Nosara, Nicoya, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Providing a unique and personalized boutique experience. A wealth of yoga and healing modalities, tranquil surroundings with gourmet organic meals.

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    • Grant Roberts Ohio

      BookYogaRetreats website, edited

      What a magical place! The vibes are so great it's painful to not be there. I had exceptional service and top-notch hospitality. Sasha is a lovely host along with the staff who gave us excellent care and catered to our needs. The food was beyond delicious, it was very wholesome and made with 100% love. The material we covered was well-rounded and highly immersive. Literally, I could not have asked for a better time.

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    • Anisah Madden Canada

      Nosarananda website

      I have known Sasha Dae for over 10 years, in the capacity of a friend, yoga teacher, and mentor. I had been practicing yoga for some time and wanted to become a teacher. She encouraged and supported me to complete my YTT and start teaching at her studio Ananda Yoga, in Coquitlam, Canada. Sasha was an incredible catalyst and great inspiration to me, and many other students in their yoga practice. Sasha's positive mindset, business savvy, and dedication to the yogic path is to be admired. She brings a fierce integrity and loving, playful spirit to her yoga teaching. Sasha and I completed the Foundation Course in Classical Yoga with Maitreyi of Arkaya Yoga in 2007. I have enormous respect and admiration for Sasha as I have seen her move through challenges with grace and optimism. She aims to bring out the very best in herself and others and that means being strong and not compromising her values in the face of adversity. Sasha brings her many years of living and teaching yoga principles to everything she does and is a real asset to the yoga community

    • Jeff Ostheimer

      Nosarananda website

      I have been in private practice for more than eight years treating varied disorders including MS, neck and back trauma with neurological deficit, womens health issues, digestive disorders and osteoarthritis. Over these years I have come to appreciate that the one thing that all of these disorders have in common, dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system communicates with every cell in the human body, it is the control system that monitors unconscious bodily functions such as breathing, heart rate, blood supply, lymphatic functions, circulation, , body temperature, cellular respiration, intestinal motility, metabolism, muscle tonus and many other activities. It is the most fundamental system in our body. This incredible system is constantly awake giving feedback and responding to the central nervous system.Restorative yoga heals autonomic dysfunction. When I practice restorative yoga with Sasha utilizing the insight of my clinical experience and studies, more and more I am gaining a deep appreciation for the wisdom layered into this practice. Sasha Dae is extremely gifted and skilled in guiding the client to meet muscular tightness and resistance with conscious breathing. It is the meeting of resistance with conscious and mindful breathing that heals autonomic dysfunction. Resistance and muscular tightness equates to sympathetic dominant communication to a tissue or region. This is a stress response and the body cannot heal in this state. Restorative yoga promotes parasympathetic dominance, this a healing state. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PHD, calls this state a yin state, a place of being where healing blood, oxygen and nutrients are delivered directly to the stressed tissue, region or organ.Without hesitation, I recommend Sashas restorative yoga program to all those seeking a higher level of wellness. This is certainly not limited to musculoskeletal disorders. Restorative yoga is highly beneficial for endocrine disorders, anxiety, digestive disorders and promotes the discharge of toxins by decongesting the liver and gall bladder. In womens health, the inverted postures benefit all tissues, glands and organs of the pelvic cavity. In short, by promoting healing of the autonomic nervous system, there is virtually no disorder or illness that would not benefit from a series of restorative yoga sessions.

    • Josh Flores Costa Rica

      Nosarananda website

      I have been friends with Sasha Dae since 2009. I am not a yogi nor do I have a consistent yoga practice, I have taken some gym yoga classes before and had several classes over the past year, with Sasha. In comparison to the yoga I have experienced previously and the yoga with Sasha, I have to say that the energy Sasha gives as a teacher and healer is far beyond standard gym yoga classes. I find her extremely beautiful to watch in practice, and know that some women here attempt to imitate her style. Her energy is very high and she is always happy and smiling. Sasha Dae is a kind, compassionate and dynamic soul, I cannot recommend her enough in helping other souls to realize their full potential.

    • Lisa Cunha Canada

      Nosarananda website

      Sasha was my yoga teacher for over a year in Coquitlam, BC, Canada. She was a wonderful teacher, that clearly displayed her knowledge, love and appreciation for yoga. Each class brought forth a challenge for each individual, which she noted each strength and weakness of her students, helping them achieve their personal goals. Every class was a physical and spiritual journey, which is a true testament to the dedication Sasha has for yoga. I have yet to find an instructor as attentive and devoted as Sasha. I wish her continued success, happiness, and fulfillment in her yoga career.

    • Michelle Do United States

      Nosarananda website

      Because you offer so many different styles of yoga, Arkaya, Restorative, Hatha, Kundalini, Yin, the yoga Swing, music, and laughter are the reasons why I choose your training. It was very new and scary and unknown getting there to Costa Rica and thinking how it will be and how we will fit and how the whole training will be, but as soon the training started I had a good feeling. I absolutely loved the first few days, that feeling of something so new and your style of teaching and how you incorporated the healing parts to it. How you would mention very interesting things during your class, or pointers that will help us with our teaching. Loved your closing at the end in fetal position, going back to your childhood and the part where we would think of a good memory when we were little. Loved it, when I heard it first it almost made me cry. It was quiet emotional. I love your voice and the whole experience in the class was soothing over all.Your structure of the class and how you went about it I trusted. Even though others were questioning it at first but I knew from the start why you did it, it made sense. In order to make space to open up our bodies and to prepare us for the second part, to be able to hold the poses longer and more gracefully, I did enjoy Arkaya and Restorative very much!The parts about nutrition, the parts on toxins, that are not good for us, the whole on healthier living, the whole philosophy and history of it, the sequences, the mantras, anatomy, and all the other amazing info. I very much value and appreciate your honesty and humbleness when you didnt have full info on something or if there was something that was new to you how you went about it.The whole program and the whole experience have been amazing! I am so thankful I was a part of it and my feelings havent changed since the initial decision to take my training with you, I am trying to separate the drama that happened from my experience as a whole, but at the same time I see it as a whole and I learn from it too. Overall teaching was great. I think us as students and future teachers need the most time that we can get on the mat. And it is wonderful when you are there to supervise and give pointers. I enjoyed that you were there for my class! Thank you!I think you handled the all the challenges/interruptions with a particular very well and in dealing with the very disrespectful drama that had occurred, I think it was very annoying at times when she was trying to say this and that.. it was all too much on her end, she came off being insecure and obstinate and I wonder why she signed up for your program??! I think any teacher would lose their cool long time ago. And I can see how that can interrupt your thought and the class. You did point out for any suggestions to be given to you after class, unless someone has something to share from their experience regarding that particular subject, and she never did in front of you, just behind your back, which is not very yogi like!! I respect that you kept your cool after all and kept going!!! Way to go! Thanks for sticking with us. I know that you are an amazing teacher and you have the potential to become even greater and touch many more people!

    • Juliet Donovan United States

      Nosarananda website

      I experienced Sashas teaching for one month in October 2010. The course was comprised of mixed abilities; one person had not done yoga before, people wanted to get into the hardcore stretch immediately, wanting, overnight to accomplish what needed to be taken steadily i.e. becoming yoga teachers. Sashas program was perfect! It started slowly, which some resented, but the buildup was just right, ending in the Hatha which was so desired by many. The Arkaya yoga was a gentle and deep way of building stamina; amazing for those starting out and great for building strength and flexibility. Sasha was amazing at leading and energizing the group, working her magic subtly. This was the perfect way to start the group on its journey to becoming yoga teachers and assisted each and every one toward healing themselves.Restorative yoga was the next part of the program; it took each individual to a relaxed and happy state of mind. Sasha was very gentle with the group during this session it was a great session to get the group ready for the much awaited Hatha. Yin was tough and somewhat darkened the mood of the group however kept us all focused. Kundalini was wonderful and furthered the healing in the group. Finally Hatha Yoga, the group was now ready physically, spiritually and emotionally to really get into the postures. The course, prepared and given by Sasha was healing informative and helpful, preparing each individual to teach. Sasha is certainly a healer, an inspiration (she is so beautiful to watch and to emanate), she is kind, patient and passionate about what she does. I cannot recommend her enough as a teacher and a healer.

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