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8 Days Thailand Detox Retreat in Khao Tao, Thailand

  • Khao Tao, Thailand

Thailand Detox Retreat

What does being healthy mean to you? Olive Body & Mind Detox Retreat in Khao Tao utilizes the power of yoga, meditation, massage, Ayurveda, dialogue and delicious plant-based foods to bring your body into harmony. We've found the perfect setting for deepening our understanding of what makes us do the things we do and prevents us from doing the things we want to. We explore what health means to each of us, with new tools and perspectives. We call these workshops re-orientation. Expand your understanding of yourself, your mind and body, and the signals they send and receive. Learn how the body and mind work, how they are connected, and how - when aligned - you can experience the joy of better health.


  • Daily meditations + techniques
  • Cooking, smoothie and baking classes
  • Daily yoga/stretching, walks, aerobic and anaerobic exercise
  • Excursions, nature, temples, markets, shops
  • Unlimited detoxing tea and spiced water
  • Daily availability of detoxing snacks
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Daily meals
  • 8 days with instruction
  • English
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There are two options for accommodation. One, we partner with a beautiful neighboring resort where you can stay in their charming casitas. Each morning, we bring you 5 minutes down the road to our land which borders on national forest. Two, you can choose to camp in one of our tents in a covered area on our land.

We practice morning yoga together on the beach. Then we’ll rest, eat some vitalizing breakfast, and explore the beauty of the surrounding temples, markets and more.

Olive Retreat has helped people in the following areas:

  • De-stress and relaxation
  • Performance
  • Creativity
  • Career and life choices
  • Nutrition and cooking
  • Fitness and exercise
  • Meditation
  • Yoga and stretching
  • Anxiety, depression, loneliness, sadness, loss
  • Weight-loss and obesity
  • Food allergies and sensitivities
  • Inflammation, disease and disorders
  • Relationships; getting in and getting out
  • Breathing correctly


Mediation boosts our immune systems, raises our energy levels, alleviates or eliminates anxiety and depression, raises our sense of self esteem, helps us make decisions, brings peace and tranquility, clears our minds, boosts creativity - and more! At a Body & Mind Detox Retreat we review and practice various forms of meditation to find which one works best for you. Join us and learn about meditation and how meditation can help improve your life in so many ways.


Yoga enhances the detox process in a natural, healthy way. Every morning, we start our Body & Mind Detox Retreat with a yoga class tailored just for you. All levels of experience are welcome; from beginners to intermediate and even advanced. All sessions are followed by relaxation and breathing exercises.


You have questions, and we have more questions. Each day, we choose a beautiful setting and engage in stimulating dialogues about topics as varied as the science of nutrition and what thoughts hold us back from experiencing contentment. We believe in the importance of discussion to lead us to the deeper truths that are unique for each of us.

There will be excursions regarding nature, temples, markets, and shops.

Unique, enchanting and beautifully remote, Olive Retreat leads you to a hidden gem nestled on the coast of Thailand. Set in the jungle, next to the King's property, our property is located 15 minutes south of Hua Hin in the lovely fishing village of Khao Tao. Only 5 minutes from an exclusive beach, framed by fabulous mountains and temples.

Nearby places

  • Hua Hin - 15 minutes

We serve a delicious, nutrient-packed, plant-based diet. A daily menu of teas, juices, elixirs, salads and smoothies, all balanced to restore and maximize your health. You will be delighted by the food, we promise.

  • 2 months back-home support
  • 7 nights accommodation in premium, traditional Thai resort
  • 24/7 staff
  • All liquid intermittent fasting day(s)
  • All meals: clean, real, vegan, no gluten, no sugar, no refined food
  • Cooking, smoothie and baking classes
  • Daily availability of detoxing snacks
  • Daily health classes + one-one sessions
  • Daily meditations + techniques (guided and non-guided)
  • Daily pranayamas
  • Daily yoga/stretching, walks, aerobic and anaerobic exercise in a beautiful rural setting
  • Discounts on future retreats and events
  • Excursions, nature, temples, markets, shops
  • Health booklets, cookbook and classes
  • In depth health assessment (Health Questionnaire is sent once you are booked)
  • Personal recommendations upon departure (how to continue your quest for better health based on your Ayurvedic Dosha and Metabolic Type)
  • Round-trip transfers from airport
  • Time and space to relax and enjoy
  • Unlimited detoxing tea and spiced water
  • Domestic transfers
  • Extra expenses like additional treatments, etc.
  • Flight tickets
  • Personal insurance


  • Review by Gillian
    10 out of 10

    "The accommodation, food, nutrition lectures and mediation sessions have far exceeded my expectations. This past week has been life changing for me. This from a person who thought they were already leading a so-called “healthy lifestyle”. I am leaving Olive Retreat with the science-based knowledge and the skills to look after my body, soul, and mind! Thank you so much for showing me the light."

    Olive Retreat website, edited

  • Review by Debbie
    10 out of 10

    "I feel so much better. Safe and totally confident that I can continue eating, thinking and living in new and healthier ways."

    Olive Retreat website, edited

  • Review by Deborah
    10 out of 10

    "WOW! What an AMAZING week, I loved every moment, from Saturday to Saturday. This place has been life changing for me, enlightening in many subjects, especially food – it was DIVINE! Just what the doctor ordered! So happy to have met you and my “DREAM TEAM” What fun we have had!"

    Olive Retreat website, edited

  • Review by Inge
    10 out of 10

    "I am so lucky to have found you at a time of my greatest need. You have the gift of making people feel so welcome. I enjoyed and appreciated the beauty of this place the few days I was here. I am grateful for the love you showed me and my family. With much love."

    Olive Retreat website, edited

  • Review by Nick and Margaret
    10 out of 10

    "It was sooo GOOD!!! FANTASTIC! Simply the best! We arrived with no expectations and just about everything here was unforgettable, a life changing experience. We will for sure change our diet and focus on breathing exercises and meditation and hopefully maintain the glow you can see in our faces. Thank you for putting us on the right track and changing our lives."

    Olive Retreat website, edited

Marbella, Spain

Olive Retreat is a top-ranked wellness destination and health retreat dedicated to helping individuals discover what health means to them and applying this knowledge into the rest of their lives.

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