Second Nature is Denisa Ratulea's project to help people to reach their health targets. Denisa is a health coach, plant-based chef, and explorer of the world.

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Farah United Kingdom

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For anyone thinking about coming to Beautiful You the question that I would ask you is: are you ready to shift?

Are you ready to seriously get rid of the crap that’s holding you back and transform your life.

Because honestly this isn’t for people that are looking to do surface level work or superficially change.

This is a retreat for people that want to go to the core of their being and connect with who they are.

Terance United Kingdom

Second Nature website

At every single workshop at Beautiful You we were transforming from the morning to the evening. Peeling back layers and working hard on ourselves.

I am surprised by the amount of transformation that I have experienced myself, where something was a maybe for me now it is an action, something that I must do and I know that my health is a must. It’s amazing what you can achieve in just one week