Samadhi Yoga Ashram

Samadhi Yoga Ashram is dedicated and determined to spread the essence of yoga through yoga classes, yoga retreats, and yoga teacher training all over the world.

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from Mauritius, November 2018

"yoga journey from Rishikesh."

Teachers & staff were very helpful.

Classes were good .

Serene & pleasant environment .

Secured place.

Sadaya Zimmerle

from United States, October 2018

"An incredible education in a very short period of time"

I learned so much. There were actually 6 different instructors and every single one of them was absolutely excellent--depth of knowledge, love of their subjects, total commitment to give us everything possible. The knowledge was pretty much all new to me and my mind got blown on a regular basis. It was an extremely intense and efficient learning experience and I really loved just about every minute of it. Everyone was extremely kind and helpful wherever I went. It was also a beautiful environment and a lovely area of India between the Ganges and the Himalayas.

Mei Ling Huang

from Australia, October 2018

"Once in a lifetime "

Teachers all are amazing knowledgeable and humble to approach.

I learned so much in 18 days.

Everything are just awesome.

I'd like to stay longer.

All the classmates are super nice.

Overall is excellent plus.


from United States, October 2018

I loved the full schedule and great teachers!


from India, September 2018

"Enjoyed my time but would not return"

Most of the yoga classes were really good. Nice food, nice environment.

Tara Rice

from United States, August 2018

"Would not return, but had a good experience"

I really enjoyed our teacher, who is not listed on the teacher's list - his name is Sudeep Peshwal. He is a very young guy but a fun teacher, mild mannered and patient. He was also the person who took us on the excursions, and it was fun to talk to him outside of the yoga studio.

Ziva Grobelsek

from United States, July 2018

"Everything was nice, and instruktur was really the best one:"

I liked the atmisphere there.

Fábia Santos

from Portugal, July 2018

"4 days rejuvenation detox, yoga and meditation program"

I like the retreat and all the involvement landscape, the environment and energy that you can feel during the day in the retreat. I like the yoga teacher, Sony Deshwal, that was also an amazing guide tour and took us to a interesting places

Bossan Nedirova

from Turkmenistan, July 2018

Teachers and workers of ashroom perfect.

Hannah Krehbiel

from Germany, July 2018

"Wonderful experience"

Everything! This is an intense, but excellent program. Your days are long, and you're expected to do your best. You don't need any prior experience, but you should at least be interested in yoga.

You'll meet some wonderful people, the teachers are passionate and knowledgeable about their subjects, and the coordinators worked very hard to give us the best experience possible. Food is healthy, fresh and very satisfying (if you really need coffee or tea, you'll have to bring your own)

Pack something white for the opening ceremony. Bring enough cash, as the ATM doesn't work, and the other one is a bit of a walk away. you can also exchange money at a bureau.

Looking forward to coming back for more teacher training

Hannah Nicholls

from United Kingdom, June 2018

"Pack bug spray and charcoal tablets"

Teachers are very good and kind, staff in general are sweet and willing to help. Yoga instructors are very knowledgeable.

Xochiquetzali Blanchot

from France, May 2018

"A true yoga ashram experience"

The teachers where very passionate by their subject and share all their knowledge with their students. I was part of the group of 200h yoga holistic and therapy, the training is very intense and you need to be prepare mentaly and phisicaly to work from 5am until 7h30 pm. We learn so much from each teacher!! Shakti, Phralad, Nikki, the Philosophy teacher..... our Guru Vishnu. I felt like in a big family and all the students we where like sisters and brothers😊.

This was an amazing experience of learning not only about yoga but about life.

Linda Kutakova

from Slovakia, May 2018

"Aboulutly satisfied :)"


Was a nice experience with the best Trachers, in best Ashram, with the best people :) nice food also :))) the ashram has very nice lokation near to lot of bar/restaurant/market :) the best training in Risiken!

Sara Gutierrez

from United Kingdom, May 2018

"Great course and great experience "

Very comprehensive and well delivered course. It’s very intense but if you don’t have more time it’s worth it. Otherwise better to do it in more weeks

Reem Gamal

from Egypt, April 2018

"Amazing experience"

The place has been renovated so the building is modern and the rooms are very clean the bathroom and the shower and the room overall is very comfortable.

All the instructors are Indian which was a plus for me as I wanted an authentic experience not a westernized version.

The daily schedule was grueling and intense so get ready for a lot of information

The volunteers Annabelle and Christian were lovely and accommodating and listened to any suggestions

This was my first teacher training and I’m planning to continue the 200 hour course online with Samadhi

I really recommend the 100 hours for beginners or for anyone wanting to deepen their practice

Michaela Albert

from Austria, April 2018

"Kundalini TT200 hours"

Vishnu and his team made my stay at samadhi ashram an unforgettable experience and the family spirit was felt throughout the whole duration of my training. All wishes concerning my spiritual growth and practice of yoga were not only met but exceed all expectations.

I humbly would like to thank all lovely people at Samadhi ashram for this unbelievable journey of inner and outer transformation and will hopefully return soon.

Love & light and Namaste 🙏 from Shanti 💚

Josephine Cookson

from Thailand, April 2018

"Excellent Kundalini teacher training course and teachers"

The teachers at Samadhi are phenomenal. I couldn't have asked for more knowledgeable or enthusiastic teachers, who also care very much about their students.

Derek Herkes

from United States, March 2018

"Samadhi "

Miyamoto Musashi, a poet and samurai, once wrote “A man cannot understand the art he is studying if he only looks for the end result without taking the time to delve deeply into the reasoning of the study.”

The essence of Samadhi Yoga Ashram is exactly that—to delve deeply into the reasoning of the yogi study. Samadhi Ashram is truly a unique experience. From day one at the Ashram, I was treated with respect and a sense of warmth and welcoming that is unsurpassed. They arranged my pickup from New Delhi with ease which made my life a lot easier since this was my first time in India. On arrival, everything from the rooms and food selection to the yoga instruction and philosophy—everything was throughly thought out, accommodating, and delivered with a sense of knowledge, pride, and love. Guru Vishnu truly believes in what he practices. He is not simply selling you poses or a certificate—he continually strives to educate and guide you towards a way of life which offers the practitioner peace, serenity, health, and, above all, awareness.

After your time at Samadhi, you will not only have a solid foundation for your asana practice but you will truly understand the reasoning behind the philosophy which embodies this ancient yogi practice.

James Rose

from United States, March 2018

"Hard not to say “life changing”"

This ashram showed me- an ardent skeptic - that the people who staff it truly believe in what they are teaching. With unparalleled grace, they showed me that self-discipline and happiness comes in odd and small ways. From children of the instructors being rambunctious in the ashram, to problematic students — these yogis exemplified what I means to be influenced and in control of these practices we all set out to arrive here and obtain.

Great instruction. Caring staff. Friendly to the top degree— recommend to anyone interested in learning the mind and soul of yoga.


from India, March 2018

"Good but need to get organized.."

Flexible, responsive to feedback, Vishnu is very caring and accommodating

Rossella Siniscalco

from Italy, February 2018

"Great Experience"

I loved the joyfull athmosphere, we were a small group of 6 amazing people who created a magic connection within and with people around. Teachers are young but committed to their job, insipiring and willing to help, answer your questions and adjust the lessons to students needs (special thank to Navkant for this). The Guru took great care of our practical needs (making sure that everything was fine with food, accomodations, lessons etc) as well as spiritual ones, with day trips to holy spots and temples. Food was simple, balanced and delicious. Very recommended and remember that in case you may find any issue, there is people willing to do their best to make it work!!!


from Australia, January 2018

"Those were not my teachers"

Location was beautiful, with views of the hills.

I enjoyed the simple food, never getting even slightly sick.

The people I met created the experience that will stay with me forever.

Bernardette Pages

from Mexico, September 2018

"Increíble y enriquecedora experiencia "

Fue una increíble y enriquecedora experiencia. Los instructores son magníficas personas y yogis. Se aprende mucho de ellos, pero también de las personas que conoces.

Me encantó tener un instructor distinto para cada materia.

Alessandra Macahdo

from France, September 2018

"Transformation "

Tout était incroyable

Je suis honoré de pouvoir faire Partie De CETE aventure rien est à regretaire Tout à refaire !!!!

Sharon Fernie

from Nepal, January 2018

"Incredible experience "

Whow what an incredible experience this was. Initially we booked for the 100 hours, but as we were in the middle of the course and fed with so much knowledge and love we decided to stay and complete the 200 hours. It was the best decision ever! Not only did we had a fantastic small little group, but the people from Samadhi - all the teachers are so inspirational. They share their positive energy with you and are so eager to share their wisdom with you. I am for ever grateful and will never forget this incredible people. Thank you for guiding me to a journey with in myself, to obtain the knowledge out of self experience and to now share this with the world around me !🙏🏻

Testimonials (3)

Pauline Lui Hong Kong

Samadhi Yoga Ashram Facebook page

I have just completed by YTT200 training here. I will definitely miss here so much and in fact I don't want to leave and go back to my home country... It is my first time to India and I am coming here alone. There isn't any other student of the same nationality as me, but we are close friends now. I am glad that this yoga school is situated on this side of the river bank where it is more tranquil and suitable for study than the touristy centre on the opposite side. Food at ashram is so homey and in appropriate level of taste (not heavy like outside's and not bland), because the kitchen also cooks for the Guru's family who also lives here. With family members around, it feels not like a conventional/ business-driven school but experiencing local culture. Classes are well-organised and we learnt so much within a short span of time. It is out of my expectation that how focused we could learn yoga in such a way. Teachers speak good english and are serious in tackling our problems and make us improved quickly. Excursions offered by the school are fun and safe too (although we don't have much day off given the tight schedule of an intensive course). I would definitely love to visit India again, and if I do, I must come back and visit the school and the Guru's family. It can be said as my second home. I had such an amazing mind-changing journey and found my inner peace together with teaching techniques that I would definitely polish further in my yogi journey.

Natalia Zi Dominican Republic

Samadhi Yoga Ashram Facebook page

In march 2018 I did my 200 hours teacher training in samadhi yoga ashram in rishikesh. My experience was great, and I couldnt wish for a better place and people (beautiful souls) to learn from, than Samadhi family. Guru Vishnu’s energy is always uplifting, he always welcomes you with an open heart and in his best intention is to help others. The place has a very good location, its very close to all the shops, river and its peaceful. The building is brand new as well as all the rooms and bathrooms which was great. The dining area is on the top with a pretty view on the Ganga river, one of the yoga halls is also located on the top floor where whole wall is made from class widows and during your practice you feel like you are in the woods, sometimes you can even spot monkeys playing around. Dont forget that it is not a spa and you will have to put a lot of mental and physical effort to complete the course, but if you will overcome your weaknesses you will gain so much more. thank you Vishnu and all the teachers for my experience. namaste!

Manolya Altan United States

Samadhi Yoga Ashram Facebook page

I did a 200 hour YTT and am so happy I chose samadhi. It's amazing how much I learned in 2 1/2 weeks and how much stronger and more flexible I got with the help of the teachers. It's intense and the days are long, but it feels so rewarding to go though it, and I really enjoyed the experience. The accommodation is comfortable and quiet but just a short walk to the shops. Some people got tired of the food, but I personally thought it was all delicious and could never get sick of it! I would love to come back

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