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Respiro la Vida offers graphics, interactive and experiential media, seminars, workshops, and travel to guide the development of human potential, expansion, and expression in all its dimensions.

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Maria Valeria de la Fuente

Maria was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on December 12, 1959. In 2008, she was in a deep trip retreat in India, among other things, take training in the Multiversity Osho International Center in handfuls as "Monitora of Osho Active Meditations". She also takes levels I and II Reiki and Osho NeoReiki in Pucon Sammasati Aseema Center, and the Ashram Prema with Mirabai.

Emilio Escariz

Emilio is an Argentine origin and the co-founder of Huamanwasi Center. He has practiced yoga since he was very young and was initiated in psychology, shamanic rituals biodanza, and through knowledge received by plants of the Amazon rainforest. Through all his teachings, Emilio, as a therapist, knows how to listen to each to accompany the experience crossing with sensitivity and uprightness. Exploring the plant world for 20 years, he shares his teachings between Peru, Argentina, and France.

Romulo Pelliza

Being a yoga teacher, a practitioner of body-mind centering, and a somatic educator, Romulo was introduced to shamanic rituals and the use of medicinal plants in Amazonian Peru and Brazil. He teaches yoga of sound, Kundalini yoga, and Yin yoga. He combines his practice with chanting using ancestral healing instruments such as the gong, drum, quartz crystal bowls, bells, harmonium, and tampura. He also hosts workshops of body-mind centering and yoga in Europe and South America.