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The Farm at San Benito

The Farm at San Benito is an exceptional, world-class, holistic healing sanctuary. It offers detox, cleansing, raw, and vegan food retreats.

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The Farm at San Benito is a place wherein rejuvenation and wellness is a guarantee. It is situated in a town in Batangas and away from the hassle and stress of the city life. The place has a total land area of fifty hectares but only ten hectares are fully developed. In line with this fact, the place is surrounded by various kinds and types of plants. From grasses to shrubs to tall and mighty trees. The place is a heaven for vacationers who seek relaxation and cleansing at the same time. They offer dishes that are vegan type. What's fascinating about the place is that they offer dishes fit for vegans and vegetarians. In other words, they don't serve any kind of meat which makes this place a paradise for those who are in the vegetarian and vegan community. Plus, they also ask you prior to your stay if you have a specific diet and a food preference so they know what to serve you. If you're worried about the quality of their food. Worry no more. They ain't named "The Farm" for nothing. The place has its own Farm!! This is where they get their ingredients and make it into a fabulous dish that's put on your plate. The place is certainly a marvelous sight to see. Walking is the only mode of transportation in this place but don't worry. Walking around will not be a burden. Unlike when you're in a city, walking can be a burden because of the extreme heat and smoke from public utility vehicles while in here, unbelievably, walking is as refreshing as a good lather in the tub. You'll feel a little heat but the windy weather will make you feel comfortable. It's the right mixture of heat and air. For me, the place also gets five stars when it comes to amenities. Only ten hectares are developed but these ten hectares are well architectured and engineered. From the organization of the villas down to their man-made waterfalls (yes, man-made waterfalls) the place seems to have everything in its order. Another thing that made me feel at home was the very welcoming and warming staff. From their general manager down to their maintenance team, the staff certainly learned that the best way to connect and make their clients feel at home is through courtesy and respect. They are also accommodating and enthusiastic about what you want to share. Since the place is very open to nature. You might encounter some animals while you're walking or when you're in certain places like the reception or lake, etc., or when you're inside your villa, you might hear some animals because they're just outside walking around as well. But before you have a violent reaction, let me tell you, these animals are completely harmless. You just have to learn to co-exist with them as they co-exist with you. And that's another great thing about this place. They develop the nature of the place but they accepted, remember, and nourish the fact that the place is a habitat for some animals. When regards to their villas, I have to give them five stars as well because the interior is fabulous. Its hip, its modern, but it goes along with the nature and the aura of the place. Its comfortable and spacious even for a group of four. The place really understands how to satisfy their clients with regards to comfort. They have different range of villas for every type of group. You can choose if you want a villa that has its own pool or not. Or maybe if you prefer to have a villa that has a walk-in closet. Plus, in every bathroom they had these salt scrub soap that you can apply to your skin and makes you feel more clean and fresh and it feels magical. And of course, your experience in this place will not be complete without trying their spa services. Their spa services are to die for!!! Because first, unlike other spas, they are generous when it comes to scrub solutions, massage oil, etc. Second, you don't have to worry on what they're putting on to your body because its made from all organic materials and ingredients. Third, the masseur/masseuse are very gentle and are very sensitive when it comes to pressing your body. They always consider if ever you had complications or you had a pressure preferences. They also consider if you had other activities before you make your reservation at their spa which is called "The Healing Sanctuary". There are many more parts in this place that I've explored and I think you should explore too. Its might cost you a little more but every penny that you're going to invest in going to this place will be worth it. You came in stressed out and there's a 150% guarantee that you'll come out looking youthful and relaxed than ever before. If you'll ask me if I'll come back to this place, I certainly will! Even though its quite far from Manila. I know it will be worth it.

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