Kerala, India

Swaswara is a luxury holiday space for those seeking wellness, healing, rejuvenation, and a path to self-discovery.

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  • a traveler India

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    This was my second visit and I stayed two nights. I didn't miss TV, internet, mobile, meat, traffic jams, newspapers and so on. It's a new experience to learn the sound of silence with soothing sounds of birds chirping and occasionally the wind chimes thrown in. Listen carefully and you can hear the sea in the background.

    Dining here will help us realise how much we overeat and after a couple of days the body feels lighter. A minimum of three days is required to realise that humans should slow down and how much better life would be.

  • Elvis Dias India

    Swaswara Facebook page

    What a unique concept. Living with nature. Such intelligent design to envelope the earth.

  • Archana Pillai United Arab Emirates

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    It was really amazing experience....

    Wonderful place for solo travellors. Very friendly and professional team. Stay close to nature,it gives a better connection than Wi Fi. Super food, Organic and very controlled portions for a better detox.

    Its true, " These Feelings wont go away....!!"

  • Kevin F.

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    I was not sure what to expect from Swaswara, never having been anywhere quite like it. What I found was the most glorious few days of relaxation, enjoyment, superb food and fantastic staff. This is a retreat where you can do as much or as little as you like. There are opportunities for yoga, relaxation and ayurvedic massage (or treatments). You can do lots of these or none at all. There is a most beautiful beach, a huge swimming pool, walks through the forests or trips on boats or round local villages. The rooms are a masterpiece of design - blending the outdoors with the inside - so you shower in complete privacy but in the open air. Fantastically comfortable bed, all details taken care of including wide range of teas and coffee. I have never eaten such excellent vegetarian food, beautiful fish and fresh fresh fruit. Walking from our room one morning we stopped to watch a large group of monkeys climb across the path in the trees above our heads. By the end of the week we felt relaxed and rejuvenated. The hotel is really well managed and throughout our stay the staff were simply fabulous - always smiling and making sure things were as good as they could be. We want to go back as soon as we can!

  • a traveler United Kingdom

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    A nice property to get away for a while, but unfortunately my stomach was more upset then cleared. The staff is polite and helpful but very slow in service and anticipating needs. Food was Average and had the same tones (curry) throughout. And expect mustard seeds in everything! the senior staff although helpful lacked customer care and empathy especially the Guest Relations Manager- on checkout there were discrepancies with the bill and although with clear instruction from the GM to solve the problem, she was rude and unwilling to conmpromise. Spoiled the whole idea and feel of the zen retreat. On a positive note the yoga teachers wee amazing. Meditation sessions expect a YouTube video!

  • Tamari J. United States

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    Simple Luxury .. Swaswara is everything you would expect and more. The villas are perfect with exceptional open-to-nature concept. The environment and the location is pristine - you should not miss early morning nature walks and sunrise meditations. As a long time yoga practitioner, I found the classes basic, however slow flow and attention to each and every detail made it absolutely amazing. Last but not least the staff is very friendly, helpful and professional giving your holiday an extra charm.

  • a traveler Switzerland

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    This will probably be one of our best experience!

    Everything was just perfect, the villa, the location, the environment. We love the respect that you have for the nature

    The food was so delicious, always different and « raffiné » as we say in French! The staff was always friendly. We truly enjoyed the quiet and especially the non-smoking

    The massages made us feel so relaxed

    But what we loved the most and was a real revelation for us is the isha hata yoga with Muppi. She is a beautiful person and a great teacher. We came mostly for yoga and found much more than we expected. We will definitely take it with us and keep on doing it.

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful stay. We hope to come back, ….. maybe next year

  • a traveler United States

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    After visiting an Ayurveda in Kerala with the best in traditional treatments, I needed to revisit this wonderful healing system, but without the very basic accommodation that many of the Keralan centres offer. In Swaswara I found the perfect combination. The staff are amazing, wonderful people. They have a large pool. I stuck to the Ayurveda ways and did not use the pool but aesthetically, it was a nice place to relax and read. The surrounding area is on the same vibe as Swaswara, so the beach is fantastically clean with a nice healthy, buzzy restaurant (if you're not detoxing). The 2 week detox program has been fantastic for my body and my soul. I have returned to our hectic Western world, only to discover that it was probably myself that allowed it to be that way. I am not quite sure what left SwaSwara with me, although I do know that it is seriously good for my health and my wellbeing. If you choose to come to Swaswara, you will not regret it !

  • a traveler

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    I booked the wellness holiday package for 5 days which includes all yoga and meditation activities + 3 Ayurveda massages. The package includes all meals and activities hence you do not need to spend any money unless you fancy some alcohol or special juices and cocktails.

    We only booked 5 days as We did not know what to expect from our first yoga retreat experience. I wish we would have stayed for our 10 days holidays as the place is truly amazing.

    The most impressive points for us was the quality in the food and style of the cuisine (fine dining) and the amazing cleaning standards, specially considering that we are in India! Meticulous service and cleaning. Housekeeping team really nailed it.

    Of course the spot is magnificent with amazing views and access to the omn beach, surrounded by gardens and forest, incredible pool where we spent long hours reading our books and different yoga and meditation venues that set the tone of our mornings.

    We did not try the cooking and art lessons as we were there for 5 days only and truly wanted to enjoy the sun while practicing some yoga, however I would also recommend it since the chef is a star!

    We are hoteliers and travel and work in luxury hotels around the world so it is not easy to impress us but must say they have been by far the greatest experience we had in some time!

    Can't thank enough to the person who recommended me to go there and look forward to coming back to the resort.

  • a traveler

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    A wonderful place, a wonderful team. We miss every minute that we spend with the beatiful swaswara family. The food was amazing and all the ayurveda treatments help us a lot to relax. The yoga team is fantastic and the meditation in the hill is very magical. Next year will be back. Thank you.

  • Mukesh S. India

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    Had been here last year and again this year with family. Just love this place. Everything about swaswara is awesome.. their villas, the view, the food, the service, their meditation programs, their Ayurveda treatments, their naturopathy consulting, their food, activities.... just everything. You just don't feel like leaving this place ....

  • Katerina Silistru

    Swaswara Facebook page

    Extremely kind and caring staff. Very careful to your needs. Felt very spoiled. Cuisine was soo delicious. Had the luck to go to yoga classes with the new teacher who's amazing. The only thing I was not so fond of was the wilderness and the little animals and insects especially at night but that's just me.

  • Kahran Singh

    Swaswara Facebook page

    We had a lovely stay from our great tease of the ayurvedic experience to our many yoga and meditation classes and generally lovely time spent in a calm relaxing experience. And such delicious food! Well done Swaswara team!!!

  • Pablo K. Israel

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    the setting, the service, the rooms, the yoga master, all outstanding. Over expectations for us and the rest of the Yoga team who stay in the 1st quality resort. adding too many words, will not communicate the beauty and serenity this place bring you. Just make a note and try to be there.

  • Adriana Belleli Klein Israel

    Swaswara Facebook page


    Dear Mini and Swaswara team ,

    Thank you ! Thank you !

    For your wonderfull hopitaliyy of our TDA Travel group.

    Please thank your wonderful staff and thank them for everything.

    I surely hope that this is the first group for many more to come.

    Thank you !

  • Kantheti Srinivas India

    Swaswara Facebook page

    Swa Swara is a picturesque environment friendly resort with a very hospitable and committed staff. Distress and Detox here for an ideal vacation

  • Urvashi Verma

    Swaswara Facebook page

    Beautiful and peaceful. A serene place to detox body n mind. Once in 6 months a must visit place.

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