Samara Meditation Foundation

Lisbon, Portugal

Through yoga, Samara Meditation Foundation aims to help people to realize the evolution of human consciousness worldwide by using the guidelines of Tony Samara.

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    • Eva Leifland Rose Portugal


      I just finished the three day detox meditation retreat with Tony Samara, and I loved every minute of it!!

      On a scale of one to ten I give it a TEN! It was really well organized, yet at the same time relaxed with a nice easy going flow. Met lots of nice people and left feeling well rested and inspired. I loved the set up with all the mattresses and that you could bring your own blankets and pillows. This made for a cozy experience and I found myself having lots of little naps during the day! The hotel was perfect and I can not fault any thing.. I will definitely be back!

      Thank you

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    • Steph M. United States

      Samara Meditation Foundation website

      Great meditation! I found it in my "Insight Meditation" app as a featured meditation. I tried in on my way to work on the metro. I could see all kinds of fun indigo and violet colors behind my eyes, which doesn't happen frequently, but I love it when it does. Awesome, thanks!

    • Terrisa United States

      Samara Meditation Foundation website

      My boyfriend and I did this together and loved it. We both wanted it to go on longer than the 15-minute as we came out of it feeling very alive and refreshed. We will definitely do this many more times. Thank you so much!

    • Philippe W. Switzerland

      Samara Meditation Foundation website

      Tony Samara's classes keep me hooked to continue with this amazing spiritual path that I'm so happy to be on. Revelations happen one after the other about life and about myself. I can strongly recommend anybody to join a class and see for themselves. Thank you Tony!

    • Vivian B. United States

      Samara Meditation Foundation website

      It's such a joy being connected to Tony and the worldwide "Sangha" through the wisdom of Tony's satsangs, which are always relevant, practical, and on point for me for whatever is happening in my heart, my mind, and my life at that moment. I'm truly grateful every day!

    • Satprem C. Sweden

      Samara Meditation Foundation website

      This is the most amazing gift I have ever received. It was truly beyond words as Tony Samara once put it himself. This magic can not be grasped by the mind. I am left in immense gratitude where my heart has been opened towards the Infinite and sings along in the harmonic bliss of existence.

    • RoseAnne G. Gibraltar

      Samara Meditation Foundation website

      The whole weekend was such a treat and it means a lot to me that Tony comes to Portugal regularly so that I am able to experience his wonderful teachings and share in some of the valuable lessons and exercises we do.

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