Peaceful Mind - The Ancient Yoga

Raipur, India

Peaceful Mind comes from a liberty of realization that yoga is for everyone. The vision of the founders originates from the spirit of humility and love.

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    • Andrea Canada

      BookYogaRetreats website

      I have just completed a week on a yoga retreat with Peaceful Mind -The Ancient Yoga, in the beautiful setting of Palolem, Goa, India. I quickly came to the understanding that yoga is not the mere practice of various Asanas (postures and poses) which I have followed for many years. It is a combination of such Asanas with Meditation, Mantra Chanting and Pranayama. My experience with sunrise and sunset Meditation and Pranayama ( breathing techniques) on Palolem Beach and midday Mantra Chanting led by my dynamic and spiritual coach left me invigorated yet blessed with an inner peace and a feeling of joy and fulfillment.

      What a wonderful week with Peaceful Mind -The Ancient I shall always remember with thankfulness and appreciation for my new found self.

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    • Meli United States

      Peaceful Mind - The Ancient Yoga website

      We all need peace in this world rushing so fast. For me also it was hard to find before I joined Peaceful Mind-The Ancient Yoga, a perfect opportunity you can give yourself to find the inner peace through yoga and meditation. It improved my efficiency and also helped me to look at the things in positive ways.Thanks a lot to the trainers.

    • Katie United States

      Peaceful Mind - The Ancient Yoga website

      My experience of joining Peaceful Mind-The Ancient Yoga was totally awesome, everything about this is is so good - the environment and the ways they teach you help a lot to live in discipline as well as relax you. I felt a new energy in me after joining it. And with a new life routine now I feel more active. I deeply appreciate the organization for helping so many of us in many ways.

    • Yuliia Russia

      Peaceful Mind - The Ancient Yoga website

      I had the most amazing experience at Peaceful Mind-The Ancient Yoga. It was a magical week and for sure eye-opening for me! Staying in the most magnificent paradise and having beautiful practice from mornings to evenings, I really loved this experience. The organization is serious and know what they're teaching us. Great teachers on theoretical part and on the Asana part. My knowledge got organized and definitely increased. I got straight on my body and so I could improve my Asana and learn more about Mudras, Pranayama, and poses.

    • Melanie LaDua United Kingdom

      Peaceful Mind - The Ancient Yoga Website

      This detox and Power yoga retreat was life changing. There are not many places you can go for a long period of time and learn about the nature of the world; the universe. I have been waiting for an opportunity such as this to come my way for many years now and am so happy to have experienced the intensive practice with Peaceful Mind-The Ancient Yoga. My best of luck to the organization in the future.

    • Sarah Larbi United States

      Peaceful Mind - The Ancient Yoga Website

      It has been a great experience to join this center, Peaceful Mind-The Ancient Yoga. The retreat is awesome n their way of instruction is also great. It proved to be very beneficial for me in every way physically, mentally and emotionally.

    • Lassie Watkins United States

      Peaceful Mind - The Ancient Yoga Website

      Peaceful Mind-The Ancient Yoga, it’s really the same as its name I found peace of mind and soul here, loved doing the medication and yoga classes which helped me in having a disciplined and healthy life style. I am really thankful to the mentors and staff members. Looking forward to visit you again.

    • Abbie-Cornish United States

      Peaceful Mind - The Ancient Yoga Website

      I had attained sublimity at Peaceful Mind-The Ancient Yoga. It was truly a transformational phase of my life. I really enjoyed the delicious food items and ascetic life experience. Staff members were full of hospitality. Million thanks for giving us a sublime experience.

    • David Baumgartner United States

      Peaceful Mind - The Ancient Yoga Website

      The very first time our family members realized gratification of senses at Peaceful Mind-The Ancient Yoga. Absolutely magical time our family gone through. Credit goes to your masterclass way of teaching. You made very simple even some tough asana, that's where you shown your mastery in the field of yoga. Food recipe was very satvik but very tasty. Sir you changed our food habit. Your coaching of yoga is very pragmatic and useful for all of us. Staffs are also well trained. Thanks and obliged for the Utopian experience.

    • Debbie Guerra United States

      Peaceful Mind - The Ancient Yoga Website

      Dear spiritual mentor, we shall be always thankful for making us realize a divine experience. It’s a life time achievement as far as our spiritual journey is concerned, sacrosanct yagya, and worship complementary with pious song. It gives us mental piece, which is exceptional so long as peaceful mind is concerned. We enjoyed every moment at center. Assistant teachers were also innovative, staff person were humble, well experienced cook but above all dear mentor you are exemplary. Wishes from us thank you again.

    • Praveen Das Gupta India

      Peaceful Mind - The Ancient Yoga Website

      Peaceful Mind is truly a transformational and unique experience for our life. Gguruji you unfolded us completely.

    • Preeti Saxena India

      Peaceful Mind - The Ancient Yoga Website

      Namaste gurudev. Since childhood we have been seeking this kind of session of life where we could find ourselves at its best. We touched our soul mate where we felt transcendentalism. We became ego less. We appreciate everyone who is part of the center, it was a life changing exposure. We are thankful for well disciplined food recipe. Every moment was musical. We realized timelessness. We are full of gratitude. Its our academic excellence which resulted in romancing with yoga. We could understand the true meaning of life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    • Suzanne Phillips United States

      Peaceful Mind - The Ancient Yoga Website

      After attending Peaceful Mind's yoga retreat, I set aside my old notions because somewhere yoga classes compel me to introspect the real strength of a person and it facilitate the true purpose of life. Learning at the center has great value in my life, some time I entered the mystical world. It was unique. Apart from this entire package, the reasonable staff members are modest and cooperative. I enjoyed it deeply - you opened a new domain of life. Its matchless and peerless experience kept on doing great things. Thanks with great regard.

    • Ramesh Thakur India

      Peaceful Mind - The Ancient Yoga Website

      You are simply mind blowing. We learned a lot from this life changing experience. It opened a great moment of life. You made us realize how beautiful life is. We are grateful for your training. Sir, it’s extremely delightful. Thank you so much. You gifted us a healthier life. You are the best coach, full of gratitude. It’s a fabulous experience.

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