Somerset, United Kingdom

ReSource-me offers ways to reconnect with sources of health and inspiration during fabulous retreats on the island of Gozo, Malta, or in beautiful Somerset.

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  • Gary

    Resource Me Website

    I had spent over 20 years with symptoms that could not be diagnosed, and was labelled unique. That has all changed thanks to ReSource-me. I had sensed a calling to Gozo and was most fortunate to discover this retreat. Thankfully, I took the plunge, which turned out to be, not just life changing, but life saving! Seems I wasn’t unique at all. I just needed to find the right people and the right diagnosis.

    I count my blessings for a bio resonance test and thorough analysis, it highlighted a chronic pancreatic condition and provided the solutions to take my life forward. Happily, I am now on the road to recovery. Thank you, reSource-me. You have provided me an incredible new path and wonderful things are now unfolding before me. I am eternally grateful.

  • Franco Italy


    Really cannot fault your hospitality, warmth, and juicing expertise. I think what you and Robin are doing is important and inspirational.

  • Linda United Kingdom

    ReSource-me Website

    I lost half a stone in the five-day juice period and have managed to keep it off since! I am also implementing the resolutions I made and have made positive choices in my life. I loved the island!

  • Vera United Kingdom

    Resource-me Website

    Jenny and Robin took care of us with genuine commitment and warmth – they truly go the extra mile. And the island was magical – I gained many special memories.

  • Sarah

    Resource-me Website

    I left after my week with a feeling of wellbeing that I am glad to say has persisted, and perhaps more importantly, I feel spiritually revitalised even though I am once again back at work and in the normal way of things. I am following a recommended dietary and supplement guide as a result of my bio-chemical testing carried out, and generally I am thinking more carefully about my food and am much better informed about the benefits of raw ingredients and how to prepare appetising dishes. I particularly enjoy looking back at my photos of the week and remembering the restful week in Gozo and close friendships made there, which were a privilege to have made. The experience was truly enlightening.

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