Radiant on Raw

Shaftesbury, Dorset, United Kingdom

Radiant on Raw, led by Gabriela Lerner, a leading raw food coach, runs luxury retreats the UK, Portugal, and Caribbean to ignite your body, mind, and spirit.

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  • Amanda United Kingdom

    Radiant on Raw website

    I came here to rediscover and make a new beginning and I think it has been really helpful for that. And I’ve noticed certain things happening in my body already. Some lumps and bumps on my skin and in my nose, they started to go away. My skin has smoothed out. And it gave me new hope.

  • Lauren United Kingdom

    Radiant on Raw website

    As a complete newcomer to raw food this was a great introduction to all the amazing and varied dishes you can create just with raw food. I had no idea and I was really pleasantly surprised by how incredible all the food was, it was a real eye opener and I had so much more energy than normal. It really was so informative and all of this in such beautiful surroundings, how could you not feel refreshed after such a relaxing week. Even the early start for yoga was well worth it!

  • Natalia Portugal

    Radiant on Raw website

    I’m taking home health. I know I can do it and it’s a discovery of a new world. It’s very important to me and also for my family. It gives me peace. I very much enjoyed being here, you and everybody. I'm so glad to be here.

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