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Santosa Detox and Wellness Center represents a culmination of years of research into the world’s best detox and wellness programs.

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Mei Jan (miranda) Kao

from China, October 2017

"Great vacation I ever have "

People I met there are so friendly and treat me in hospitality which made me feel so released.

The sessions including various yoga and lots of wellness program such as HIIT, boxing and zumba are so organized and full of excitement. and every day I can enjoy different SPA and healthy vegan meals. Overall experience in Santosa Detox and Wellness Center provided me with extreme relaxation and brought me a refreshness after intense working life.

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Sabrina R


Santosa is like a haven and a jumpstart to a healthy physical life and mindset.

The surroundings are lush. The main fitness area allows for you to feel the breeze, see the sunshine or hear the rain during your practice while being surrounded by breathtaking mountain views.

The people are so genuine and friendly and so in tune with themselves that it's inspiring.

The fitness classes are great, with such a great variety, from muay tai to yoga and pilates.

The juices are fresh and tasty from the juice bar. And I continue to enjoy their tea's even at home which they keep replenished all day at the centre.

The program leaders are amazing and so helpful. I signed up originally for the 3 day raw food fast, but was able to easily have my program extended and actually tailored to my needs for the extra 2 days. (Gives you an idea of how much I didn't want to leave)

The spa is the perfect inclusion to the retreat and the food doesn't even taste like you're fasting! The raw food fast felt like 5 star cuisine, and I enjoyed the chef's cooking and presence so much so that I spent an entire day trying everything after my fast. I even had him prepare my meals for the flight back. Veganism never tasted so good and felt so effortless to abide by.

The accommodation has so much space, a kitchen and more than one balcony with spectacular views, especially at night. There are separate pools for each group of apartments.

I would definitely recommend the program, and the accommodation! I absolutely enjoyed it as my favorite and most beneficial travel experience by far - and I'm a flight attendant - which says a lot.

Magen C


I had a 5 days raw food detox program. It was an amazing stay. The room was spacious and well equipped.

The staff was very friendly and the food was amazing. I lost 8lbs after the program and my skin was glowing! The program included every day massage and it was so relaxing and rejuvenating.

I enjoyed to spend time at the pool in the afternoon and I highly recommend anyone to use the ice bath and sauna. It was quite an special experience and I have ever tried that before visiting Santos.

Abdulwahab A United Kingdom


I booked a 2 week stay in Santosa on a total whim. I knew i wanted to relax, eat well, sleep, exercise and do plenty of yoga. Tick, tick, tick, and tick!!!!!

I am quite specific with my yoga. I have been doing yoga for over 6 years and really only do 'Ashtanga'. Which is not available in Santosa as part of the weekly program (which, by the way is FULL of fun and very interesting activities like cooking classes, ariel yoga, acro-yoga, hot vinyasa, pilates etc etc etc).

I tried most classes offered, and enjoyed every single one. The instructors go out of their way to make every single person comfortable and push every person to their personal limit. No one was too beginner or too advanced - it takes a lot of talent for the instructors to do that in a friendly and all-inclusive way. No one felt silly and that's really important when full grown adults are trying new skills for the first time in front of a group.

The staff at Santosa found out my need right from the off-set, which is not similar to the majority of the clients. I didn't want to detox, i didn't want to meditative, i didn't want to do soft yoga....i wanted to hone my advanced ashtanga skills (including primary series inversions / jump etc) and i also wanted to put on muscle weight.

They initially set me up with an instructor who identified right from the start that we were not a good fit as our levels were similar. She couldn't teach me what i wanted to learn. The very next day i had a new instructor who was AMAZING. I saw him 10 times (if not more, i lost count...) and he got something out of me i didn't think i had or could achieve in 2 weeks. I made a good friend, and i can't thank you enough for introducing us. This will most certainly not be the last time for us! I want to learn more from him, and get even better and stronger.

As for the muscle weight gain, the staff in Santosa set me up with a personal trainer from one of the best and biggest gyms in Phuket. Again, he was FANTASTIC. He pushed me in the same way my yoga instructor did. Together, they both helped me gain 3kg in 2 weeks, which for someone my height (170cm / 5 foot 7) is a huge achievement. Especially considering how skinny i started 2016....

I was not happy with how i looked, unhealthy and too skinny (around 50kg's) and started working out inconsistently since the start of this year. The push i got in Phuket and with thanks to the team at Santosa, is EXACTLY what i needed.

Right, i'll move on to the actual resort. The flat i was in was beautiful, so well stocked, cleaned (perfectly) on a daily basis. The kitchen is excellent, and the toilet is sufficient. The bed is comfortable, as were the sheets/ towels / couch etc. etc. I wish the outdoor furniture was a bit comfier but i understand with the daily rain, plastic furniture maybe the only feasible option.

I had an issue with the semi-private balcony, they tried to resolve that the best way they can and i thank them for that. I don't like having a waist-high divider between neighbours balcony. That limited my use of the balcony the first few days but then the neighbouring occupants left so that resolved that.

The food provided was something else...i would be the first person to say no to a vegan meal, and i love my meat / chicken / sea food...however, the standard was excellent. It is filling, and doesn't leave you feeling like you need anything else. I had to alter my vegan diet as i was trying to gain muscle mass, but for anyone trying to detox or lose weight, it's perfect. So well made with a bit of character. So no 2 dishes i've ordered have come out identical. Which i loved, theres always a slight modification which keeps things interesting. I went pure vegan for 5 full days, and could have carried on had it not been for the advice of my personal trainer.

The juice bar is fantastic and delicious. Super fresh and perfect for a hot climate. The daily shot of wheatgrass and coconut water i miss dearly, and should probably implement into my daily life.

This review is getting too long now so i really should wrap things up. But i can't without mentioning the spa first. Don't leave without trying the thai massage....out of this world. I tried most of the stuff on the spa menu during my stay and that was my favourite treatment. The warm oil massage was also pretty good.

Big thanks to all the staff, you made my summer. Every single one goes out of their way to make sure you are okay, comfortable, happy and enjoying your time. It felt like i was surrounded by friends. You will all see me again soon, and i may bring people with me this time. Although i'm not sure how i feel about sharing new secret hideaway.


melbjo Australia


I stayed at Santosa for 8 nights July/ August 2016 - but could have easily stayed longer! From the moment I arrived I knew I had made the right choice - the programs, the centre, the facility were all excellent.

As a detox novice I was a bit nervous, but the staff and managers were supportive and answered every question I thought of. I did the Yoga+Spa program for four days and switched to the Raw Food Detox for the final three days.

The food was AMAZING - I am not vegan/ vegetarian but did not miss meat at all, in fact I enjoyed the menu so much I have continued vegetarian eating since I came home. The classes were great - lots of variety and it's totally up to you what you participate in. It's a great place for a solo-traveller, there are people around during meals and classes but you can also get a lot of peace and quiet and time on your own.

It is not exactly walking distance to the beach - so if you want to be in the centre of the action this might not be for you (though there are free shuttles or a tuk-tuk for about 200 baht). Personally I enjoyed being away from the action and the busyness.

Rooms were big and clean - I had a one-bedroom apartment overlooking the sea and it was perfect. There was a little bit of noise from nearby construction but nothing that really disturbed me - and it completely disappears at the Wellness Centre.

A final note to say thanks to all of the staff for making my stay so lovely - from the restaurant staff, to the juice bar, reception and massage, every single staff member was friendly and would do anything to help. They were amazing. The information and experience have definitely given me restart and I'm very grateful. Will return!

GiovannaSandoval Sweden

TripAdvisor website

I stayed in July 2016 in a sea view suite room and I was in a full 7 fast detox program + 2 days of raw food. My objective was to detox and fix some health issues and enhanced healthy habits.

The detox program is A+ and very well thought and is made for people that really want to make a change and transformation. The programs are easy to follow and the support from the staff and managers is superb!! This is probably a key aspect about Santosa: the support, assistance and service you receive from the people working in this place. Here you will find information in a more holistic manner for your issues, problems or blockers or even if you just want to enhance your health.

I have to give my special thanks to Colleen and Liana who were present each time I had a doubt, problem or even a feeling of frustration. You girls are amazing and I will keep you always in my warm memories!!

The massages are great. The options are too many in terms of getting the type of massage or treatment you need. All of them with no exception are well trained professionals. There are other services you can pay at your own expense and I had the acupuncture and Chinese treatment, he was on point and the science checked! . I also had many treatments i.e.: facial, body exfoliation, wrap, etc….there were all magnificent! I guarantee. I am used to this type of treatments in Europe and USA and this is much better.

About the facilities, the rooms are good enough for this type of programs and you do not the rooms as much rather than the facilities. The sauna is great, the pools are many and you can have a personal time without many people.

The juices are done in one of the best machines you can find so it ensures it only masticates the food and you get plenty of enzymes. The raw food was okay but this is a biased appreciation because I am not vegan or vegetarian.

This is a place where you come to enhance your health and heal while having a great location and a super comfortable property. If you are looking for leisure at the beach then your option should be something else.

I read a comment about the stairs. I have hip injuries and others and this was never a problem for me. It actually help me to get some cardio. Again if you want to make a change make yourself a favour and book this fantastic wellness center!!!!

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