Oasis Retreat

Pyrenees Orientales, France

Oasis Retreat will rejuvenate your body, reawaken your soul, and pleasure your palette with luscious fresh organic raw food, smoothies, and juices.

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  • Aimee United Kingdom

    Oasis Retreat website

    My time here has been nothing short of heavenly. When I arrived, I was a tangled mess, in mind and body. It is now my last day and I am a world away from how I began.I have been shown so much care and kindness and my retreat has been loving, personal, and life affirming. The raw food is incredible and eye-opening with impeccable, beautiful presentation.With the natural, calm, and serene awe inspiring surroundings, I can honestly say I have truly reconnected with myself and with the earth. The things I have experienced have changed me and how I want to live my life. This place is magical, pure and simple.

  • Susan United Kingdom

    Oasis Retreat website

    Oasis Retreats are an exquisite experience, the setting alone is breathtaking and in perfect harmony with nature. I looked forward to the meals, with interest, and I was never disappointed; the food and drinks were so appetizing and well presented. I lost a healthy seven pounds (with no hunger) and my high blood sugar levels dropped dramatically. I came away feeling healthier, radiant, and rebooted in mind, body, and spirit. I cannot wait to go back again.

  • T. McCory United Kingdom

    Oasis Retreat website

    My stay at Oasis Retreat was a wonderful experience; location is beautiful, the retreat was welcoming, cozy, and homely with an old charm ambiance. The well presented delicious raw food meals were varied and excellent. Five stars. I lost some healthy weight and I found, upon returning home to the UK, that my joints were much more flexible and supple than ever before. Another visit is definitely on the cards.

  • Jane G. United Kingdom

    Oasis Retreat website

    A life-changing, life giving, life enhancing experience. I felt fresh, healthy, energized physically and mentally inspired to carry on the amazing start!

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