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How Does the Swedish Massage Work and What Are Its Benefits?

by Sara Rasheed

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In this world of chaos, stress, anxiety, and depression, massages are becoming the inevitable solutions which could pave your way for a relief, peace and tension-free life. Swedish massage techniques follow very basic or original massage methods.

The main objective of Swedish massage is to help your body inhale more oxygen and detoxify. Through the removal of toxic substances, the Swedish massage aims to give the body a fresh new start. It increases your blood circulation by using connective tissues and muscles. This way, it minimizes the tension and releases residual lactic acid and other tissue juices to provide the body relief from all pain.

Swedish massage uses stretching techniques to help your tendons and ligaments function properly. These techniques exert greater pressure to make the body take extra oxygen and release more residual substances. For this reason, the Swedish massage is more suitable for individuals who are suffering from joint problems or body pain and should only be used if it was prescribed by your doctor.

swedish massage techniques

Lactic acid is one of the main causes of pain in your body. It is a most common phenomenon with athletes and sportsmen since their muscles collect much lactic due to their strenuous physical activity. Swedish massage helps them recover quickly.

Did your physician recommend to give a try to the Swedish massage? Keep reading and find out its 5 key components:



Effleurage is a series of sliding or gliding strokes that can be changed between heavyweight or lightweight pressures with the palm of the hand or the fingertips. This procedure will break the knots and tensions by relieving you from pain.

The main objective behind this massage is to warm up or loosen the skin for absorbing more oxygen. Effleurage can be divided into four categories: Ethereal or aura strokes; feathering or nerve stroking; superficial effleurage; and deeper effleurage. All of these categories will be applied by the masseuse according to the needs of the client.   



This step consists in the twisting or kneading of the muscles. In this procedure, thumbs or knuckles are kneaded to gain an intense penetration. Scissoring is another petrissage massage technique in which the index and middle finger of the hand apply minimum pressure. The masseuse places the fingers opposite on the skin and then moves them forward towards each other.



This technique is also called rhythmic tapping. As the name suggests, it uses cupped hand fists. This massage is good for loosening the muscles and gathering lots of energy. The edges of the hands are used for energizing the body. It is recommended not to do this tapping on bony or sensitive areas of the body. This aggressive massage therapy is exercised on athletes to warm up their bodies before the game.



Friction is used to produce heat for muscle relaxation. This is the simplest massage technique. You just need to rub your palms vigorously to create enough heat. Energy will be generated and transferred to the body of the person receiving the message, stimulating the body for relaxation and relief. This massage therapy will prepare the body for further treatments.



Vibration is used to loosen up the muscles. In this technique, the fingertips or lower part of the hand is moved forward and backward on the skin. There are two types of vibrations used in this massage therapy: static and running.

In static vibration, the whole hand or at least part of a hand makes permanent contact with the skin without any gliding. In running vibrational massage, the hand still makes permanent contact with the body but with slight gliding. This type of massage is also a great way to warm up for runners or athletes.

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Sara is a guest author from MyMassageChairs.com.

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