Panchakarma Retreat

Lisbon, Portugal

Panchakarma Retreat offers deluxe personalized Ayurvedic detox programs that recover and boost the body's vitality while learning to eat properly and healthily.

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    • Juliet US


      I thoroughly enjoyed and was rejuvenated after spending 4 days at this retreat. The food was delicious and the team was super attentive but also gave me the space I needed. I enjoyed the beautiful scenery and hikes it was peaceful and tranquil. The yoga instructor was excellent and very knowledgeable. I appreciated the nutrition advice which I have implemented in my daily life. Super team that is committed to what they do! Highly recommend the retreat! I will be back again!

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    • Vera Frana, Computer Software Engineer

      Panchakarma Retreat website

      After 4 years of living with fibromyalgia, I completely devoted myself to a 15-day Panchakarma program recommended by a friend. My body started getting more flexible by the day, as the pain and constant fatigue began to decrease, leading to a renewed physical and psychological well-being. I thank the Panchakarma team for this liberating life-changing experience which has had such an impact in my quality of life. I can say for sure that Im much healthier, more energetic and confident in all aspects of my life.

    • Maria Jos Lavrador, Naturopath

      Panchakarma Retreat website

      I recently undertook an Ayurvedic detox with the Panchakarma team, so I can say firsthand how important it was to disconnect from all commitments and devote myself exclusively to my personal wellbeing. My body was begging me to look at it and, thanks to the teams dedication throughout the program, I could try this detox method, of which plants and therapies were new to me. As a result, I was able to control my fluid retention, overcame persistent insomnia and started sleeping better. My mind became much clearer bringing awareness of changes I had to make for the sake of my health.

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