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Rythmia Life Advancement Center

Santa Cruz, Costa Rica

Rhythmia is the ultimate spiritual vacation located in Costa Rica in an all-inclusive luxury resort.

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  • Krista Esposito-Polinsky

    Rythmia Life Advancement Center Facebook page

    It's been one week since returning home from my 5-1/2 day stay at Rythmia and I can honestly say I am not the same person who left home on February 4. I had high expectations for my trip to Rythmia as my life seemed to be falling apart at the seams and I had no idea how to keep it together anymore... I prayed to God for a miracle as I have tried so many ways to heal the pain and trauma from my childhood. Up to now I had made much progress, but clearly by the state of my being there was more to do... The recent passing of my Father and stress of parenting my own children was touching deeply into my old wounds and triggering the parts of me that still needed attention, love and compassion.

    My prayers were answered when searching on line for a spiritual retreat and up popped Rythmia's website. I was drawn in right away and after watching several of the testimonials including the the founder of Rythmia, Jerry Powell, his story moved me to tears, I knew then and there I had to go to this place. A day later I booked my trip and my flight and the rest was in God's hands.

    Without knowing anything about plant medicine or really what this place was about I headed to Costa Rica by myself knowing my life was about to change. I had no fear and no questions about what was going to happen, just complete trust that I was being Divinely guided. Once I arrived at Rythmia I was welcomed with open arms. The General Manager Jeff greeted me with his ear to ear smile and said, "We're so glad your here, we've been waiting for you!" I never felt so welcomed anywhere before and that was just the beginning of how the staff at Rythmia want to support you through your healing journey. From the guest services staff, to the doctors, waitstaff, chefs, and massage therapists there is not a request that goes unfulfilled.

    The biggest transformation came during the plant medicine sessions. Words are too limited and primitive to describe what takes place during this very sacred and profound personal journey that the plants take you on. Someone there with me described it saying, "It's like doing 20years of therapy in 8 hrs!" The plants take you to the places you have buried deep inside you, too painful to visit or remember, yet they continue to steer your reality, recreating all that you desperately are trying to run from...

    The degree of healing and transformation that I received in less than 24 hrs of arriving at Rythmia far exceeded the high expectations I arrived with. I can not thank the staff at Rythmia enough for creating this wonderful place and for helping me find myself and love myself again or for the first time.

    If you are reading this thinking about whether or not you should go, the answer is YES! You must give yourself this gift, you will never regret it! It was the best thing I have ever done for myself and my healing process and I have done a lot of things to facilitate my own healing. So I ask you, what is your life worth? What are you worth? I say A LOT! Pura Vida!

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