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Plantation Villa

Plantation Villa is a secluded eco-friendly hotel offering a well-being experience through organic food and Vedic disciplines of Ayurveda and yoga.

Instructors 4

Ishara De Silva

Ishara is the founder and owner of Plantation Villa. She is a regular meditation practitioner whose meditation practice has changed her life. She has practiced meditation over the last eight years and have studied, Aana-Paana Sati (watching of the breath), Metta (loving kindness meditation), relaxation, Vipassana, and insight meditation. Being a very rational thinker, Ishara helps explore the world of meditation through an explanation of the mind, its nature, and habits, and a general understanding of the mind to help begin meditation.


Milan was trained as a Hatha yoga teacher over 20 years ago, and certified by the Yoga Alliance in USA. His focus is primarily in the Viniyoga style, a fluid, accommodating style which starts with the breath and ends with the breath. It flows from one asana to the next, the muscles are coaxed towards each asana with several repetitions before a calming hold. Therapeutic in nature, this is a style anyone can achieve to perfection, for the perfection of each pose lies within each individual body. He also teaches Kundalini and meditation. He believes in the healing nature of yoga and mindfulness.

Yoga Alliance International (Hatha Yoga)


Mujith was trained in Hatha yoga and has been teaching yoga for over a decade. Studied under the Sri Lankan Yoga Foundation, his focus is primarily on toning and strengthening the body along with improving flexibility. His practice flows from one asana to the next, and at each stage, multiple options can be given to accommodate varying abilities of the class attendees, from beginners to advanced yoga practitioners. He conducts group classes as well as individual classes during retreats. He believes in the healing nature of yoga and Ayurveda, and is a regular meditation practitioner.


Gemma is an excellent, kind, and gentle teacher of yoga and meditation. The morning classes are a bit more awakening and the evening classes are slow and restorative. Gemma is a professional and can adapt her style to the guest requirement. Her meditation lessons are good and she does a particularly great moon ceremony.

Reviews 64


from Great Britain, February 2018

"Nice little retreat "

Yoga and meditation classes fun, massages good, food delicious, beautiful room and pool.

Catherine Gordon

from United States, February 2018

"This place has potential."

The clean rooms kept by friendly local women.

The vegan food

Pristine swimming pool

Kirsty Maclean

from Great Britain, January 2018

"A beautiful place with attentive staff and pure relaxation"

The area that surrounds is totally beautiful, I really enjoyed walking around every morning. My room was fantastic, cleans and bright. The centre is a very calm and relaxing place. I enjoyed the yoga classes and felt the staff did their best to meet all levels of ability. All the staff at the centre are really lovely and welcoming and attentive. I didn't do the ayevada package so I didn't have as much interaction with them as most of the guests. The food was great, although I would have liked it a bit spicier.


from Sweden, January 2018

Like the place and all the kindly staff. Perfekt in all kind of ways!

Mireille Vogelsang

from Thailand, November 2017

"Lovely and relaxed setting!"

The staff was very attentive and welcoming to our needs.

Giulia Soliman

from Great Britain, November 2017

"Great stay, I felt really refreshed and relax after my stay "

The Ayurvedic treatments were fantastic, the staff really friendly, the food really tasty and healthy, the yoga left me flexible and energized! I just loved every minute of it!

Nese Bayrac

from Qatar, November 2017

Lady doctors especially resident Doctor Prasadi are amazing.

Staff also are amazing. But they need training.

Hanna Hanula

from Switzerland, September 2017

"Great place to unwind"

Yoga classes, food, pool

Sandrine Bertrand

from Sri Lanka, September 2017

"A lot to improve"

I have been update to a higher room type

The location is all

The food

Catherine the amazing yoga teacher without her i would have left earlier


from Great Britain, August 2017

"Yoga retreat - 5 days"

the wonderful teacher , Katherine


from Republic of Italy, August 2017

"The balance between quality and money is not good."

The friendly attitude of other guests, the yoga teacher and the location but assolutely not the room (single one)


from Sweden, August 2017

"Great place for relaxation"

The yoga teacher Cathrine was amazing

Val Baze

from Great Britain, August 2017


I absolutely loved the yoga and meditation. Also enjoyed the evening talks about Buddhism. I loved the place itself so peaceful and with a great swimming pool and lots of wild monkeys


from Australia, July 2017

"Restorative setting"

The staff provided all the assistance you could ask for. The atmosphere promoted mindfulness and a good place to just be.


from Great Britain, June 2017

Inspirational yoga teacher

Amazing food

Beautiful location

Very accomodating staff with an incredible towel designer . Everyday the towels were created into an art form.

Very relaxed and healing place.

Disa Pequeno

from United Arab Emirates, June 2017

"Beyond expectations "

The place by itself, the nature and the fauna. The staff was adorable. I loved the food and the massages.

Anne Stevens

from Oman, April 2017

Fabulous yoga teacher and lovely surroundings... Interesting food

Coralie Doucet

from Germany, July 2017

"Wonderful experience "

Wonderful yoga teacher (Catherine) and a wonderful atmosphere in there.i have learnt what I wanted to and get back in Europe different. The treatment are good and the package detox is worth. Thanks to everyone .


from Sweden, February 2018

"Make it your own"

The staff is excellent and eager to make sure you have a pleasant stay.

Sandie Dawe

from Great Britain, February 2018

"Lovely retreat with some downsides "

Yoga Shala and yoga teachers - brilliant

Pool and Gardens

Food - with reservations

The other guests - lots of lovely friendly people from all over the world

Ayurvedic massages

Dedra Demaree

from South Korea, January 2018

"Amazingly nurturing and transformative week"

This is an Ayurvedic center, NOT a resort. I knew that coming in, and I wanted to learn and experience what I could. The week I had here was transformative in ways I could not have imagined. I booked the weight loss package, knowing I needed the extra help with my weight, but having a large number of medical concerns as well. I had the hope that they would help me find balance and be able to re-boot positive habits for me to move toward good health again. They did this and SO much more. I am leaving here feeling healthier than I have in about 5 years. I have more energy, better digestion, a body that WANTS to move and do and exercise, far more flexibility, a deeper meditation practice, and most important, the starting knowledge of Ayurveda, yoga, and mediation to be able to bring this lifestyle back home with me. (Not to mention I lost a bunch of weight.) I am immensely grateful for everyone here. On top of that, the plantation is lovely, the nature and surroundings were nourishing, the little personal touches and kindness of the staff were unparalleled, and I never felt for a want of anything - like being among a big loving family. Oh - and how could I not mention the food? It's been amazing and I've not been hungry or had cravings once.

Karen Ho

from Hong Kong, January 2018

Staffs are so friendly and nice. They always make me feel like home. Doctors, therapists as well as the yoga teachers are all very professional and caring. The daily activities are very versatile, someday is tree planting, someday is cooking demo and a lot more, but they are not compulsory so you can always chill and relax on your own or making new friends in the retreat! Three meals per day and food is healthy yet yummy. Authentic Sri Lankan dishes with healthy twist like using rice flour instead of wheat flour, using honey instead of white sugar for dessert etc.

Bella Moore

from Australia, January 2018

"My likes and dislikes..."

All the staff, management, kitchen, housekeeping, garden, pool, massage and wellness group, yoga teachers and Ayurvetic doctors....they were all amazingly respectful, friendly and professional people. I have a lot of respect for each and everyone of these teams.

I also loved the environment, the whole Centre, the gardens, the well organized daily programs, the food, the location and most of the villas. Personally I should have booked a 2 weeks stay instead of 1, lesson learnt for next time!

Jon. Stollar

from Great Britain, January 2018

"21 Days"

It took me five days to settle in and calm down from the years stresses This was in part because I quite smoking cold turkey.

I read books did yoga went for walks and meditated. I did not crave any of my normal vices. I learnt to accept my emotions rather than running away from them. All in all I would say giving myself three weeks to focus on the above has helped me solidify my outlook on life and I left with a deep sense of peace..

The food is very good. Even after three weeks I was not bored of the food. There are of course a few dishes that were not to my liking. however there are several curries per meal, so if one is not to your taste you can just order some extras of your favourites.

By the last day my appreciation for the local habitat and sounds had increased, due to all that deep breathing and mindfulness.

The staff are great and make you feel like family. I would go with the full treatment. Two hours of massaging a day is never a problem for me

Marco the yoga and meditation teacher was a fantastic bonus. Do check with plantation as to who will be there as the yoga instructors do change. There is a nearby waterfall thats great and a veg market on Sat afternoons and evenings thats worth a visit.


from Great Britain, January 2018

"poor, not sure if qualified"

Setting was perfect and better than expected, the people were great, most of staff were great. I had a great time because i refused to let anything get to me . It would be very hard to be miserable at such a perfect setting and i love nature.

David Fletcher

from Switzerland, December 2017

Fabulous location. Lovely people. Two great yoga instructors. Lovely break.

Elisa Riteau

from United States, December 2017

"Wonderful experience"

Beautiful place away from the din of city. The food is delicious with plants and vegetables feom the garden. The treatments, the doctors, the yoga and meditation classes are all great. And the connection with others is easy and very rewarding. A fantastic journey.

Irene Cavalli

from Australia, December 2017

"Great first yoga retreat "

It was my first yoga retreat and I loved it. The place is amazing, in the middle of the forest, very isolated and perfect to reconnect with nature and with yourself. The yoga and meditation classes is what I loved the most. Thanks to Alana, she is an amazing teacher, I could improve a lot and be more conscious of my body. I appreciate the community and the workers were all very nice and worried to make me comfortable. I've also met beautiful people, doing the retreat in a similar life period and I could connect with many people immediately. Overall a positive experience!

Asenet Varela

from United Arab Emirates, November 2017

"Relaxed stay, great food and people"

The place was lovely, surrounded by tropical trees, monkeys, sunny and rainy days. Relaxing atmosphere, meeting great people that have same preferences like you.

You can take your time to be on your own, and that is fine.

Love the daily routines and schedules. Food was awesome (I'm vegan, so I enjoyed every bite), all organic, super tasty. New flavors.

The staff was also great. Great people always welcoming you with a warm smile.

Alison Bannan

from Australia, October 2017

"Absolutely life changing"

The kindness and sincerity of all the staff. The simplicity and authenticity of the facilities and treatments. The food was sublime. There was a wonderful, flexible attitude and the other guests were wonderful. The chats with the doctors was incredibly therapeutic.

Siobhan Flood

from United States, July 2017

"Paradise in the jungle!"

Our stay at Plantation was perfect from the moment we arrived. The staff are so friendly and helpful - it feels more like a family than a hotel.

The day is full with activities and the infinity pool is sublime. The trees were hopping with monkeys - such a delight to see! We loved our room - it was very clean and comfortable. All furnishings have an earthy feel and are made from natural materials.

The yoga teacher, Catherine, is incredibly special - she brought something new to every class and taught with unparalled integrity, honesty and enthusiasm. She's a seven star yoga teacher and an intuitive and effective reiki practitioner as well. Her wisdom and guidance will stay with me forever... Truly a beautiful, rare and precious gem!!!!

Hiring a tuk-tuk to go out and about is a fun and cheap way to see some of the surrounding sites.

All in all, a wonderful holiday at Plantation. I would definitely return and will be recommending it to my friends in need of some RnR.

David Riddlestone

from Great Britain, June 2017

"A big cuddle for you soul "

Plantation villa is a beautiful idea, a community project that is also a wonderful treatment centre and retreat. The treatments themselves have left we feeling lighter, happier and with more energy. The yoga teachers were a completely different class to the 10+ different teachers I've experienced in the uk. The food and Ayurvedic massage and detox were all thoughtfully combined into a plan that would suit my needs. Above all, in 10 Days I have been touched, heard and smiled at by people who barely know me more times than I have in years in western culture. Progress is not necessarily progress. Thank you so much

Lisa Vasiliadis

from Australia, June 2017

"Refreshing getaway - A must to recharge the batteries!"

The villa felt like a beautiful loving community. The staff were so accommodating and always with smiles on their faces. The food was fantastic; so very fresh and tasty. The treatments were amazing! The Dr on site was also really helpful helping me with my migraines. The yoga - I have never had teachers who were so passionate about the practice, I learnt a lot and really hope I can find a new teacher in my area that is just as good, thank you!!!

Pamela Williams

from Australia, May 2017

"My soul was rejuvenated "

I found peace, tranquillity and a senses of another way of living, streeet anxiety free. The warmth, smiles, personal attention, love and kindness seemed to permeate us all, guests, staff and the villagers we encountered. The treatments were great, my Ayurvedic doctor an angel and the food, local was so interesting and always served with that special smile. I met great people from all around the world. A rich experience, with extra special memories for me. Thank you everyone.

Uri Shoan

from Australia, April 2017

"Just an awesome place"

Very caring Stuff , great food and healthy, great doctors , loving people , loving approach , love it and I will be back very often

Kelly Ward

from Great Britain, April 2017

"Relaxing break "

Plantation Villa provides clean, comfortable and homely accommodation in a beautiful natural environment. I found it relaxing and tranquil and met some lovely people there. The staff were very friendly and helpful. I e

Karen Appleton

from Great Britain, April 2017


A wonderful eleven day stay, staff are fantastic and have met some great people. Lovely location very peaceful, treatments are amazing, I feel really relaxed and happy.

Inga Bardak

from United States, February 2018

"Mit Ayurveda nichts zu tun"

Mein Zimmer war schön und die Umgebung z.B Natur ist sehr schön.

Gunhild Schlaak

from United States, February 2018

"Lärm durch Steinbruch ungeeignet fuet Yoga und Meditation"

Die Behandlungen und vor allem die Möglichkeit, mit den Mitbewohnern in Kontakt zu sein, waren sehr zufriedenstellend.

Elsa Tommasini

from France, October 2017

"Un espace de sérénité au milieu de la jungle "

Les rencontres, la spiritualité des médecins, une cuisine divine et une atmosphère reposante.

Annalies Wieland

from Switzerland, May 2017

"Erholung purr."

Die Menschen vom Yogalehrer bis zum Zimmermädchen waren einfach super.

Testimonials 5

Hans S. Bundsgaard

Plantation Villa Facebook page

This was definitely the best vacation, we have had ever.

Usually we need a holiday after a vacation, but after our 2-week stay at Plantation Villa, our batteries were fully charged.

We had chosen the weight loss package, but a no time did we feel exhausted or had cravings for more food.

And we DID loose weight ☺

We cannot point a finger at anything at The Plantation.

The entire staff is so nice and the surroundings are fantastic look at the pix).

We had never practiced yoga before, but the yoga teachers Gary & Raquel are ever so nice and welcoming, so we felt comfortable right from the beginning.

The meals served at the Villa are all nutritionally balanced and prepared with minimal oil and no artificial flavorings.

It is a set menu. And actually we liked not to have to decide what to eat. Just as well as we liked, that there is no TV, radio etc.

Unlike the announcement on the airplane, this was:

“Unlock your seatbelt (and yourself) and enjoy the ride ☺

Editam Mach

Plantation Villa Facebook page

My five day stay felt like a two week getaway. It was exactly how I envisioned Ayurveda retreat would be without ever experiencing it before. The quality of food, treatments, service, Dr. Nishin, yoga and holistic instructors Raquel and Gary were exceptional. I am planning to return in July, loved every moment of it.

Keith F. England

Plantation VIlla website

A truly amazing environment,natural beauty personified by amazing people ,warm welcoming , humble ,sensitive and caring to every individuals needs for restoration of mind and body.The plantation provides tranquility,harmony and complete rest and a chance to be at one with a natural enviroment of wonderful fruit, vegetables, animals, birds and flowers. I hope all future visitors take away some of the qualities that this "Garden of Eden" provides and i wish plantation villa continued success for the preservation of such natural beauty for the future of mankind.

Gabriela M.

Plantation VIlla website

I checked in the Plantation Villa anxious that I was going to be bored as I was going to spend 14 days there, I knew I needed a break away from everything in my life and I had no idea that I was going to enjoy every moment of it , the yoga sessions in the morning ,and in the evening ,the daily treatments , the food I was served every day , even though I was on a weight loss programme., all amazing . The housekeepers and kitchen ladies were serving amazing food , all organic from the Plantations garden , they were also so sweet and funny and always there to offer something to drink or to eat. Daniel the manager , so smart and wise and so having an answer for everything you wanted to ask about the diet , Ayurveda or anything else really. Roshan the therapist always with a big smile on his face , making you feel comfortable and then giving you a very relaxing or invigorating massage . I have never felt like I had to leave the Villa , everything I needed it was there during my stay. also our yoga teachers Warren and Michelle were very experienced and serious about the classes . I left the Planation feeling very sad , but I did promise everybody there I was going back again and I will definitely go back. for me this 2 weeks were an amzing expericne , it made me know myself more

Vibekeulmann England, UK

Plantation VIlla website

My sister and I spent a magical week at Plantation Villa in June this year. I can only recommend others to do the same. It's a magical place, with a superb service (nothing is too much trouble), and the staff is incredibly caring and attentive.I have Bone Cancer stage 4 and follow an alkaline diet and I also shun white carbs and sugar completely. Outside of that, the diet was centered around my condition and at every meal we got delicious and varied food. I listened carefully when told that Pineapple and Mango is not good for me - and funnily it resonates with me as I never much liked either, so now I avoid them completely. Endless supply of herbal tea with the local honey, and cool coconut water as well. The water is drinkable from the tap and for the first time ever I managed a week in South East Asia without any tummy issues. FAB! Thanks again to all the staff who looked after us so well. Hugs from Vibeke Ulmann Weincke and her sister Marianne Ottesen Weincke.

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