Orion Retreat Centre

Orion Retreat Center specializes in well-being retreats, detox, and healing therapies bringing you into complete balance and restoring a sense of serenity.

Detox Retreats (14)

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Instructors (4)

Ari Barkan

Ari is a Reiki master who has been dedicated to the understanding and practice of this esoteric art for more than a decade. He teaches internationally on the subjects of energy channeling and healing, creating ripples of change with the potential to spread globally.

Simon Belcher

Simon Belcher is passionate about Reiki. He is a Reiki master and teacher. Since his initiation as a Reiki master, Simon has dedicated his life to working as a Reiki healer and teacher, initially in Brighton, England where he has lived and now in Thailand as part of the team at Orion.

Luca Sonzogni

Originally from Italy, Luca has been living in London, the UK, for nearly 15 years working in finance and the corporate sector, until he became conscious of the impact of modern life on body, mind, and soul. That’s when his yoga practice intensified and a new perspective on life started to manifest. A completely new lifestyle followed and a deeply rooted passion for food and wellbeing emerged. Luca has been practicing Tantric Yoga in Thailand and London for over 5 years as well as studying different Vedic traditions. He graduated as Teacher at The Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Meenakshi Ashram.

Erwann Gewin

Erwann is french sweetheart and veeeery kind soul. His heart for sure is bigger than muscles, and everyone would admit - his muscles are quite impressive. Last year he moved to Thailand to share his knowledge and give support on this beautiful part of planet. By working in heaven and doing his dream job - Erwann daily meets, encourages, inspires and motivates many people who together with Erwann - step by step, hand in hand moves forward in direction of healthy body, good condition and great look. Erwann’s biggest satisfaction is happy client who’s bravery grows faster than muscles.

Reviews (7)

Gina Aylward

from Thailand, August 2018

"Great atmosphere"

Fantastic location right on gorgeous Lipa Noi beach. The atmosphere was healing and supportive.

Jackie Smith

from Great Britain, March 2018

The location was fabulous, perfect beach, sea and position of the retreat. It was rustic but that is what made it so lovely.

The staff were amazing, I felt really looked after and they were always on hand and keen to help with anything. I can’t praise them enough. The treatments were all fantasic, healing and well planned.

I was unsure at first that I had made the right choice but it turns out that the whole thing exceeded all my expectations, I made great friends both in the others there and the gorgeous staff team. I cant wait to go back!

Ashleigh Aitken

from Bahrain, March 2018

"3 day detox program "

The energy of the staff was lovely everyone was always kind, bubbly and interested in how your day was going and what you had on your schedule. The beach is amazing the water is super clean, soft sand and shade areas as well. The rooms are more on the basic side but very clean (good linens) and spacious for what you need (you spend most of your time outside).

I enjoyed having a Schedule as it keeps you super busy which I think helped me do my fast with ease. It was my first time fasting for more than a day and the way they prepare the drinks you have is outstanding, I never had a headache, felt dizzy (even when working out), groggy or irritable which I was prepared for! I did follow their pre cleanse instructions at home which I must say I’m glad I did and I as think it helped my body transion much better and enabled me to get the most out of the program.

It’s easy to go and do their programs alone as there are others doing the same. Met some Lovely people from all over the world!

The goodie bag was lovely and having a Water bottle with refill points keeps you very hydrated and saves on having a multitude of plastic bottles!

Overall it was a very comfortable, cosy experience that really helped me prepare for my following yoga reatreat.

Marie Lord

from Great Britain, June 2017


All of it

Shalini Dass

from Australia, June 2017

"Prison Paradise"

The location is a beautiful setting next to the sea in a quiet part of the island.

Testimonials (2)

a traveler United Kingdom

Trip Advisor website

A life changing experience - delivered by a dedicated, caring, professional and friendly team. My 13 day "detox & fitness" program was well planned, holistic, fun and most important - effective. Having previously visited "five star" retreats elsewhere in Thailand I enjoyed my time at Orion more even though the accommodation is quite basic the beautiful beach location and the friendly vibe more than makes up for it. I loved it so much I re-booked for next year before I left!!! Thank you Orion!

Tony Vee

Orion Retreat Centre Facebook page

The results of our detox retreat at Orion have been nothing short of amazing. We both jut got our trousers back from being altered a size down which we were when we came back. Guess what, they need to go back again, as they are once again a size to big and that's all in just a couple of weeks.

The gift you give yourself is exactly what it says on the tin, rejuvenation and vitality. We have a new kick in our step we were lacking before we went and we both are now sleeping around 2 hours a day less, WOW that's an extra day in a week if you add up the hours. Imagine that, we actually now have 8 days a week!!!

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