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5 Days Super Juice Detox Retreat in UK

5 Days Super Juice Detox Retreat in UK

  • Totnes, United Kingdom

Juice Detox Retreat in UK

Sandwell Farmhouse Retreat offers a variety of options to suit different tastes. Juicing and healthy nutritious meals are the basis of all of the retreats. These retreats are for those of you who are looking to reboot your health and lose a few pounds of weight.


  • detox boosts
  • supplements
  • some exercise and meditation
  • large garden with flower borders, granite troughs, apple trees and a large vegetable patch
  • 4 nights accommodation
  • life coaching
  • 5 days with instruction
  • English
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We have two double en-suite rooms, one in the original toll house end of the farmhouse with a walk-in power shower and gorgeous views of Dartmoor. The rooms are spacious, the larger one has a double bed, a single bed and offers comfortable accommodation with an en-suite bathroom. Couples or Shared Rooms please contact Sandwell Farmhouse Retreat for price information.

As a qualified Juice Master Independent Juice Therapist * Kate can offer nutritionally balanced and well researched detox plans to her guests. The juices are delicious, nutritious and very filling.I have personal experience of the detox plans and how amazing you feel afterwards. They literally clear out the toxins from your body and retrain your taste buds so you crave healthy foods instead of over processed convenience foods! It is possible to do this within a short space of time as you remove all the stimulants that create the cravings you can’t normally resist! Most people lose between 3-5 lbs in weight by the end of the plan, or in the following few days.

Why Juice?

Many people wonder why not just eat fruit? Well, to eat enough fruit and vegetables to get the required health benefits would be very hard and overtax your digestive system. Most of us in the West have been eating refined and convenience foods on and off for years and the effect of this is to limit your digestive ability. By juicing, you enhance the number of nutrients your body can access easily and increase the volume enormously. Eating lots of leafy green vegetables is so good for your health, but far easier to boost your intake and health by combining them with fruits in a delicious and satisfying drink!

So juicing is the easy way to get:

  • Many more than 5 a day
  • Easily absorb the nutrients
  • A much larger volume and variety of fruits and veggies
  • And freshly extracted juices are full of all the essential micro-nutrients and enzymes essential for health, that are destroyed by the heat treatment needed to extend their shelf life in shops.

Sandwell Farmhouse Retreat sets in the beautiful rural, rolling green hills of the South Hams with distant views of Dartmoor.

  • 4 nights accommodation
  • Detox boosts
  • Life coaching
  • Some exercise and meditation
  • Supplements

Totnes, United Kingdom

Sandwell Farmhouse Retreat is the perfect place to come and unwind, relax and to give both your body and mind a healthy boost.

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