Om Yoga Casablanca

Casablanca, Morocco

Located 100 meters from the beach, the Om Yoga Retreat is designed to provide the highest standard of practice in a serene environment of growth and healing.

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Really Good 8/10

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Lily (Laurine) Martin

Vocational training dancer, Laurine danced in the largest international companies - English Ballet, Paris Opera, Bordeaux Opera, Opéra de Nice ... Fascinated by the work of the body and physical discipline, she discovered Bikram Yoga in Casablanca soon finds a new means of personal expression and a new way of working his body. It forms the series of ashtanga flow from very famous Briohny Smith and Dice Iida Klein Absolute Yoga Academy, Yin yoga and Acroyoga. She also shares her knowledge and love of dance with children with ballet classes.

Nabil Scally

After 15 years of active life spent in Montreal, Nabil Scally discovered Bikram yoga and decided to attend a teacher training in College of India (Hawaii). After graduation, he taught very rapidly in some of the biggest studios of the United States, particularly in Washington. Meanwhile, he graduated from the International School of Chiang Mai Thai massage. Caught up by its roots, Nabil then returns to Morocco with the desire to know the discipline of yoga and the virtues of well-being to a still unfamiliar market to these practices. A challenge that takes head on two years.

Aurelie M. Scally

After five years of experience in the world of the press and audiovisual, Aurélie discovered Bikram Yoga there are more than two years and has a passion for this as soon as physical mental discipline. Excited to share her passion in Morocco, she then mounts the center Om Yoga with her husband Nabil Scally. She takes off for a training Ashtanga flow at Absolute Yoga Academy in Thailand, certified by the very famous Briohny Smith and Dice Iida Klein. It also offers courses to acroyoga, yoga for children and pregnant women.

Camila Harris

Design school graduate and fashion, Camila comes straight from Canada with two successive training conducted in Mysore in India, she loves and she was able to soak up the atmosphere for several months. Certified a 200 hours Hatha Yoga with Noah McKenna and a 200 hours Ashtanga Yoga School in Mystic, India, she taught at Om Yoga since September 2015.

Kayla Ankeny

Kayla is a passionate artist through movement and music. Trained in various techniques of yoga and specializes in vinyasa, she teaches yoga and provides massage therapy for over 10 years. Since 2005, she trained with master device Dotour to ASCAB Capoiera to deepen the techniques of this Brazilian martial art. Passionate about dance, she also follows her chorégaphe training at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York, and has obtained a BFA in dance from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Reviews 34

  • Andrée Bolduc Canada

    January 2018, BookDetoxRetreats

    La possibilité de faire son horaire journalier, 1, 2, 3 ou 4 cours, aucune restriction, aucune pression. Le personnel est super sympathique.

    Certains détails de l'environnement, les horaires des repas, l'organisation des autres activités.

  • Marc Criel Great Britain

    January 2018, BookDetoxRetreats

    The possibility to do as many classes you want and choose your style

  • Anonymous

    December 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    Om Yoga Casablanca was my first yoga retreat and detox experience. Words that jump to describe this experience include: very enjoyable, relaxing, sunny, tasty traditional Moroccan food (and I also enjoyed the detox juices!), amazing like-minded inspiring people, large variety of yoga classes available and the possibility to do-what YOU want to do.

    At Om Yoga everything is possible, you just need to ask. You set your schedule, whether you just want to chill by the pool, sleep all day, take 5 yoga classes per day, visit the Mosque, take the cooking classes, switch from cooking to detox, the staff is extremely flexible and willing to work with you to make the most of your retreat. We had an amazing group of yogi’s who all arrived around the same time and did many things together, but nothing was a must it was all about going with the flow. About the yoga: there are 3 different rooms where yoga is taught. The rooms all have wooden floors, windows, heating and yoga equipment (you can borrow mats and towels). They vary in size, one looks out over the pool and gets great morning sun (I enjoyed the 7am yoga classes here!), another is where hot power yoga and Birkam are taught, and the third one is the smallest and it’s where there is wall yoga. On average I did 4 classes per day and enjoyed trying different styles such as Yin (all about stretching), Bar, Wall and Aerial (such an amazing class) and Pilates. I recommend trying all available classes and then going back to your favs!

    Would I recommend Om Yoga: absolutely, but I also don’t think it’s for everyone, but I am sure that you will have a great time if you’re well-traveled, open-minded, adventurous, and easy-going.

  • Karima El Mehdaoui Belgium

    December 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    Les cours et la nourriture

  • Anonymous

    October 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    Nabil and Aurelie welcomed me at their yoga studio in the Anfa neighborhood of Casablanca, which is very close to the beach and nearby shopping center. The experience was amazing, starting from great, Moroccon food to a wealth of yoga and pilates classes (Bikram yoga, Aerial yoga, wall yoga...just to name a few) with excellent teachers. If you are looking for a place to unwind but still close to the beach and shops and restaurants, then this is your place to go! After seven days of yoga retreat, I was well rested. I will definitely be back!

  • Inessa Meckler Germany

    September 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    Kurse, neue Yoga Arten, die Lehrer, das Essen, das Zimmer, die Inhaber - eine sehr freundliche Familie

  • Anonymous

    August 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    Cours de yoga de très bonne qualité, hébergement confortable, grande flexibilité au niveau des dates de séjour et des activités proposées.

    Variété de cours limité au mois d'août, très peu d'encadrement et de structure pendant le séjour car il s'agit principalement d'un studio de yoga et pas réellement d'un site de retraite, bord de mer peu agréable. Site à recommander pour le yoga mais pas vraiment adapté pour une détox.

  • Berit Martinussen Norway

    April 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    The quality of the yoga lessons were very good, and you could choose between several different kinds of yoga lessons every day.

  • Kysha Gibson Great Britain

    April 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    I really loved the concept of a yoga studio rather than simply a yoga retreat. Om Yoga offers various types of yoga that's open to the rest of Casablanca. The owners were always trying to please me as well - and as I was the only one there I felt more like an extended part of the family - which made my stay feel the more special. It was my first 4 day detox experience - and as pleasant a detox experience as one could expect! I was constantly distracted by the classes (yoga and non-yoga) that I could take, combined with the visit to the third largest mosque in the world, walks on the beach front or to the mall which were nearby. Classes to note are the aerial yoga (using hammocks), TRX and yoga barre. There are the usual other classes you would expect as well (ashtanga, bikram, vinyasa, yin etc.)

    I wouldn't call this a negative - but something to be aware of. The classes are all in French. This shouldn't be a surprise, given that you are in Morocco after all :-) Some of the teachers punctuate their instructions with some English when asked. However, it means for a non-French speaker that the spiritual part of the yoga has to be self provided.

  • Laurence United Kingdom

    February 2, 2017. BookYogaRetreats

    I had a fantastic week at Om yoga. The variety of classes was amazing. I tried Hatha, Power yoga, Bikram, Ashtanga, Pilates and Yin. There were also specialist classes that I did too such as TRX, aerial pilates etc. Really good energizing classes and all the teachers were very professional and helpful. The classes are taught in French, but most teachers speak enough English to explain when they need to. Everyone is incredibly welcoming and friendly. The accommodation is good too. I stayed in a shared room which was very comfortable and clean. There is a pool, although it was too cold to go in when I was there. Also did the cooking classes with Omar. Got some fantastic recipes and cooked tagines, couscous etc. All round I think it's 10/10 for me & I will definitely go back, and recommend it to yoga friends.

  • Lara France

    January 30, 2017. BookYogaRetreats

    In an ideal world I would live at a place like Om Yoga Casablanca. The family run studio offered me a 4 day retreat which was exactly what I was looking for. The vegetarian meals were freshly prepared and filling (salads, soups, vegetable tagines). They also make their own cold pressed fresh juices, granola, and energy bites (all of which I tried and enjoyed). The courses offered at the studio varied in intensity and type (Yin Yoga to Bikram Yoga to non-yoga classes like TRX) and as someone on a retreat you have access to any of the courses they offer. I took around 10 classes in a period of 4 days. I appreciated being able to set my own schedule (unlike some other retreats where you are restricted to their schedule). One afternoon, I left the studio to visit a hammam. Another day, I left to visit the Hassan II Mosque and go for a walk in the city. The villa itself is beautifully decorated and a peaceful space. It's a 10 second walk from your room to the classes. Internet was great (something I don't often expect when traveling especially in that part of the world) and cooking classes (also in the studio) offered a nice break from all the yoga! I would return with friends in a heart beat!!

  • Mariya Netherlands

    January 10, 2017. BookYogaRetreats

    The week spent at Om Yoga Casablanca was a real treat!The variety of classes offered was great, the food was delicious, and the accommodation was very comfortable. The owners were so hospitable and helpful with everything! I felt right at home after just a week and have already recommended Om Yoga Casablanca to friends. I'm so grateful to have had such a great first long yoga retreat. Thank you!

  • Francisco and Maria Spain

    January 8, 2017. BookYogaRetreats

    In short; great great place, even greater people and very high standard yoga classes. Yoga instructors are really professional and accommodate the instruction to the level of the student so everybody is getting to their best during the class. It is mainly in French but, as promised, with explanations in English if you require it. The place is clean, neat and cozy villa where you share your time with other students or students from Casablanca who are attending classes. There are two main common areas for that and the yoga rooms for instruction are of the highest standard. Food is mainly vegetarian with fish and chicken (as promised), cooked Morocco style and served in generous portions. The result is super-tasty (including breakfast which is also great!!!). Last but not least, it would be very difficult to find better hosts than Lily and Nabil. They are not only great managers and outstanding yoga instructors but take all kind of efforts to make you feel home while you stay in the retreat. They could not be a more helpful and nice couple and they have a wonderful team of people to take care of you and the resort and make your life easy and your stay unforgettable. We are missing them already. Nabil and Lily, thanks a lot !!!

  • Chris United Kingdom

    January 3, 2017. BookYogaRetreats

    My time at Om Yoga as absolutely incredible. Gabe and Hadoosh took care of my every need - the facilities were peaceful, modern and comfortable. The classes were fantastic and even when in French the instructors made every effort to give me a little extra attention. The food was delicious - there was so much care and attention given to ensuring I was comfortable for all of my stay. The surfing was excellent, so much fun and an easy walk along the beach front. I can’t say enough good things about Om Yoga and the people that looked after us while there. It was such a necessary break for me, and it was exactly what I had hoped for. Namaste Gabe and Hadoosh!!

  • Jana Germany

    December 14, 2016. BookYogaRetreats

    In short: the yoga classes were great in English, good in french (majority of classes and with little promised translations) but the rest is a money machine. They do great marketing but the product - a retreat experience is lacking quality.

    In more Detail:

    In my evaluation you have to separate between yoga classes and accommodation / hospitality.

    The Yoga was good to very good, but the majority of classes are in french which is not necessarily indicated on their page. The teachers do not really translate a lot so be aware of it.

    Accommodation would be 1 point.

    - The one private room that they have on side is definitely overpriced.

    - The walls are wet and moldy, your glass front is facing the pool but also can be looked into from the reception. my clothes in the closet were wet every morning as the humidity in the house is so high.

    - There is no specific guest area, so you eat at the reception if it rains or at a big table outside where the owner couple had their business meetings.

    - The pool is in front of the reception and the yoga room.

    - The food was most of the time nice, but varied in quantities and variety a lot.

    - The service was sometimes friendly but not really accommodating. You felt more as a guest that is disturbing their routine, especially coming from the host.

    - My driver that I asked for never appeared at the airport to pick me up.

    Response by Lily from Om Yoga Casablanca:

    Hi Jana, thank you very much for your feedback.

    First of all, I'm happy to read that the yoga classes are good, because we are specifically a yoga retreat :) Classes are both in french and English, some teachers are English speaking, just 1 only French but most of the teachers speak the 2 languages in the classes (and we have up to 10 teachers).

    About the room, we were very sorry because it was raining a lot the past few weeks and as we are situated 100 meters from the sea, for sure the room and even all the retreat were very wet at this time. We are not used to have this type of weather. But we did some work and we just changed a hitter in the private room.

    Of course we have specific guests areas, like the reception, a lounge space inside and a garden with outdoor area close to the pool. This is sharing areas, meaning that it can happen that people come to seat and enjoy the table or the chairs close to the guests of the retreat. This only happen when it's the classes times, as the doors are closed the rest of the time and the area become private.

    As for the airport transfers, we would like to confirm that we are still offering the service however, unfortunately we never received your flight details even after we requested you to send it to us.

    We are really sorry that you had the feeling that our service is not accommodating, and I hope the future will bring you more positive episodes.

  • Melanie Switzerland


    A retreat in Om Yoga Casablanca is not a traditional retreat in the sense that you can choose your course among what they are proposing in their school. My stay there was lovely. The school is hold by a very nice family, that will help you if you have questions, or if you wanna go somewhere for a visit. You will eat an incredible home made food and cooked by an amazing woman and the villa where the yoga studio is located is simply stunning. The yoga courses proposed are diversed which allow you to discover new type of yoga. The yoga teachers are incredible, each of them on their own way, which makes the classes even better as they are always different. I am very satisfied with my stay and I would highly recommend this place for a retreat.

  • Willemijn Netherlands

    BookYogaRetreats website

    It has been almost two weeks since my stay at Om Yoga Casablanca and I still think of it a lot. I completely agree with Sarah's review. The Scally's are a very welcoming and inspiring family. The yoga classes are diverse and the teachers know what they are doing. The food was just lovely and, even though it was grey and sometimes rainy, there are plenty of things to do in Casablanca when not practicing yoga. I had a wonderful time with these wonderful people at this wonderful place! Good vibes.

  • Sarah

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I have just returned from one of the best holidays I have ever had, and I had to write a review about my experience at Om Yoga Casablanca. I stayed at the retreat for 7 days sharing a room with two of the yoga teachers Shamika and Emily who were just lovely to be around and truly enhanced my stay with their positive energy. The retreat itself is run by Nabil and Lily and their beautiful family, who made me feel so very welcome. They are all very caring, open, affectionate, and great company. The classes themselves were excellent and I was able to try many different types of yoga that I had not done before, like Yin, Vinyasa, and Aerial yoga as well as those that are familiar to me like Hatha and also Pilates. I was a bit apprehensive before going about doing yoga as I had not practiced for a long time and I have had problems with my joints. But the teachers are excellent at keeping you safe in your practice whilst at the same time encouraging you to achieve your potential in the classes, and the culture is very supportive. I can honestly say my body feels so much better after my week there, and I will definitely continue with my yoga practice now I am at home. The food is amazing all freshly prepared with fresh locally produced and traditional dishes and special diets are accommodated too. A highlight for me was the cooking class from the lovely ladies that looked after us so well, learning how to make lentils and the traditional tagine. Nabil and Lily also helped us get the most out of sightseeing for the time we were not doing yoga at the retreat. Myself and my other amazing retreat mate managed to experience so much of Casablanca and even the medina in Rabat. All in all I feel very nourished, physically and emotionally. Om Yoga Casablanca is a wonderful place run by wonderful people that attracts wonderful guests. I cant wait for my next trip there. Thank you so much everyone for making my trip so special.

  • Melissa United States

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I just left only a few hours ago from Om yoga Casablanca and I am already posting this review for a very special reason ... it was great! I had a lovely week with Nabil and his outstanding yoga teachers. My room was lovely, the teachers were outstanding, the food was delicious, and everyone was so very helpful, warm and welcoming.The other retreat attendees were pleasant ... everyone had an excellent time. I especially cannot thank Camilla and Shamika enough for their warmth, understanding, nurturing hugs, and sisterhood ... all around an excellent experience!

  • Miriam Germany

    BookYogaRetreats website

    My stay at Om Yoga Casablanca was extremely pleasant. I met very gentle people - employees as well as guests were very friendly.I liked sitting around the big table with everybody for the meals and chatting. The meals were so delicious, made with so much love and traditionally Moroccan. I learned a lot during cooking class, especially how to treat couscous in the right way. This class is held in French, so knowing a basic vocabulary is very helpful.The yoga classes were always good, they offer a lot of different styles, and all teachers were very skilled. The classes are usually held in French, but the teachers will adjust and announce in English additionally if you can't follow. There are around 6 classes per day to choose from and guests can participate in any of them, most without previous notice.The location is very nice, clean, and safe. It's a nice 10 minute walk to the ocean with lots of nice cafes or to the nearby shopping mall.I would recommend staying at Om Yoga Casablanca!

  • Ingrid Sweden

    BookYogaRetreats website

    We were very happy with our stay at Om Yoga Casablanca. The staff was so friendly and the food, homemade Morrocan cuisine was amazing. We could take any of the yoga classes at any time. They had all kinds of yoga, including different types of hot yoga as well as aerial yoga. The retreat has their own swimming pool but the beach was only a couple of minutes walk away. Would definitely go back again and can give this yoga retreat my warmest recommendations.

  • Andrew United Kingdom

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I had a fantastic time at the villa and I really enjoyed everything they had to offer. I enjoyed all the yoga classes Om Yoga Casablanca offered, as their schedule was varied both in styles of yoga and times of the day the classes were held too. All the teachers were very clear, thoughtful, and took great care in their classes.The hosting at the Villa was very nice and warm, with nice food, clean rooms and also the option of a pool to relax when needed. This was also supported by the fact the location of the villa was also within walking distance to the beach if I wanted a different scenery, and also the staff / teachers gave me good advice of any touristic sites to visit in Casablanca. In all honesty I have only 1 regret, which is that I should have stayed longer than a week as I had such a great time at Om Yoga Casablanca and reconnected with my yoga practice. For sure I will return there in the future, and I again would like to extend my thanks to all at Om Yoga Casablanca.

  • Pascaline, IJsselstein, The Netherlands

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Just got back from Om Yoga Casablanca and I am very satisfied with my visit. The room next to the pool was very complete. Every day the room was cleaned. What especially I liked is that we could try all kinds of yoga. Om Yoga is a yoga school with a regular schedule, and you can tap in any class you like. For instance aerial yoga is something I never did before. The food - breakfast - lunch - dinner is very healthy Moroccan food. Very tasty, nicely cooked with a lot of love and attention. Lily and Nabil are very welcoming and kind to the guests. Highly recommended place to stay

  • Noor Spain


    I stayed at the Om Yoga Casablanca for a weekend in May and it was a wonderful short 2 days. The residence/studio is absolutely lovely, rather spacious yet so well articulated that it feels warm and home like. The amazing staff made the stay even further enjoyable. I was greeted by Camilla and Jerome who truly proved that it is the people that make the city. The rest of the staff were just as wonderful, with delicious home-prepared meals and a swimming pool.. what more could you need? The yoga and Pilates classes were excellent of course, and I tried hot yoga for the first time. It was really really good! My stay also included a surfing lesson, which perhaps I should have followed through, but I tried it for a few minutes only (now i know surfing is not my thing) which was still very exhilarating. Spending the afternoon by the beach was just as good. The trip to Habous market place (which I liked the best) as well as a tour of the grand mosque were planned by Om Yoga Casablanca and we managed to cover all that in 2 days :) The Retreat was very calming as I happened to arrive during a not so busy time and I loved it. The staff really were the best part, I missed my flight and they were so kind to take me in even though they were fully booked. Warm Casablanca and Om Yoga, I most definitely am coming back soon

  • Laura Germany


    Om Yoga Casablanca is a fabulous place to stay for a retreat. You can join in all studio yoga classes, several times a day with a good variety. In addition they offer different massages and fresh juices, staff is very friendly and welcoming, the villa is in a nice and safe area of Casablanca, beach within a 10-minute walk, food is amazing! The owners Lily and Nabil, a very kind and warmhearted couple, are eager to help you with everything! I can only recommend this place!

  • Elaine United Kingdom


    The genuine warmth, loveliness and hospitality of Lily, Nabil and daughter Camilla from our very first contact with them made our experience a wonderful one in itself - add in a schedule of a brilliantly diverse daily classes (we couldn't resist and averaged 4 a day!), each with highly qualified, fantastic teachers meant that we tried many that we hadn't even considered before - from Aerial and Capoeira to Barre au Sol - alongside excellent Hot Vinyasa, Barre, Bikram, Hatha, Ashtanga, plus, plus. We tried them all and went back for seconds and indeed more as we enjoyed them so much.Our room couldn't have been more perfect and the most delicious, home-cooked seasonal feasts for breakfast, lunch and dinner were irresistible and totally moreish!We loved too that Om Yoga Casablanca is part of the (rather glamorous!) community so we joined in with daily Casablanca life as opposed to being 'tourists'.Casablanca as a city itself far exceeded our expectations of an industrial city and the layers of culture and architecture, modern and ancient hand in hand. Glamour and simplicity in harmony...We will 100% return to Om Yoga Casablanca and indeed are planning our dates already and the only downside of writing a review is we selfishly wish to keep this magical experience for ourselves!

  • Chiz United Kingdom


    I had a wonderful time at Om Yoga Casablanca. It really was the perfect retreat - as structured or unstructured as you want. They have an excellent range of classes available (including Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin yoga, Pilates, Qi Gong, Thai Chi and Bikram) with high quality of teaching. I felt very fortunate to be able to sample some forms of yoga I had never previously been exposed to.I must add that Nabil is simply the best Bikram yoga teacher I have ever had. He really brings out the best in his students with a warm, encouraging style. My stay was made even more pleasant by the Om Yoga family that runs the place, and keep all the guests happy and well fed. The meals were fantastic and very healthy. They have done a great job of creating an atmosphere that guests can really feel at home in. I would happily stay there again as it really improved my yoga practice and my state of mind.

  • Gabriela England

    BookYogaRetreats website

    The center is family run and makes for a wonderful, caring atmosphere. All staff clearly love their job and nothing is too much trouble. The food is delicious. It was always something different every day, fresh, imaginatively prepared and delivered with a smile. The yoga classes are excellent. It may be useful for you to know they are taught in French, though staff are happy to demonstrate or explain in English if you ask. My room was lovely a really comfortable bed, and excellent pillows, which I know is important for some people (including me)! I cant wait to go back again and would be happy to recommend to anyone looking to develop their practice, try new things and have a restorative and nutritious break.

Testimonials 1

  • Sarah Leggett United Kingdom

    Provide it by customer

    Om Yoga Casablanca and it was truly amazing! We stayed onsite and Lily, Nabil, Gabe,Camilla and everyone else welcomed us into the family which was a wonderful experience. We could pick and choose which classes to do each day and it was so lovely practising yoga with a view of the pool! The classes were in French but once they knew we were English speaking, they did most classes in both languages. The yoga instruction was awesome and we have learnt so much about our practise. We are both vegetarian and the 3 meals a day were absolutely delicious and served outside by the pool. We had time to discover a little bit of Casablanca and Nabil and his family guided us as to what to see and helped us plan our trips. Very sad to leave but definitely going back!

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