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Olive Retreat

Olive Retreat is a wellness destination dedicated to helping individuals to discover what health means to them and applying their knowledge into their life.

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Cristina Azcarate

After earning an MBA in Economics from the University of Stockholm, Cristina navigated her way upward through the corporate ranks in some of Sweden's highest earning and most recognizable companies, until as with many leaders in the wellness industry a personal experience lead her to leave her management position and change careers. Her teachings and practices are based on her 25 years of prolific study and personal trial and error. She became a devoted disciple to famous holistic leaders and her healing focus became Ayurvedic, orthomolecular medicine, Ashtanga yoga, pranayama, and meditation.


Ray started meditation whilst he was trying to recover from a medical adversity, The activity of meditating for Ray is listening to the voices of nature, wind, water, insects, etc. This would lead him on a journey that began with his being diagnosed and healed from Celiac Sprue disease by a naturopath in Oregon, through over forty countries until today, where he gives part of his time to the mission and vision of Olive Retreat. During that time Ray has lived and taught in universities in the USA, China, Lesotho, Saudi Arabia and Thailand, and in recent years, served as a communication advisor.

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Olive Retreat website

I have still had more energy than I have had in a long while. The detox was definitely effective and I was particularly skeptical that it would have any effect, so I cannot put it down to placebo! I have decided to radically cut down cheese from my diet. I know that it does not agree with my digestion but I persist in eating it and I suspect that it has been one of the culprits in my low energy because of the effort taken for me to digest. I am getting lots of compliments about my appearance and how well I look. My mother is particularly impressed! She says that I look better than I have done in years. I continue to be pain-free, the current run is 17 days, and I am sure that this is related to the gluten-free diet which is plenty of incentive to stick with it for the foreseeable future. Thanks again for a wonderful week.


Olive Retreat website

What a life-affirming, restorative, and happy week. Your wonderful Olive Retreat certainly means I bring bags full of health knowledge home. You are inspiring and magnetic people, full of health and energy that you impart to your students. You are change agents. A life-changing week with a fabulous collection of people.


Olive Retreat website

This has been the most wonderful experience and journey that I will cherish for a very long time. You are all very good at what you do and have changed my life in such a positive way. I feel very privileged to have met such lovely people and hope to see you guys again in the near future. I have learned so much and will promise to pick your brains when back in the UK.


Olive Retreat website

I have told many people about the experience and how well I feel. Many of my team are following the principles. I did my marathon last weekend, I followed a structured three runs a week training program and also did 30 minutes swim or 30 minutes cycle or Ashtanga on other days. I set myself a four-hour target, I revised that to 3.45 after a recent 1.42 half marathon. I finished the marathon in in three hours and 39 minutes and this is a qualifying time for Boston marathon for a woman 10 years younger! I felt amazing and was over the moon. I have recovered well and will be running again at the weekend. Thanks so much, my stay with you has really helped me. I hope to see you soon, I would still love to come back.

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