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Platinum Healing team of therapists offers a wide range of yoga, meditation, detox treatments, retreats, workshops, healing modalities that can help you with various health problems.

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Platinum Healing’s delightful and highly experienced retreat manager, meditation and yoga teacher and fitness instructor (among her many other talents including surfing)! Penny ​first became attracted to yoga due to its health benefits and its ability to connect the mind, body, and spirit. With a busy life as a musician and performer, it became necessary for her to find ways to stay grounded, maintain her health and focus her energies.


Daisy is one of Platinum Healing’s retreat managers, naturopathic nutritional therapists, yoga teachers and health practitioner specializing in juice detoxification and self-healing​. Her intention is to inspire long-lasting transformation through the enjoyment of healthy living with an emphasis on encouraging a realistic balance between health and quality of life.

Kate Tyler

Born and raised in England, Kate is a world-renowned clinical hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, transformational coach, and yoga expert. She is also a number one best selling author and international health writer contributing to a host of well-known international publications. Kate now spends most of her time consulting large wellness retreat centers and top-end boutique hotels across the globe, seeing clients on a one-to-one basis or over Skype, as well as writing for international health and wellness magazines.

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Rachel Blake

from Great Britain, April 2018

"Very disappointed "

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Angie R.

2016, Platinum Healing website

An amazing experience, treating the whole body, mind and spirit even better than I expected with totally amazing people to help and guide us through the process. The juices were different daily and tasted very nice I liked the whole detox programme. The retreat management was toptastic!! All the staff have been totally amazing, all very supportive genuine lovely people with smiley faces all day. The nutrition and breaking the fast talk was really good I could listen to Rachel’s talks over again, so informative, educating and interesting it really makes you think about what we are putting into our bodies. I have had 100% guidance and support the whole way through. I feel like a much calmer, happier person than when I arrived, my mind feels clearer, my body great for the first time in years. I think I’ve lost some weight I have learnt a lot about myself and feel so much more positive and confident. A great big massive thank you and bear hugs to you all this has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself it has been worth every penny!!

Jo W.

2016, Platinum Healing website

What a fantastic life changing experience. From Pre booking (telephone conversation with Millie and Jessica), through to the retreat, it was excellent. Jessica, Rachel, Jan, Cheryl were all so friendly and warm with great advice and genuinely pleased to help. The Management of the retreat is excellent. Everyone was just lovely and really cared for our emotional wellbeing. They were all happy to chat at any time not just on the morning talks and offer advice. It was so nice to be asked how you feel by everyone and the morning emotional check inns were great. Being a complete beginner to Yoga Penny was amazing and very friendly... I loved it. The whole process has changed me. The detox lost my bloat. My outlook has changed, I am more positive and have stopped wallowing in self-pity and replaced my “can’t do attitude” to a “can do” attitude! I have been to yoga twice a week since the retreat which is a miracle as I hadn’t exercised for more than 3 years previously. Something has definitely shifted in me mentally and I am much more the old (pre cancer) me. A combination of platinum healing’s emotional assistance, yoga and Bradley. Thank you all so much.

Naomi L.

2016, Platinum Healing website

Fantastic experience, met amazing like-minded people and have added to my knowledge. The accommodation was lovely and very clean. The management was excellent, very well run, everyone is very friendly and accommodating.I feel really revived and my body feels amazing feel really light and happy and healed in my body. I have had an amazing time on retreat. Jess, Rachel and team were fantastic, so accommodating and tending to every need. I have had lots of highs and a few lows when hungry but I’m very happy to have completed the detox and feel fantastic for it.

Aisling B.

2016, Platinum Healing website

I got more out of this retreat than I could ever have anticipated, I feel clean, healthy, fit, energised and excited about everything that I have learnt. More than anything I am grateful to have had the opportunity to explore my spiritual side I think this was the biggest benefit. I was pleasantly surprised at how tasty the juices were and I am really impressed with the attention to detail in nutrition. Jessica and all the staff were so friendly and easy to talk to and made us all feel at ease very quickly. Organisation was flawless from start to finish.

Joanna W.

2016, Platinum Healing website

I was very anxious and not sure how I would react to the retreat environment. But I have found I enjoyed myself and feel it has helped to relieve some of my stresses. And more importantly I am now a non- smoker. All the therapists have been lovely. Jackie the hypnotherapist was professional and warm and a very good listener. I'm feeling positive about continuing to be smoke free at home.

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