Rina Golan conducts Hatha yoga classes in the UK. She organizes light-hearted, sociable, and nurturing retreats with an experienced and supportive team.

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Rina Golan-Rothwell

Reviews (3)

Manjeet Panesar

from Great Britain, May 2018

"Spring cleanse "

The whole weekend was filled with love and compassion. Great yoga with great people

Shereen Hassan

from Great Britain, May 2017

"Rejuvenation! "

I feel better physically, mentally and emotionally than I have in a really long time! Rina is a really comforting teacher and I found the whole weekend to be exactly what my body and soul needed, thank you!

Andrea Waters

from Great Britain, May 2017

Everything about it was perfect so it is impossible to name the things I liked as it was the whole experience.

Testimonials (1)

Bec McBride

Rina Golan website

Attending Rina's detox retreat at Holycombe truly was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I arrived in a daze of confusion regarding not only my inner thoughts but also with my relationship with food and I left with such an immense sense of clarity, calmness and the strength to commit to a healthy diet which my body so desperately craved.

Being a yoga teacher myself I knew I needed a huge boost of energy and Rina provided me with the safest of spaces to truly listen to my heart and inhale a whole lot of inspiration.

Rina is a walking bundle of inspiration and If you're new to yoga or have been in the game for a long time, this magical woman can teach you things that you never even knew needed to be learnt.