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The Best Foods to Eat Before Doing Yoga

by Diwakar Sandhu

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One of the most effective ways to complement a detox program is with a good yoga session. The physically demanding yoga poses will make you sweat, so you’ll release toxins and get rid of what your body doesn’t need. But before hoping on the mat, it’s important to know which kind of foods you should eat to get the best out of your practice.

While some people recommend doing yoga on an empty stomach, I advise that you should not go straight away to your yoga class without eating anything, whether you’re on a detox program or not. It can reduce your blood sugar levels and metabolism rate, which may lead to muscle loss. That said, you still have to make sure that your food will not make you bloated. It needs to be easily digestible and contain fiber with not much sugar or fat.

Below are 7 foods that comply with these requirements. Keep in mind that there are plenty more healthy food options, but these are highly recommended pre-workout eats that I’ve personally found out are ideal to consume before entering into my favorite yoga poses:

Banana and Vegan Yogurt

banana and vegan yogurt

Bananas are packed with fiber, which is slowly digested and will not spike your blood sugar levels. It is ideal for the stomach and contains potassium, natural sugars and Vitamin B6 that acts as probiotic and feeds beneficial bacteria. And having a banana with some sugar-free vegan yogurt can help to support your digestive system.


Oatmeal with Berries

oatmeal with berries detox

Oatmeal is an amazing grain to eat before yoga, but try to have it at least one hour before your class. It contains soluble fibers that are digested very slowly into the bloodstreams. These are rich in magnesium and vitamin B and help prevent muscle cramps.  And if you do not eat oatmeal or have a grain free diet, you can have quinoa seeds instead. Quinoa seeds are rich in proteins and you can also pair them with berries or pomegranate arils to add variety into your meal. You can also add ground flaxseed for extra fiber along with omega 3 fatty acids.


Sprouted Grain Bread with Raw Almond Butter

grain bread

As your body requires a bit of carbs before yoga, sprouted grain bread can be the best option. It contains less protein with natural enzymes that help support digestion. Raw almond butter makes a great choice on sprouted grain bread since it lowers the glycemic effect of the bread and will add a bit of protein and lots of fiber. Have the almond butter to one tablespoon. Select raw almond butter instead of roasted almond butter with oil and salt, since it is lighter on the stomach.




Consider almonds to be batteries for your body that will alleviate your hunger pangs. Almonds contain magnesium, vitamin E and potassium, which helps you stay hydrated and increase your muscle power. Just remember to eat plain and unsalted almonds.


Green Smoothies

green smoothie

Green smoothies are another great pre-workout idea. You can add a slice of avocado, a tablespoon or two of chai or hemp, and some acai puree. The fat helps to keep the benefits of each ingredient in your smoothie, absorb all the nutrients and support your blood sugar level.


Dark Chocolate

chocolate detox

Dark Chocolate is perfect to control your blood sugar levels and increase the flow of blood to your brain. Having dark chocolate before starting a yoga session can increase your concentration and ability to focus. The chocolate also contains phenylethylamine and caffeine, which stimulate and enhance alertness without getting the jitters.




Many people love avocados. They not only taste delicious but also contain electrolytes like potassium and magnesium; 60 percent more than a banana. It contributes to proper cell and muscle function. Avocados are rich in nutrients which are active enough to give you energy and strong enough to help you perform a headstand. Many avocados also help to reduce cholesterol levels and to gain muscle mass.

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