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Soul Ascension School of Yoga & the Healing Arts

Soul Ascension School of Yoga & the Healing Arts is a growing group of leaders in their own right within the healing, spirituality, and yoga retreat industry.

Instructors 2

Eli Kaiser

Eli is a practitioner who practices psychic medium, a healer, a musician, and teacher of the shamanic arts. He integrates these methods into his unique and outstanding classes as a yoga teacher. He has been working to help others on energetic, emotional, spiritual, and physical levels since he was a child and has devoted his life full time to this practice. Yoga is a beautiful medium to work with as a healing system for facilitating personal and global healing, and he works as well with the ceremony on a regular basis.

Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200 (Yoga)

Jessica Petrone

Jessica has been devoted to working in the healing arts and sciences for the last 17 years. She has always felt a great connection to source through her synergistic relationship with the natural world. It was through her 2 years living in a rural African village, in complete union with and humility to the elements, that she received the message to work with others to help them to access and deepen connection to self (mind, body, spirituality), community, and the natural world, and to find balance between these three components of life.

Reviews 29

Maggie Triska

from Australia, February 2018

"Disappointing; training and experience not as described."

I enjoyed the location (the big island, Hawaii); however, most things there were not well planned and were organized last minute and haphazardly by our instructor, Molly. I met a lot of amazing people in the course, but I cannot recommend it as without those people I'm not sure I would have finished it due to my disappointment in the course content and instruction.

Jessica Phillips

from United States, February 2018


This was an amazing spiritual retreat. In addition to being prepared to teach yoga I was able to uncover so much about myself, my place in the world, and how I am choosing to participate. Cleansing in every sense. Rebuilding with bravery, strength and passion.

Dana Griffin

from United States, February 2018

"Limited Yoga, heavy on ceremony"

Very good teaching style of teaching small sequences to one or two students, different each time. By the final class to be taught, a student has worked with each of the other students individually.


from United States, February 2018

The group of girls who were training.

Some free time to explore Hawaii.

Some good background on yoga history and spirituality.

Karli Blalock

from United States, February 2018

"Life-changing Experience with Expert Guidance! "

This retreat and training exceeded all my expectations tenfold. Molly Warner is a fantastic leader and teacher. I found a sense of community with the women on this retreat and established lasting friendships. I gained a thorough understanding of Yoga. This was a deeply spiritual experience, and being in Hawaii made it even more impactful. The accommodations were beautiful, and the food was awesome. I took major recipe notes, so I can continue to eat clean and vegan at home. The days were long and intense (as expected) but I never felt too tired, and we still found time to explore Hawaii and have fun!! This was the best 3 weeks of my life...I'd do it all again.

Claire Girgis

from United States, February 2018

"A beautiful experience!"

Molly is a phenomenal instructor! She reaches out to students through free expression, music and creativity. She does not just prepare you to be a yoga instructor but can truly tap into your dormant abilities. I am so grateful I was able to experience her teachings and love that pours out of her!


from Canada, November 2017

"disappointing and disheartening to know people can charge yo"

The island where they hosted was nice and calming

Amanda Holmes

from Republic of South Africa, November 2017

"a very happy spiritually enlightened and blessed kindred spi"

I went with no expectations, just happy to allow myself to be taken on Eli's and Molly's magical spiritual carpet ride to distant blue horizons of hope, faith and dreams rekindled. The entire holistic triptych experience of completeness in and body and soul was one of the most nourishing and self healing catalysts I have done. The entire experience from the venue, my fellow tribe of spiritual awakening warriors, the food, the nourishing and the enlightening of self was beyond words, just a truly contented, whole being again, to say two tiny words like thank you just doesn't begin to describe my heartfelt gratitude for being able to share in Eli's and Molly's magical faerie dust sprinklings of phosferous white light was a true blessing.

Michele Hughes

from United States, August 2017

"Unique and special "

Loved the acccomindations at Eagle Nest, and instructors.

Jane Odonnell

from Great Britain, August 2017

"Brilliant teacher training! "

We were so lucky to have just 6 of us in the group. We moved between two venues, both really lovely. All team members were so kind and supportive, we had such fun. Creative teaching, lots of time to practise teach. Great food, lovingly cooked. A truly wonderful experience that will stay with me forever ❤️

Danielle Smith

from Canada, August 2017

"Total Transformation"

The staff are incredible, they are kind, caring, and very intuitive to your needs. Food was amazing. Sense of family. The mediations were very healing. The beach was amazing. No pressure to complete all yoga positions, no judgment. I can't say enough great things about this place, you really need to check it out for yourself.

Heejong Kwon

from Canada, August 2017



Amanda Davidshofer

from United States, July 2017


Such a great opportunity for personal, spiritual growth and emotional healing. Not to mention all that stuff I learned about yoga :)


from United States, July 2017

"Getaway to pristine Galiano Island with Soul Ascention "

Galiano is the perfect hideaway to escape the stressors of everyday life. The grounds are set up as tents outside of the main home, and there's one cabin with outlets. There was daily yoga, and one day with a lecture going over a bit of the history of yoga. Instructors are well informed and there's also an instructor course offered. There's a beach walkable from the house. Wildlife watching, kayaking, lots of recreational things to do outside of the retreat if you desire. Great bunch of people at the retreat.

Ravi Banwait

from Canada, July 2017

"Couldn't ask for better YTT"

I liked over all atmosphere. It was very beautiful, very safe and loved the teachers. Eli is an incredible Yoga teacher and loved Susan's way of teaching too. And Loved learning posture adjustments from Molly.

I went for just YTT certification but training was much more then that. It was soul touching, it was magical.

Testimonials 2

Katherine Milnes Bailey

Soul Ascension School of Yoga & the Healing Arts Facebook page

I have personally experienced a very powerful energy healing of a stubborn shoulder injury that I had tried healing with chiropractic, massage and various other natural remedies. I was so amazed that the pain was just gone after suffering for so long! Still not quite sure how it happened but I know it made me a believer. So thankful for these healers!

Jason Kirkpatrick

Soul Ascension School of Yoga & the Healing Arts Facebook page

All of the teachers and people associated with Soul Ascension Healing Arts are amazingly talented, compassionate, gifted individuals. They will help your soul to sing.

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