5 Days Full Fast Detox Retreat in Phuket, Thailand

  • Santosa Detox and Wellness Center, 3 Soi Plak Che2, Patak Road, Karon, Phuket, Thailand

5 Days Full Fast Detox Retreat in Phuket, Thailand

  • Santosa Detox and Wellness Center, 3 Soi Plak Che2, Patak Road, Karon, Phuket, Thailand

Fasting and Detox Retreats Thailand

Detox will help you to clean your body and return it to its most alkaline state, through research and evidence based internal detoxification and active cleanse programs. Not only will you purify your body and mind, you will kick start better health, and plan forward to help your adjustment into a healthier diet and lifestyle.


  • Orientation session
  • Daily twice colon cleansing
  • Daily blood pressure check
  • Consultation with the wellness center professional
  • Daily health boosting drinks and supplement
  • Daily massage treatment
  • 4 nights accomodation
  • 3 days with instruction
  • English
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1 bedroom apartment

An excellent room choice for singles or couples looking for the perfect place to relax and recharge. Each apartment is between 35 - 45 sqm classically decorated with a double bed and comes with its own fully fitted kitchen, spacious living area, flat screen TV with cable, and a private balcony with views of the luscious tropical gardens and the Big Buddha.


Featuring state of the art facilities, the center boasts a 5 star raw and vegetarian restaurant, a juice bar, 8 colon hydrotherapy rooms, a pavilion with an expansive range of healthy activities, a herbal steam sauna, and plunge style ice-bath. This is all, of course polished with our signature brand of chic.

A full fast is the strongest and most powerful of the three internal detoxification programs available at Santosa. What are you allowed to introduce to your body during this program? Just herbal supplementation, coconut water, and broth. The aim is to switch off the digestive system in order to give the body a rest from its daily tasks. You will have also twice daily colon cleansing and a number of healing treatments helping you in your detox experience. The benefits are many, but include weight loss, renewed energy, a feeling of emotional and physical lightness, and a greater sense of wellbeing.

Why detox?

Most of the dietary and lifestyle decisions that we make today have a negative effect on our bodies, hampering our brains capacity to function, which in turn leads to negative effects on our spirit. Foods known to be alkalizing, such as green vegetables, low fructose fruits, particular grains and nuts, and other whole, natural foods, are not prevalent enough in our modern day diets to create neutral pH levels in our bodies, reducing our ability to naturally eliminate the accumulation of acidic waste. In essence, we begin a slow decay from the inside out, which causes lower immune system function, reduced energy levels, poor memory, inflammation, and arthritis. The negative impact on our internal organs becomes palpable, and then a whole host of health problems begin to occur.


Day 1:

  • Guest arrival in preparation for the retreat

Day 2-4:

  • Retreat program

Day 5:

  • Guest departure
  • Sandra Kiesel

    Originally from Kenya, Sandra has a keen interest in health and wellness and is studying to become a health coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. An avid food lover, with a keen interest in nutrition, she is also training in the TRE technique (trauma and tension releasing exercises) to assist those with deeply held stress and trauma within the body.

  • Geti Pici

    Geti began her fitness career in Venice, Italy, after finding an incredibly fun way to merge all of her Latin dancing into the fitness craze that has taken the world by storm – Zumba. After her first class, she knew she had to be certified, and from there, Zumba changed her life. Developing her fitness skill set, she became certified in advanced Zumba, fitball, pilates, aqua fitness and sports nutrition. She has taught at over 20 locations in Phuket, and brings to Santosa a wealth of knowledge.

With captivating views of the Andaman ocean and lush green jungle surroundings, there really is no better place to give your body the gift of wellness in Phuket.


  • Phuket International airport, 30 km
  • Kata beach, 1.5 km
  • Patong, 10 km
  • Phuket town, 15 km

Santosa Phuket is serving modern vegan and raw food. Its healthy, plant based menu helps to restore alkalinity, all whilst exciting the palate with fresh and exuberant flavors. As an integral part of the Santosa Wellness Center, each dish has been carefully designed to offer culinary delights that are pleasing to the most discerning of palates, with great nutritional benefits.

Almost all of the ingredients are sourced from local providers and offer organic produce where ever possible. Many dishes on the menu can be ordered either as starters or mains, giving you the chance to sample a variety of dishes in one sitting.

Vegetarian, vegan, and raw food plays a huge part of the balanced nutrition promoted through the Santosa Restaurant. Open to wellness program guests and Phuket visitors, the highly creative menu will leave patrons amazed at the unlimited variations of tastes, textures, and sensations our chef can prepare using locally sourced organic produce when he can. Santosas juice bar is a healthy hub of activity, with delicious, cold pressed juices, incredible boosting supplements, and a menu of on-the-go healthy snacks available.


Stretching every part of the body, offering movement in every direction along with stimulation of the organs, muscles and bones, yoga helps us to find physical balance and flexibility, which in turn brings about agility and a balance in life and perspective.

Aerial yoga

The fluid, gravity-defying twist on yoga shows how we can learn to fly, whilst relieving compressed joints and re-aligning the body. The practice uses graceful, trapeze-like movements which sometimes seem like acrobatics. A wonderful way to do inversion poses, Aerial yoga really is an innovative fitness trend, thus we are so proud to be the only center in Phuket offering suspended movement in every direction along with stimulation of the organs, muscles, and bones.


We do not consider Zumba a class, it is a fitness party! Making exercising fun, the dynamic Latin-based dance workout has taken the fitness world by storm. Vibrant and energetic, an hour of serious cardio passes by in such a flurry of colorful smiles, that it doesnt feel like exercise at all!


Born in the Navy SEALs, TRX Suspension Training bodyweight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability simultaneously. The TRX Suspension Trainer is the original workout system that leverages gravity and bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises. By utilizing your own bodyweight, TRX is both highly functional and efficient in achieving the very fast results.


(High Intensity Interval Training) - Tabata, Box Fit, Boot Camp, Functional Fusion Classes featuring intervals of high intensity cardio with short rest periods are the most efficient and effective method of burning fat and spiking the metabolism . 15 minutes of intense intervals burns more calories than an hour jogging on a treadmill. In our time-poor, calorie-rich world, this is great news! It has been proven that 2 weeks of interval training improves cardiovascular health as much as 6 - 8 weeks of endurance training!


The foundation of this wonderful class is core. As you develop your core strength you develop stability throughout your entire torso. When the trunk is properly stabilized, pressure on the back is relieved and the body is able to move freely and efficiently. The six pilates principles are centering, control, flow, breath, precision, and concentration.

Fit ball

A core strengthening class designed to improve range of motion, strength, stability co-ordination, and balance. Fitball provides an excellent workout which will result in a stronger core, improved posture, and better body alignment.

Senior exercise

As we age, lean muscle mass, bone density, balance, flexibility, and endurance reduce significantly, and joints and muscles become tired and sore. Avoiding this is as simple as maintaining a regular exercise program. Our seniors exercise class offers low-impact cardio, gentle strength, and total body conditioning for our more mature fitness clients.

There are many spa establishments in Phuket, but how many can claim to make their own fragrance infused coconut oil? The Santosa Spa Eastern and Western healing techniques with modern technology. The treatments range from Ayurvedic massage and shirodhara, to galvanic facials and infra-red treatments.

Santosa has a comprehensive menu that provides relaxing and therapeutic massage, deeply detoxifying treatments, and luxurious and pampering beauty services. Santosa Spa is an extension of ethos - taking you on a sensual and luxurious journey; they nurture and support the connection between body, mind, and spirit.

  • 4 nights accomodation
  • All morning and afternoon activities
  • Center orientation
  • Daily health boosting drinks and supplements
  • Daily massage treatment
  • Daily blood pressure check
  • Final day breaking fast fruit salad and exit interview
  • Final day before and after program results presentation
  • Herbal teas and broth
  • Probiotic pills and implant of final day
  • Santosa Wellness Center professional consultation
  • Santosa Wellness gift pack (welcome salad, t-shirt, natural toiletries, detox and nutrition handbooks, detox shaker, Santosa tropical day bag, and pH test)
  • Twice daily colon cleansing
  • Unlimited use of swimming pools and gym

Arrival by airplane

The nearest airport is Phuket International Airport. The organizer can organize a pick-up from the airport for a fee. Please click on the Send Inquiry button for more information.

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 100% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.

Verified BookDetoxRetreats.com reviews

  • A
    Review by Anonymous

    2017-Aug-27 03:23:27

  • Review by Christiane Lux from Germany
    10 out of 10

    "I had a wonderfull time at Santosa. All the staff members are very friendly and welcoming. The schedule that was greated for me was perfect and a good balance between relaxing activities like Yoga and massages as well as some fitness activities like TRX and Thai Boxing. Even though I could only stay for three days, I felt very relaxed and energized after this short amount of time. In addition the food at Santosa is amazing, I would book a stay any time again and can only recommend it to everyone. "

    BookYogaRetreats, edited

  • Review by Elly Cardwell from Qatar
    10 out of 10

    "I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Santosa. The staff are incredibly friendly, helpful and accommodating, and the facilities are great. I enjoyed the classes they put on and the advice that they gave, and would highly recommend it to anyone who wanted to do a detox."

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Hashomi from Sri Lanka

    " I am not a person who writes reviews. However, I am pleased to share my wonderful experience with Santosa Detox and Wellness Center. I was at Santosa for a 3-day Yoga & Spa program. I am a fan of wellness programs, but I must say this is one of the best places I have ever visited. It is located in a beautiful area overlooking mountains. I really enjoyed practicing yoga looking at mountains. Food was delicious probably the best vegetarian food I have tasted. Most of the programs I have done in the past, I had to wake up at a set time, and there was a fixed schedule to follow every day. But at Santosa, I could pick activities I like to follow. This helped me to get away with my rigid daily schedule as a full-time employee. Besides, it was a good way to enjoy my vacation while doing a wellness program. Thanks to all wonderful staff at Santosa and the chefs who made those delicious food and smoothies to me. "

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Casey from United States

    " I thoroughly enjoyed the retreat at Santosa and wanted to extend if I could. The staff were all very personable and genuine and provided great service with a smile. The programme was not rigid but rather flexible and was based around my needs and feelings on the day. The atmosphere and morning meetings provided a since of community so that solo guests can build friendships and not feel isolated.The activities were all of good quality and varied each day. The food was spectacular and always fresh. The room exceeded my expectations. It was very comfortable, clean and spacious.I would highly recommend either spa/yoga or detox programme to friends, family and general public.Thank you for helping me to relax, improve my yoga/fitness and maintain and improve a healthy lifestyle."

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Radell from VA

    "Santosa Detox and Wellness Center was exactly what I needed. I stayed for 5 nights and enjoyed the yoga and spa program, which included fitness classes, 2 massages, and raw food daily. The package was perfect to detox both my mind and body. The accommodations were clean, beautiful and really picture perfect. You must use the sauna too and make sure you enjoy the fitness classes. I felt the staff at Santosa truly cared about each individual guest. Overall, I will return to Santosa and recommend that my friends join me as well. "

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited


  • Review by Sabrina R
    10 out of 10

    "Santosa is like a haven and a jumpstart to a healthy physical life and mindset."

    "The surroundings are lush. The main fitness area allows for you to feel the breeze, see the sunshine or hear the rain during your practice while being surrounded by breathtaking mountain views."

    "The people are so genuine and friendly and so in tune with themselves that it's inspiring. "

    "The fitness classes are great, with such a great variety, from muay tai to yoga and pilates."

    "The juices are fresh and tasty from the juice bar. And I continue to enjoy their tea's even at home which they keep replenished all day at the centre."

    "The program leaders are amazing and so helpful. I signed up originally for the 3 day raw food fast, but was able to easily have my program extended and actually tailored to my needs for the extra 2 days. (Gives you an idea of how much I didn't want to leave) "

    "The spa is the perfect inclusion to the retreat and the food doesn't even taste like you're fasting! The raw food fast felt like 5 star cuisine, and I enjoyed the chef's cooking and presence so much so that I spent an entire day trying everything after my fast. I even had him prepare my meals for the flight back. Veganism never tasted so good and felt so effortless to abide by. "

    "The accommodation has so much space, a kitchen and more than one balcony with spectacular views, especially at night. There are separate pools for each group of apartments. "

    "I would definitely recommend the program, and the accommodation! I absolutely enjoyed it as my favorite and most beneficial travel experience by far - and I'm a flight attendant - which says a lot."

    TripAdvisor, edited

  • Review by Magen C
    10 out of 10

    "I had a 5 days raw food detox program. It was an amazing stay. The room was spacious and well equipped. "

    "The staff was very friendly and the food was amazing. I lost 8lbs after the program and my skin was glowing! The program included every day massage and it was so relaxing and rejuvenating. "

    "I enjoyed to spend time at the pool in the afternoon and I highly recommend anyone to use the ice bath and sauna. It was quite an special experience and I have ever tried that before visiting Santos."

    TripAdvisor, edited

  • Review by Abdulwahab A from United Kingdom
    10 out of 10

    "I booked a 2 week stay in Santosa on a total whim. I knew i wanted to relax, eat well, sleep, exercise and do plenty of yoga. Tick, tick, tick, and tick!!!!! "

    "I am quite specific with my yoga. I have been doing yoga for over 6 years and really only do 'Ashtanga'. Which is not available in Santosa as part of the weekly program (which, by the way is FULL of fun and very interesting activities like cooking classes, ariel yoga, acro-yoga, hot vinyasa, pilates etc etc etc). "

    "I tried most classes offered, and enjoyed every single one. The instructors go out of their way to make every single person comfortable and push every person to their personal limit. No one was too beginner or too advanced - it takes a lot of talent for the instructors to do that in a friendly and all-inclusive way. No one felt silly and that's really important when full grown adults are trying new skills for the first time in front of a group. "

    "The staff at Santosa found out my need right from the off-set, which is not similar to the majority of the clients. I didn't want to detox, i didn't want to meditative, i didn't want to do soft yoga....i wanted to hone my advanced ashtanga skills (including primary series inversions / jump etc) and i also wanted to put on muscle weight. "

    "They initially set me up with an instructor who identified right from the start that we were not a good fit as our levels were similar. She couldn't teach me what i wanted to learn. The very next day i had a new instructor who was AMAZING. I saw him 10 times (if not more, i lost count...) and he got something out of me i didn't think i had or could achieve in 2 weeks. I made a good friend, and i can't thank you enough for introducing us. This will most certainly not be the last time for us! I want to learn more from him, and get even better and stronger. "

    "As for the muscle weight gain, the staff in Santosa set me up with a personal trainer from one of the best and biggest gyms in Phuket. Again, he was FANTASTIC. He pushed me in the same way my yoga instructor did. Together, they both helped me gain 3kg in 2 weeks, which for someone my height (170cm / 5 foot 7) is a huge achievement. Especially considering how skinny i started 2016...."

    "I was not happy with how i looked, unhealthy and too skinny (around 50kg's) and started working out inconsistently since the start of this year. The push i got in Phuket and with thanks to the team at Santosa, is EXACTLY what i needed. "

    "Right, i'll move on to the actual resort. The flat i was in was beautiful, so well stocked, cleaned (perfectly) on a daily basis. The kitchen is excellent, and the toilet is sufficient. The bed is comfortable, as were the sheets/ towels / couch etc. etc. I wish the outdoor furniture was a bit comfier but i understand with the daily rain, plastic furniture maybe the only feasible option. "

    "I had an issue with the semi-private balcony, they tried to resolve that the best way they can and i thank them for that. I don't like having a waist-high divider between neighbours balcony. That limited my use of the balcony the first few days but then the neighbouring occupants left so that resolved that. "

    "The food provided was something else...i would be the first person to say no to a vegan meal, and i love my meat / chicken / sea food...however, the standard was excellent. It is filling, and doesn't leave you feeling like you need anything else. I had to alter my vegan diet as i was trying to gain muscle mass, but for anyone trying to detox or lose weight, it's perfect. So well made with a bit of character. So no 2 dishes i've ordered have come out identical. Which i loved, theres always a slight modification which keeps things interesting. I went pure vegan for 5 full days, and could have carried on had it not been for the advice of my personal trainer."

    "The juice bar is fantastic and delicious. Super fresh and perfect for a hot climate. The daily shot of wheatgrass and coconut water i miss dearly, and should probably implement into my daily life. "

    "This review is getting too long now so i really should wrap things up. But i can't without mentioning the spa first. Don't leave without trying the thai massage....out of this world. I tried most of the stuff on the spa menu during my stay and that was my favourite treatment. The warm oil massage was also pretty good."

    "Big thanks to all the staff, you made my summer. Every single one goes out of their way to make sure you are okay, comfortable, happy and enjoying your time. It felt like i was surrounded by friends. You will all see me again soon, and i may bring people with me this time. Although i'm not sure how i feel about sharing new secret hideaway."


    TripAdvisor, edited

  • Review by melbjo from Australia
    10 out of 10

    "I stayed at Santosa for 8 nights July/ August 2016 - but could have easily stayed longer! From the moment I arrived I knew I had made the right choice - the programs, the centre, the facility were all excellent. "

    "As a detox novice I was a bit nervous, but the staff and managers were supportive and answered every question I thought of. I did the Yoga+Spa program for four days and switched to the Raw Food Detox for the final three days. "

    "The food was AMAZING - I am not vegan/ vegetarian but did not miss meat at all, in fact I enjoyed the menu so much I have continued vegetarian eating since I came home. The classes were great - lots of variety and it's totally up to you what you participate in. It's a great place for a solo-traveller, there are people around during meals and classes but you can also get a lot of peace and quiet and time on your own. "

    "It is not exactly walking distance to the beach - so if you want to be in the centre of the action this might not be for you (though there are free shuttles or a tuk-tuk for about 200 baht). Personally I enjoyed being away from the action and the busyness. "

    "Rooms were big and clean - I had a one-bedroom apartment overlooking the sea and it was perfect. There was a little bit of noise from nearby construction but nothing that really disturbed me - and it completely disappears at the Wellness Centre."

    "A final note to say thanks to all of the staff for making my stay so lovely - from the restaurant staff, to the juice bar, reception and massage, every single staff member was friendly and would do anything to help. They were amazing. The information and experience have definitely given me restart and I'm very grateful. Will return!"

    TripAdvisor, edited

  • Review by GiovannaSandoval from Sweden
    10 out of 10

    "I stayed in July 2016 in a sea view suite room and I was in a full 7 fast detox program + 2 days of raw food. My objective was to detox and fix some health issues and enhanced healthy habits. "

    "The detox program is A+ and very well thought and is made for people that really want to make a change and transformation. The programs are easy to follow and the support from the staff and managers is superb!! This is probably a key aspect about Santosa: the support, assistance and service you receive from the people working in this place. Here you will find information in a more holistic manner for your issues, problems or blockers or even if you just want to enhance your health. "

    "I have to give my special thanks to Colleen and Liana who were present each time I had a doubt, problem or even a feeling of frustration. You girls are amazing and I will keep you always in my warm memories!! "

    "The massages are great. The options are too many in terms of getting the type of massage or treatment you need. All of them with no exception are well trained professionals. There are other services you can pay at your own expense and I had the acupuncture and Chinese treatment, he was on point and the science checked! . I also had many treatments i.e.: facial, body exfoliation, wrap, etc….there were all magnificent! I guarantee. I am used to this type of treatments in Europe and USA and this is much better. "

    "About the facilities, the rooms are good enough for this type of programs and you do not the rooms as much rather than the facilities. The sauna is great, the pools are many and you can have a personal time without many people. "

    "The juices are done in one of the best machines you can find so it ensures it only masticates the food and you get plenty of enzymes. The raw food was okay but this is a biased appreciation because I am not vegan or vegetarian. "

    "This is a place where you come to enhance your health and heal while having a great location and a super comfortable property. If you are looking for leisure at the beach then your option should be something else. "

    "I read a comment about the stairs. I have hip injuries and others and this was never a problem for me. It actually help me to get some cardio. Again if you want to make a change make yourself a favour and book this fantastic wellness center!!!!"

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by 1RSM13 from Switzerland
    10 out of 10

    "I came initially for a week's detox but extended for a further 10 days. The facilities and arrangements for treatments, activities, massages, saunas and the unmentionable colonics were of the highest standard and quality.The diverse and challenging programme offered each day featured a range of highly qualified -and gifted - professionals. Accommodation was modern well appointed and spacious- in my case considerably beyond my needs! The only down side was the distance from the beach- although free navette service is available A very positive feature was the consistent effort of Liana and the management team to promote a convivial atmosphere amongst clients while ensuring individual needs are specifically addressed. Being on full fast I unfortunately benefitted little from what is perhaps the best vegetarian restaurant in Phuket!"

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Dawn S from United Kingdom
    10 out of 10

    "This place is hands down the best detox and wellness centre! It was 5 star in every way imaginable with brilliantly helpful and friendly staff with so many above and beyonds it is really beyond compare. I had enough energy to do all the various and fun types of yoga classes, boxing and when I felt like resting, I had the cheapest pad...but it was full on luxury comfort and view was gorgeous! The massages and food were heavenly and The BMI before and after results amazing. I ended up with body age 18 and lost 3 kilos in a week! (But not bra size, only bad fat comes off wahey!!!). All the detox, nutrition, protein for muscle tone and probiotics needed. Outside specialist David seemed like a rip off artist. By comparison, the rest of the staff had plenty of opportunity to suck us dry of money but would instead give us free smoothies and massages at times and even suggest that we do not need to come back as often as we intended. They really care about people."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by GiovannaSandoval from Sweden
    10 out of 10

    "I stayed in July 2016 in a sea view suite room and I was in a full 7 fast detox program + 2 days of raw food. My objective was to detox and fix some health issues and enhanced healthy habits. "

    "The detox program is A+ and very well thought and is made for people that really want to make a change and transformation. The programs are easy to follow and the support from the staff and managers is superb!! This is probably a key aspect about Santosa: the support, assistance and service you receive from the people working in this place. Here you will find information in a more holistic manner for your issues, problems or blockers or even if you just want to enhance your health. "

    "I have to give my special thanks to Colleen and Liana who were present each time I had a doubt, problem or even a feeling of frustration. You girls are amazing and I will keep you always in my warm memories!! "

    "The massages are great. The options are too many in terms of getting the type of massage or treatment you need. All of them with no exception are well trained professionals. There are other services you can pay at your own expense and I had the acupuncture and Chinese treatment, he was on point and the science checked! . I also had many treatments i.e.: facial, body exfoliation, wrap, etc….there were all magnificent! I guarantee. I am used to this type of treatments in Europe and USA and this is much better. "

    "About the facilities, the rooms are good enough for this type of programs and you do not the rooms as much rather than the facilities. The sauna is great, the pools are many and you can have a personal time without many people. "

    "The juices are done in one of the best machines you can find so it ensures it only masticates the food and you get plenty of enzymes. The raw food was okay but this is a biased appreciation because I am not vegan or vegetarian. "

    "This is a place where you come to enhance your health and heal while having a great location and a super comfortable property. If you are looking for leisure at the beach then your option should be something else. "

    "I read a comment about the stairs. I have hip injuries and others and this was never a problem for me. It actually help me to get some cardio. Again if you want to make a change make yourself a favour and book this fantastic wellness center!!!!"

    TripAdvisor, edited

  • Review by Melha G from United Kingdom
    10 out of 10

    "I first came to Santosa last year. What a gem of a place!"

    "I am one of these people who “knows what needs to be done” BUT who unfortunately, like many, falls off the wagon with a litany of excuses linked to a chaotic lifestyle, intense hectic jobs in toxic work environments etc. I am not proud of this. I am just realistic about all this being self-inflicted."

    "However, I decided that this time, it would be different. I was tired of being tired and done with repeating patterns of toxicity which damage my body, mind and may I say… soul. "

    "I was so bloated that I looked like I was pregnant with triplets and people kept offering me their seats in public transports :/ "

    "My skin and complexion were just awful and the mirror of what was going on inside."

    "So, I booked my ticket to Thailand and went to the ONLY place I knew which would allow me to climb out of the toxic hole I fell into…yet again. "

    "I alternated full fast (5-7 days) and raw food fast (1 day) for 2 weeks. After de-bloating (minus 8 kgs), I felt an overwhelming urge to “shock” my body with high intensity exercise; hence the need to alternate between full fast and superfood drinks (spirulina etc.), only eating raw food when I was actually hungry. "

    "The changes were drastic! My energy levels sky rocketed and I felt vibrant. Everybody kept telling me I was glowing. This is what happens when my detox face surfaces ;)"

    "I remember a 76 years old German naturopath I met years ago who told me at the time “There are no diseases. There is only intoxication and detoxification.” Various schools of thoughts would beg to differ BUT there is a lot to be said about the benefits of detox and one can only find out when trying it!!"

    "Santosa is by far the best place I have been to for detox. The Santosa team makes it a special place. They are first and foremost professional but what makes the difference is the “humanist” aspect of their approach. There is a conscious gathering of efforts to make people feel comfortable and at ease with the whole “detox” process and experience. They want to see results just as much as you do and are so genuinely excited when witnessing people’s transformation. They do not make you feel like one of many. They make you feel like a unique individual and never fail to go the extra mile to adapt to your circumstances, if any. "

    "There is something for everybody. There are enough activities to keep you busy all day every day. “ME time” in the herbal sauna is an excellent end to the day. The food is divine – Buphendra’s culinary skills are just wwwwaaaaaaoooooo! Great energy all around! And I love the fact that the whole place is clean and spotless at all times!"

    "I cannot name all these “Santosa helpers” as my review will just be endless…but Liana has been a bright sunshine who was always happy to help and also share experiences."

    "Finally, I am happy to know such a special kind lady as Colleen who happens to be a walking holistic encyclopaedia with unmatched knowledge about the body, mind and may I say again…soul."

    "My journey to Optimum Health continues and I will not fall off the wagon again. Not this time!"

    "Thank you kaaaaaa for all the encouragements and “laugh out loud” moments!"

    "Plenty of good energy and my love to you all...until we meet again :)"

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  • Review by Trevor

    "Liana, Colleen, Olivia and the team at Santosa are incredible. You will find yourself in loving, caring professional hands. Working with you at your own pace and where you are at emotionally, physically, they will offer the best advice. The calemas are worlds best practice, the massages are sensational, especially by Kung... the daily yoga, fitness programs and gym facilities are brilliant, accessible and compact. All this and more in a relaxing, bespoke cool mountain environment close enough to beach with lovely views. I have been back a second time, I will be back again next year. Thank you for all your support Santosa xx"

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by a traveller

    "I travel around trying different wellness center and I must say that Santosa offers the most friendly, accommodating, flexible service of all. Food is fresh and generous. Yoga and other activities are led by great professional teachers. I highly recommend Santosa."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Brandon

    "This place is absolutely amazing and exactly what I was looking for! During my "Active Cleanse" detox retreat, I was treated like a king! They prepare all your meals for you, of the healthiest Vegan options. You can also have a smoothie whenever you'd like, so you're not famished. They have tons of Yoga, dancing, fit ball, meditation, etc. classes throughout the day, so it's easy to pick and choose and keep yourself busy with activities you enjoy. The classes are not jammed packed by any stretch. You also get a couple of personal one on one classes, of yoga or whatever you like. What a great benefit! You also get a massage EVERYDAY! All the rooms are nice, and they even upgraded mine to a lovely suite and a balcony overlooking the beach. I think they just did that because they're cool like that. The location is as good as any. I actually stayed a few more days in Kata Beach because it was such a cool town. Also if you feel the urge for nightlife during your cleanse, you can just walk down to the beach and have some fun. The staff was kind, sincere and helpful. Sure you can go to a detox or yoga resort for a couple thousand baht less. But aren't you already on vacation and accustomed to being treated like a king/or queen in Thailand? Would you like to take as many classes of activities you enjoy, or follow a strict regiment which probably includes prayer at 6am? Would you like to eat at a buffet and help with dishes, or hand pick all your meals while they cook them for you? Would you like to stay in a humble little shack or basically a 5 star facility? It's an amazing place where you go at your own pace, with amazing people who work there and make it happen. Many thanks to Santosa. I did my first headstand there!"

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Katie

    "I've just finished a week here and I can honestly say this is the most AMAZING place. It's unbelievably organised and completely spotless, nothing is to much trouble for anyone, the people here are so full of love and positivity. Leeanna, Sandra, Olivia just wonderful. The food ... WOW !!!! I want to take the chef home with me, the best food I have ever tasted . If your looking to detox and distress this has to be the place to go. I had the most relaxing stress free week of my life and I am taking away with me some life changing thoughts. I will definitely be coming back soon. I cannot praise the whole team enough... Thank you everyone xx"

    Santosa Wellness Center Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Jessica from UAE

    "I did the yoga and spa retreat for 5 days. It was simply some of the best days of my life. I went there by myself expecting to get bored and have nothing to do, and I was always busy with either a workout class or a massage or having lunch or dinner or at the pool or at the sauna! It was simply AMAZING! Staff is super friendly and food is just delicious...this coming from someone who had NEVER taken a yoga class and had NEVER eaten Vegan food! My only regret is not staying longer! =/"

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by a traveller from United States

    "Can't thank Liana and team enough for their hospitality. Santosa provides a clean, quiet and encouraging environment for a total body reset and renewal. Everyone was supportive and helpful and will go all out to make sure your stay is comfortable. Will definitely be back!"

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Madelaine from Malaysia

    "As a young woman visiting Phuket, I was interested in a couple of healthy days away from it all and that's exactly what I got at Santosa. I was greeted by the welcoming receptionists and one of the retreat managers. I spent two days in a beautiful apartment, enjoying glorious yoga classes and wonderful spa treatments. I could not recommend this retreat any more highly. I appreciated that I was able to choose all my activities and was left to my own devices, it was relaxing and peaceful. Definitely choose Santosa!"

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Shorouk from UAE

    "I stayed there for 5 days detox and the place is amazing. So clean ,great customer service. Everyone was so professional and polite and they always calm and smiling. Definitely I'm going back and thanks for everyone there Sandra, Colleen, She and Ann."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Noam from Mexico

    "I've been to Santosa for 10 days, I did the 7 days juice detox which was a great experience, it cleaned my body & mind and I left with a great feeling and new inspiring ideas! The staff are super lovely, they have so much knowledge about living an healthy, balanced lifestyle. The crew at the juice bar are very friendly. The chef at their restaurant is super creative and manage to come up with delicious & nutritious food, I stayed 3 more days after my detox program and enjoyed the food & the most stunning natural view in the area! Thank you Liana for the ongoing support and everyone else for making it a great experience."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Teo Dori

    "Peaceful location, immersed in nature. A lot of attention to details, a lot of care & kindness, awesome vegan food (Chef Mauro is great!), excellent massages, very good activities, people, everything! And Liana, Olivia, Colleen, Ivan, Anita, She, Tim, Nuya, Sandra, Mai, etc... All wonderful people with very good vibes. I felt so warmly welcomed from the 1st day to the last. Bravo & well done to everyone! KEEP UP THE SMALL & FAMILY SPIRIT, NEVER CHANGE. Highly recommended for those who wish to get away from city/ corporate life/ stress or just need some 'me time'. (I chose the yoga & spa program for 8 days and would love to come back every year if I can)."

    Santosa Wellness Center Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Marina from Greece

    "I came by myself for a week and was made really welcome. The facilities are really good, really knowledgeable teachers and great variety of activities, I was kept very busy all day and enjoyed every minute of my stay, especially the food which is amazing! The accommodation was very good with wonderful views of the sea and the Big Buddha and the staff were superb and very friendly. I really recommend it!"

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Josie from Bahrain

    "Nice clean rooms, quiet area of Kata with lovely views of the mountains and beach, were all complemented by a lovely detox program. I did the active cleanse, and was blown away by the quality of the Vegan Raw food which I happily consumed during my five day stay. The classes were great, and my private pilates instructor I have immense gratitude for, Gita was so kind and caring and truly helped me reconnect to my body after years of too much work and mental to physical disconnect. The colemics facilities were clean and easeful, and I felt great with them, helped clear up my skin and body! The steam sauna and ice plunge were incredible, highly recommended, and the spa blew me away! The kind, compassionate, and experienced hands of their local practitioners were a definite bonus. My favourite was the lymphatic massage, but as a treat I recommend the Ayurvedic massage and shirodhara treatment, it rocked my world!! Everyone was so sweet, the daily check-ins were beneficial, but would have loved to have more discussions around what was arising during a detox to enhance the community feel. I felt truly held in a safe and warm environment to truly explore what I had to let go of, and came out reconnected to ME. Thank you to all who make this center so full of love! Lots of love, and would most definitely return again! Some areas of improvement: I would recommend some additional class times for activities, and to check in obtaining a good variety of teachers. Some of the teachers were excellent, some definitely had less experience teaching than some of the students did practicing. Would love to see some minor improvements done in the facilities, the lighting by the top of the sauna stairs is very little, and after being disoriented from the heat, it was challenging to go down the stairs after sunset."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by a traveller from Australia

    "Santosa is in a lovely setting with great accommodation, I had 2 bed sea view room, although the beach is quite far away, there is a courtesy bus 2-3 times a day if you need it, otherwise it would be quite a walk. Everything is done on site, there is a studio where you can do your yoga, fit ball, Zumba, meditation etc. I was there for only 3 days to do a juice cleanse and I regret that I did not get to taste Suzannahs raw food which I have heard is spectacular. The self-administered colema rooms are well setup if that is your thing but I feel could be a little daunting to someone who hasn't done one before. Daily massages are also included.The girls who work here are all lovely and thank you to Lianna for being a charming hostess.I did think that Santosa was at the more expensive side of the scale and there could have been more or larger juices supplied with additional supplements at no charge to aid in your detox, I felt it just wasn't quite enough for the price I paid."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Linda from United States

    "I went to Thailand alone and decided to spend some time in Phuket and decided on Santosa Detox and Wellness Center. I wasn't sure what to expect because I don't normally associate the word Detox with Holiday. However, I was looking for wellness and a mind, body and spirit experience - and that's what I got and more. The first week I decided to try out their famous Detox and Raw Food Fast. The center itself is absolutely breathtaking - very green in everything they do and are. The main center is on the mountain with incredible views of the ocean, beaches and the Big Buddah on top of the next mountain. Everything was so clean, welcoming and peaceful. The restaurant is built is a level up from the main center and is built on a platform of sustainable wood over the mountain so views are lovely as is the constant breeze.The food was delicious! I was not expecting the kind of variety and flavor for a raw fast from the head Chef Susana. Raw lasagna made from zucchini and fresh garlic. Who knew one could eat so well on a detox/fast!The classes were wonderful - I fell in love with yoga there and praise the instructor (Olivia) for her patience. I left with the confidence to go into any Intermediate class when I left.Sandra and her team did a great job of tracking my progress and encouraging me along through a couple of rough patches (headaches from caffeine withdrawal I'm sure). I lost 9.1 pounds that first week! (3 more over the following 2 weeks).I loved the center so much that I stayed an extra week and enjoyed the delicious cooked restaurant food - Italian delights, fresh spices and veggies, a chef who loves to experiment and continually take her craft to the next level.My apartment was lovely - with a view of the mountain, beach/ocean and Big Buddha. Very modern, spacious and comfortable - and very clean too.And last but not least - the people I met at the center were wonderful. Friends whom I hope I'll keep up with and meet again - perhaps back at Santosa!"

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Jess

    "I spent a week at Santosa for the last week of my 4 weeks' holiday in Thailand and I have to say I'm so glad I did! The place is beautiful and staff are so lovely and helpful! I did the raw food fast and must say the food is incredible. I thoroughly enjoyed all the activities and left feeling amazing and not wanting to go home! I can't wait to return!! This place is a must!"

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Val from Australia

    "I recently completed a 3-day raw food fast at Santosa. I always wanted to try a detox and this was a good insight into a raw food lifestyle for me. I was kept busy throughout the day and enjoyed the yoga and other activities available. I will endeavour to keep up my exercise and raw food diet as much as possible as the benefits are obvious. The Chef Suzane is excellent and extremely willing to guide you. She has a raw food passion. Unfortunately Sandra had lost her voice while I was there so the morning talks were lost to me but never mind there is a reason for everything. Massage was a treat everyday. Thank you for my time at Santosa...I feel better for being there."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Bernard from United States

    "Perfect environment for relax and detox. The center is surrounded by forest and have ocean view overlooking Kata beach, one of the best spots in Phuket island. The detox rooms are very comfortable as well as the activities area and lounge. The staff is very experience, professional and ready to listen to needs and help. So far the best detox center I've been. Highly recommend it!"

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Ron from United States
    9 out of 10

    "The onsite restaurant and juice bar were helpful and informative on what your detox diet contains. Some were on a full fast, while others were on a juice cleanse or raw food only. Sandra was a wonderful coordinator. I looked forward to the morning meetings as she was educational on what to put in and on your body to stay as detoxed as possible. The daily massages were included and incredibly good. As for activity, I did the TRX, Muay Thai boxing, yoga, beach walks, and more. They are flexible with your schedule. I chose to stay busy all day while others chose to relax in their rooms. The accommodations are modern large condominiums that are located on the property."

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by Said

    "The ocean view flat I stayed in was spacious, clean and elegant. Flats were serviced everyday. The only issue is issue is transport. You are a bit far from town and require transportation which is quite expensive. However, I highly recommend a stay in Santosa Detox & Wellness Centre for peace of mind and quite quality time."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Mihaela

    "My sister and I went to Santosa for a 3-day stay. We only did the spa & welness, not the detox, and we loved it! It's very affordable. They have a variety of classes - yoga, Zumba, fitball, breath work, aerial yoga, etc There is a restaurant on site and their food is raw, organic and vegan only and it's delicious!! We were getting at least a couple of massages a day (also offered onsite). The entire staff is very friendly and knowledgable. The room we stayed in was amazing and the view was great (of the sea and Big Buddha!). There's a free shuttle to take you to the beach (several times a day). They also accommodated every request and need we had. A team of professionals!"

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Irene

    "The raw food & juices are AMAZING! I had headache & nauseous as side effects of detox, but the chef cum spiritual healer is v good, lightened my headache. Then the 30 mins head massage was fantastically good...headache practically gone. THB 500 = SGD 20 & all at the detox & wellness spa. The only downside is the service (none & there is no phone in the room/apartment) as they don't make up room if you don't tell them to."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Anneli from Sweden

    "Santosa Detox & Wellness Center is a wonderful place where you can really land in yourself and take care of both your body and soul. It's situated high up with a beautiful view of Kata and Karon Beach and the surroundings are calm and nice.The food is amazing with excellent raw food dishes that tastes fantastic. The restaurant is very nice and has a wonderful view. There are lots of treatments and classes to take part in and the staff is amazing.We highly recommend Santosa!"

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Shane from Australia

    "I checked out Santosa after reading the manager Sarah's column in the Phuket newspaper. The facility is very impressive and there has obviously been a lot of thought and investment in it. So I was surprised at the very reasonable cost of a weekly pass (1000 THB) to do unlimited classes. The steam room and ice bath set up is good for an end of the day refresh before heading out. Whilst I was there some other guests who'd been on the island for seven months said they travel from Phuket Town to use the steam room as it's the best they have found.."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Kim from Australia

    "My recent detox experience here was very very pleasant. A great program with many options not to mention one of the best raw food kitchens in town! I will be back."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Dutch from Australia

    "I just spent a week at Santosa Wellness centre in the rolling hills of Phuket. It was an amazing eye opener and introduction to vegetarian dining and the raw food program. Five star all the way! The team of fitness instructors, yoga teachers or the crew in the juice bar did a great job. Its all one hundred percent commitment. My great surprise was my energy levels held up with the program and I never felt the urge for my weakness for sweets, coffee and wine. Add to this great accommodation with perfect views of the ocean and almost a private pool one minute walk away! Good steam room too. A very positive week."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Maysa from Thailand

    "Totally amazed with what could be done with raw food. Amazing.. The Raw Living Salad and the Chocolate Fudges. The Detox burger is really a masterpiece."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Angel from Italy

    "I was not a recurrence of this place yet. The restaurant serves raw-vegan food but the first time there I was with a friend of mine which didn't know what is raw-food at all. Well, the great chef Manoj show him something new. A great sense of accomplishment for our taste buds. Fresh, healthy, and really tasty. Highly recommended."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

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