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How to Keep Your Newly Transformed Body in Shape

by Justina Triasovaite

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You’ve done it! You look great and you have achieved the fitness goals you set yourself at the beginning. Now you are confronted with the difficult task of maintaining your transformed body.

As a female personal trainer, I’ve learned over the years that it is harder to sustain the motivation and perseverance required to be fit when you already look and feel healthy but if you want to stay that way you must dig deeper.

Whilst the initial drive may have faded, if you want to keep your body in shape I have some tips to help you and keep you energized!


1. Try and Keep the Good Habits




Firstly, it is key that you try and keep the good habits you inherited whilst you were transforming your body. These include:

A) Don’t stop moving. It is vital that you stay active in a way that fits into your day-to-day schedule. This can be through sport, working out at the gym or going for short runs throughout the week. 

B) You should continue to regulate your eating habits. Finding a balance between restricted eating and cheat meals is especially important if you want to maintain your already transformed body.

C) Involve others. It also makes your life easier if you involve those around in your healthy lifestyle. Keeping as many people as you can around to sustain your motivation is a great way of creating a positive environment in which maintaining a healthy body should not require excessive amounts of effort.

D) Make the most of technology. It is not a bad idea to utilize technology around you to keep you disciplined and on target. I recommend you use a fitness tracker to get notified about your daily fitness activities.

There is a plethora of tech items in the market nowadays that all claim to make your life easier so it is important that you find the technology that suits you if you want to succeed.

E) Sign up for a sports event. Perhaps the driving force behind those who maintain a healthy body is the challenge of doing so. Challenging yourself is integral to continued motivation. Signing up for a sports event will help you to maintain your healthy body because sport often provides those constant challenges we need to progress.

F) Before and after picture. The simplest way of keeping motivated is to have a before and after picture on your fridge or your bathroom mirror to remind you every day of your transformation and the effort it took to get your body in shape!


document your transformation


2. Try to Understand Your Body


Knowing your body is the key. Listen to it. It is of the utmost importance that you understand your body’s needs and how it reacts to one or another food. Writing a food diary will be incredibly helpful. If in the evening you have stomach aches you can check your food diary and ascertain what exactly upset your stomach. A food diary is important because often people forget what they ate already that day and consequently become indulgent.


3. Understanding Food Value



Knowing and understanding the value of food to your body is important. There is no need to become an expert nutritionist but having a basic knowledge will help to keep you in shape. Monitoring the type and the quantity of food you are consuming is a good place to start. To further improve, it might also help to pay attention to the quality of the food you are eating.


4. Don’t Beat Yourself Up



Whilst you should adhere to all the aforementioned advice don't beat yourself up after eating cheat meals. After all, we are all human! The important thing is not to continue with cheat meals day after day. They should remain cheat meals and not regular meals, a brief indulgence is fine but if you want to keep your newly transformed body in shape you must stay vigilant.

You are already there. Your body is in great shape now you have to carry that drive you had to progress physically and use that motivation to maintain your body.

If you don’t keep your newly fit body in tip-top condition, then to an extent you will have wasted all that effort it took to become fit in the first place!


Make Sure to Follow the Above Steps!




If you follow these few steps and continue to implement them in your life as a part of your regular regimen then maintaining that transformed physique should be a piece of cake! 


Looking for a great reward to give yourself after all the hard work you’ve put in to undergo a physical transformation? Why not book yourself a luxury detox retreat? You’ll learn all the ways you can maintain your weight loss while being totally pampered. You totally deserve it!

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