relaxation in your daily life. These practices can help in overcoming signs of depression and anxiety disorders, which can progress to mental health problems if they’re not addressed in time.

One of the most effective ways of overcoming stress and relaxing our mind and body is to take a 5-minute break anytime we feel overwhelmed by our daily activities.

Want some ideas of what you can do during these breaks to truly feel refreshed? Here are some effective techniques that you can use to relax your mind and body that you can do in less than 5 minutes:


1.    Have a Cup of Tea


herbal tea


Drinking a cup of tea, whether green or herbal is one of the simplest ways to relax your mind and body for a moment. Different teas offer different health benefit just from the consumption of it. For example, chamomile tea acts as a natural nerve tonic while green tea is clinically prove to overcome stress.


2.    Get a New Perspective


Another good technique to relax your mind and body for a moment is working on changing your perspective of the situation that is bothering you. This requires you to identify why you are feeling overwhelmed and if the thing is worth stressing over. You should then determine whether or not you can solve the problem or if it involves something that you do not have control over.

Convincing your mind that the problem is not worth stressing over, or understanding that you have no control over the matter, can help you to relax. This technique will also allow your mind to manage the issue rationally and enable you to acquire a positive attitude, which helps in managing stress.


3.    Take a Walk


Taking a walk is effective in relaxing your mind and body as it enables you to forget about troubling thoughts. This gives you peace of mind, which creates space to cultivate a positive attitude about the situation. You do not need to walk for hours to enjoy the calming effects of walking. A brisk walk will be enough to help you overcome negative thoughts, and therefore help relax your mind and body.

However, it is advisable to focus on engaging your mind when walking and concentrate on the present moment and the nature around you to reap the maximum benefits. By doing this, even a comfortable or brisk walk can be effective.


4.    Hand Massage


hand massage


Giving yourself a hand massage helps in relieving tension in your hands. You can also use lightly scented lotion or oil to relieve tension in the area around the base of your thumb. This also helps to release stress from your neck, scalp, and shoulders.


5.    Meditate


According to research, meditation is one of the most effective ways of relaxing your mind and body. Therefore, meditation can help to overcome early depression symptoms or anxiety disorders while also improving memory. There are many techniques to meditate, but you can start by focusing on your breath while trying to overcome your thoughts and avoiding getting attached to them.


6.    Stretching


Doing a bit of stretching for about five minutes helps in loosening your muscles, which relieves tension from your body. This can be just simple stretching or specific yoga poses that can easily be done anywhere including in the office to aid in relaxing your mind and body. Relaxing your body doesn’t require you to go to the gym for long workouts. Rather, simple stretches that can even be done at your desk could do the trick.


7.    Playing Soothing Music


Playing soothing music with a smooth tempo that involves light instruments create a conducive environment to relax your mind and body. You can even identify some soothing songs that help you gain calmness once you feel overwhelmed by the daily challenges of life.

Picking soothing music helps in blocking the negative thoughts and therefore prepares your mind to adopt a positive attitude.


8.    Use Lavender Oil




According to studies, lavender is known to relax muscles and offer calming effects when inhaled. Consequently, this popular plant helps in overcoming depression, stress, anxiety, irritability and sleep disorders. Applying lavender oil relieves any tension, enabling you to relax your mind and body in less than five minutes.


9.    Write down Your Worries and Fears


Writing your worries, fears or dreams helps in clearing off all negative thoughts to allow you to focus on the present. This involves taking time to write down something that helps in clarifying your feelings and thoughts, which enable you to understand yourself better and find reassurance in life. It also offers a better way to look at a problem and easily come up with a solution as everything is put on paper.

This technique can also help you overcome powerful negative emotions and make it easier for you to let go. This is because writing a short journal of what you are facing enables you to identify what you do not need and what you cannot change and therefore should let go.


10.    Counting Backward


relaxing mind and body


Taking some time to relax and counting from 10 downwards while focusing on your breath is another method to relax. When you feel stressful thoughts creeping in, try this simple task. It works because because it interrupts your brain from the cycle of worrying about what might happen in the future.

You can combine this technique with a yoga pose that allows you to relax and take a deep breath after every count such as child’s pose for better and faster results. This simple yoga pose helps in steadying your breath and relaxing your mind.


In conclusion, your mind and body need to relax and get away from the daily struggles and challenges that you face. This helps in improving your overall well-being and prevents mental diseases. Therefore, there is a need to understand or master some simple techniques that allows us to relax any time we feel overwhelmed. We might not always be able to see the physical signs of stress, which makes it crucial to master some simple and practical techniques that can address the early signs. 

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