Inspired by the spiritual wisdom and the divine love of womanhood, Romeswellness offers exclusive wellness yoga retreat only for women.

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a traveler


Rome, I am so grateful for having you in my life, I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and wisdom. All I can say that I ask all the goddesses and gods to keep you always full of joy in this life and all the others and to give you all the protection and guidance that you need. And of course, you know that every time there's anything that I can help you with I am there for you :)

I just completed my daily goddess worship and meditated after, I feel in such blissful state :) :)

Puja Gulati Delhi


Had a great time in waynroots. Safe environment , loving and caring people. Had amazing results in just few days. My body felt so good after coming here. One can just close there eyes and come here and see the postivity happening themselves.

Thank you Rome

Sejal Bangalore


We had an amazing time at the Rome's wellness center Rome is wonderful person. For rome really she is multitasking like she makes good healthy food ,she teaches, as a friend she takes care and thanks to rome team also They are awesome :)

Ivacson Hungarian

Romeswellness' website

I came to this retreat hungry for inner balance and I found exactly that and more at Romeswellness Waynroots, a beautiful location, surrounded by exotic nature everywhere.

Thank you Rome, for changing my life, I cannot thank you enough for becoming my guru, for the countless hours of fascinating story telling, which really helped me understand the wisdom behind the wonderful ancient Sanscrit world with so many gods and goddesses, the understanding of the Yantras, mantras, chants and all kinds of meditations. On top of that Rome taught me loads of delicious, healthy Aurvedic, Satvic dishes and a healthy eating lifestyle, and all the foods, herbs health benefits. Before coming here J did a lot of research because I wanted the real thing, and there are so many places out there that are simply not what they say they are. I wanted a good understanding of all kinds of meditations, and to find some ancient Sanskrit wisdom. I found the best place for it. Romeswellness is the absolute best retreat I ever tried and ever hoped for. I feel so honoured to have met and for being guided by Rome, such a talented teacher and a wonderful person, born into a family of true Brahmi, carrier of the ancient Sanscrit knowledge and wisdom. She is my guru and my inspiration.

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