The Ochre Hideaway

Oleiros, Castelo Branco, Portugal

A small-group retreat space in the forested hills of Central Portugal, open year-round, offering retreats to nourish, relax, revitalise and recharge.

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    • Martina Kranenburg

      March 23, 2017. BookYogaRetreats

      I've had a great time! The yoga classes were excellent! I'm a completely different person! I feel relaxed and refreshed, I can recommend going on a retreat at Michelle's to anyone! Besides being an excellent yoga instructor Michelle is a great masseuse and chef. You will not regret going on this retreat!

    • Zuzana United Kingdom


      I spent a very relaxing week in Michelle's home. She was very welcoming and took great care of me and the other guest. I signed up for 3 days of juice cleanse/detox and once I tasted the delicious fresh juices and nutritious soups I extended the detox to 5 days. The juices combined with the yoga, excellent massage, mediation, walks in the nearby forests provided the perfect break from the busy life. I recommend this retreat to anyone looking for a smaller, more intimate yoga retreat.

    • Nanda Ripjstra


      It says 7 day program and this is misleading. First day of arrival should not be counted as a day. You arrive by bus to the nearest town at 5 p.m. or at 9:30 p.m. on Sunday and on Saturday check out day. The only bus that takes you to Porto (with a connection) leaves at 8 a.m. again from the nearest town Oleiros. This should not counted as a day either. Another option is on Saturday in the afternoon to Lisbon but you will not receive anything on that day. Today is Thursday and I came back from a walk and i was heating up a pot of ginger tea on the stove. She asked me to go on the side a bit to use the juicer. I go to the living room area. She made a juice, but just for the only other guest and didn't ask me if i wanted. It was part of my program so I was surprised. She was nowhere to find. Without saying anything to me she went to town to pick up her son. What was also not correct as written on her program description: there were no walks to the river. The only walks offered were her driving us to the nearest town where she bought her groceries and veggies for the juices in the supermarket (not organic as described...) and then we could walk back to the retreat by ourselves. I asked for doing a laundry. She said with a sigh I could throw my stuff in when she was doing a wash, but she washed her clothes without mine. I washed mine by hand. I decided to not participate anymore from the third day in her program. I didn't feel at all that she cared or provided a caring environment. Never have I been at a detox retreat where we were supposed to have only juices and she and her son were eating in front of us every day. Not only that, every evening at the dinner table was a struggle. Her son didn't want to eat. Had his toys on and around the dinner table and so your only meal a day was not in peace as you had the child avoiding to eat and the mother, Michelle who organized this "detox" focusing only on her child. When me and the other guest had finished our soups she was still in the ongoing discussion with her son about his dinner. Every day the same. As someone who is looking to be on a retreat for peace and quiet, you don't feel like participating in a family setting and a daily dinner time family struggle. It was not mentioned in her description of the program that you would be living in the same house with them both and with a kitchen with food everywhere. I went away from home to not be tempted in social life with food when I was on detox. So I didn't expect this to happen when I paid a lot of money to be in a detox juicing retreat. The woman who organized this, Michelle, is a good yoga teacher but experiencing some troubles herself in her private life and that is noticeable. She is very edgy. For example didn't complain too often when the WiFi didn't work again because she didn't say anything anymore to you when she rushed to the router to check, but her body language said enough. She was very low in energy herself and was not able to provide a loving and caring retreat at the moment. Maybe she did in the past. I have worked twice as a manager in a detox center in Thailand and I have participated in 5 detox programs before. This one was very very bad. When I and the only other guest were freezing cold sitting in the kitchen wrapped in blankets and our jackets on, Michelle should put on the heater first and not doing all the dishes, cleaning the juicer and cleaning the kitchen first letting us wait. Guests comfort, especially when on juice detox in cold climate have priority. Every morning her son went to school and she took care of him as well as prepared stuff in the kitchen and often we started late for yoga and the energy was hectic. I remember when I worked as a manager and also taught yoga, I made sure to wake up earlier so that when my guests arrived i would have time for them. Drank a tea together with them, asked them how they felt, how they slept, if there were any questions, etc etc. Just providing a caring atmosphere. People do a detox for a reason, usually because the need a reboot, a refresh. Give them some attention! I felt I was just renting a room there,drank few juices and participated in a yoga class and a few workshop. That's all. It was not a warm place where healing could happen. My booking was done the day before arrival and no time to fill in the inquiry form as I was traveling more than 24hrs. When I arrived to her home on the first day she only asked me if I had any diseases and a contact phone number to contact someone in case of emergency. That's it! No interest whatsoever. Normally in a detox retreat as an organizer/manager, you want to know why the guest chooses to do a detox, what are the expectations,why he/she chooses in particular this program, etc etc. Nothing, no questions or interest. I had been through some difficult months and this retreat was a gift from friends. I felt I needed to walk on eggshells, not to get Michelle more upset with simple things I seem to do wrong in her eyes. She was tired, didn't sleep well on Tuesday night and asked me to skip my massage for another day. Fine with me. The other guest did receive a massage that day in the afternoon. Next day Michelle told me with her back to me while she was doing dishes before yoga started that I would get my massage in the morning. I asked her if it was possible in the afternoon or another day as massages made me sleepy and I prefer them later in the day. No, because she was busy, had a busy schedule, needed to pick up her son from school on Friday and more bla bla. So, the only other guest received massage twice in the afternoon, and for me it was not possible to have one in the afternoon in those 5 days? How busy can you be with just two guests? And when we book a retreat with you, aren't we suppose to be your priority for that time? Sorry but I shouldn't feel like I am bothering you. I didn't even wanted a massage anymore. She wanted to sell her house, and had some other issues she told the other guest about. When you organize a retreat for people who need a refresh, a kick start than its not about you or your son. Its about your guests. A tip: Put in the description of your program that you turn the WiFi off from 10pm till 11am. When I asked her to leave it on as i have insomnia for many years and watching videos help me to fall asleep her answer literally was: no and its not negotiable. Her friendliness was hard to find and again she didn't really seem to care about your comfort/well being. So the last two days I did my own thing as I didn't feel welcome or comfortable anymore and I decided to leave one day earlier. I had done 5 detoxes before and was so very much looking forward to another one but this one was not a detox. The other guest did this for the first time and liked it. Sure she felt better as she drank juices, rest a lot, etc. I recommended her to definitely do one again somewhere else to see the difference. A place where they really care for you and you don't feel like you should be happy and not say nothing or you can be spoken to like as if you are her son. A real pity. When I said I would leave a day earlier as I had a hard time from of course before the detox the said that i should continue because yoga was good and I should let it all out. As if i don't know, it's of course also why I booked it! But releasing/letting go or any kind of healing doesn't happen in command. It happens when you feel you are in the right caring environment for it. She needs a detox really hard herself and my friend who came to pick me up immediately noticed her stressful energy too.

      Response from The Ochre Hideaway:

      I am sorry your experience here wasn't positive for you and that you felt the need to leave early. I welcome all feedback as an opportunity to grow since my guests well-being and comfort is of paramount importance to me. As such, I need to take all guests into consideration so I wasn't able to meet all of your needs and expectations as it would have impacted negatively on the other guest. Integrity is everything to me so I feel the need to say that some of your review is nothing short of dishonest. Furthermore, many of your complaints are not as a result of me misleading you in any way but of your own expectations clashing with what is actually on offer here. It is very clearly stated on the listing, website and Welcome Pack (which is sent to all prospective guests) what is included in the retreat package. I welcome all guests into our home with open arms. Perhaps if you had been present and participated more in the retreat, you would have felt as cared for as the other guest, whose review also appears here saying how much I cared for both of you. Guests have my undivided attention throughout the day so I feel it is unreasonable to expect me not to give my child priority between 6-8pm, especially since those are the only two hours he is home during weekdays. I give a lot of myself through the classes, massage and time spent conversing with guests and my son does remarkably well sharing my attention when he's home. I'm not in the habit of initiating conversations about my personal life but if a guest asks me a question, I will answer honestly and openly, as an invitation for them to also communicate in this way and bring about meaningful connection. I'm also not in the habit of asking guests question after question as I like to respect their privacy and prefer to let them share whatever they feel they want to, when they feel like it. Since we didn't share time together in this way, I find it interesting that you "know" so much about me and my life, how I feel and what I need. The reality of my life is very different from your perception of it: I live in a beautiful place, have a job I love and the opportunity to share all of this with others so I count my blessings every day. A retreat is an opportunity to improve your well-being. If you want to experience life in a different way then you need to be willing to recognise old patterns of being and thinking that are causing suffering and discontent. My job as a teacher is to invite you to look more deeply into what is actually happening but, in order to do that, you need to be willing to feel deeply which can be challenging, and painful at times, but that ultimately brings clarity and awareness setting you free from guilt, blame, shame, fear, resentment and all of the other ways people try to manipulate one another., most of the time below the threshold of awareness. In this vain, I wish you well and I hope you find the peace and stability you are searching for.

    • Svenja Spain


      Its now two weeks since I have been back from my private retreat with Michelle and I still feel relaxed and nourished. After some intense months at work I had longed for a proper break, and at Michelle's place I found exactly that: a perfect mix of private space for long naps and reading while being part of Michelle's lovely home set in a beautiful little, old village with plenty of opportunities for walks in the woods. I had done yoga before but had been out of practice for a while. Michelles individual style and personalized teachings really got me back into it and made it easy to practice what I've learned at home. This and the amazing massages (I went for three because they were just so good!) completely eased my tense neck and shoulders. Michelle did some real magic there! The juice cleanse I went on was delicious, and after 5 days I felt fully re-energized. Michelle also gives you brilliant nutritional advice. Michelle really cares and is passionate about what she does which really shines through. I've already recommended Michelle's private retreat to friends and will definitely return myself.

    Testimonials 40

    • Maria Rakhmanova

      The Ochre Hideaway Facebook page

      I was very lucky to spend a week at Michelle's yoga retreat and can't recommend her highly enough! She's a lovely and carrying person and was always making sure that everyone's happy and enjoying themselves. Michelle is a great yoga teacher and a mentor, she gave me plenty of valuable advice and changed my yoga practice perception, less is more!!! Her approach is authentic and mindful but still challenging enough to raise your heartbeat.

      Apart from that Michelle is a brilliant masseuse and knows how to release tension in your body and to make you feel relaxed and refreshed. Really hope to do this again someday and highly recommend Michelle's retreat to anyone who's looking for an inspiration in their yoga practice or just wanting to create a healthy habit and improve their quality of life!

    • Nicki Welding

      The Ochre Hideaway Facebook page

      Belated review of perfect New Year break as I've been waiting to see if I could start to fulfill some of the intentions I set during a lovely relaxing few days! Great and fun company, fantastic tuition from Michelle with such attention to detail and technique, spacious comfortable accommodation and really enjoyable vegan food (a first vegan experience for me). Feel much more confident in my yoga practice now and committed to do more (and have been) with a new focus on body and mind for 2017. Three (I'm greedy) fantastic massages too. Thank you Michelle

    • Stephanie Mareva Failloux

      The Ochre Hideaway Facebook page

      Dear Michelle, Garth and I had a wonderful time with you over New Year's. Between thorough yoga practice, deep and relaxing massages, meditation, delicious vegan food, and last but not least, great surfing, we were lucky and blessed. Thank you for your genuine and inspiring approach to yoga, your generosity and caring. We felt like a big family with lots of love and laughter to share. Thanks again for such a beautiful time.

    • Premelaa Jagatheeson

      The Ochre Hideaway Facebook page

      I had a wonderful time at the Ochre Hideaway. Michelle is a great yoga teacher, a superb masseuse and basically a lovely person to spend time with. She was very generous with her time and knowledge and helped me correct several mistakes I'd been making for years in my yoga practice. Her juices, smoothies, soups and cooking were simply excellent and I left with clearer skin than I have had in years. Importantly she also helped me get into a daily meditation practice, something I have never managed to do before. I hope to go to another one of her retreats soon.

    • Danielle de Graaf

      The Ochre Hideaway Facebook page

      Atha Yoga; Here yoga starts. Or when you started your yoga journey already it is definitely valuable to enjoy a retreat here.

      What a wonderful experience in a peaceful part of Portugal. Michelle is a wonderful and professional teacher, a great chef and host. I had the privilege to be the only participant in a week in February. The warm fire heated the venue and the wonderful food, meditation classes and yoga asana classes warmed my body and heart.

      The last three days we were blessed by very nice sunny days and even had a swim at the waterfalls. Whether you enjoy peace of nature, yoga, swimming, hicking or just reading a book (from the library of Michelle), all is there at the Ochre Hideaway.

      Definitely a retreat to experience.

    • Marianne S United Kingdom

      TripAdvisor website

      I have had the best time at The Ochre Hideaway. Michelle is a knowledgeable and patient teacher and I learnt more about yoga in one week than I have done in all the classes I have been to. I did the juice fast and every juice that Michelle prepared was tasty and nourishing so that I never felt hungry. And she is a fantastic therapeutic masseuse. I cannot recommend this retreat highly enough.

    • Luisa Martin Stradu Portugal

      TripAdvisor website

      Michele is a sweet and wellcoming person and the best therapeutic massagist I've ever met! Whenever Michele treats me I feel reborn and can cope much better with my daily life. I highly recommend Michelle's healing and therapeutic massage.

    • A traveler

      TripAdvisor website

      This is a really lovely and intimate retreat - just 4 people staying in Michelle's home and we did all the yoga / juice together throughout the week. The yoga was excellent, back to basics rather but we learned so much about breathing, posture, alignment etc which was sometimes very challenging and we all had lots of individual attention from Michelle. Would highly recommend the 5 day juice cleanse - each juice was different and all absolutely delicious. We had a juice every 3 hours throughout the day so never got too hungry, and Michelle was very considerate never to eat or prepare food around us. Michelle is an amazing masseuse and combined with the yoga all my aches and pains disappeared by the end of the week. The house is very clean and tidy, with kitchen, living area, 2 bedrooms and a large family bathroom. There is a lovely little back yard where you can relax and read, and each afternoon she would drive us down to a public pool on the river where we could sunbathe and swim. Also some beautiful remote walks in the hills around the village.

    • Maren Todal

      The Ochre Hideaway Facebook page

      Its been two weeks since I left The Ochre Hideaway and I ever so often take myself in missing the silence at night. The smell of lavender. The total tranquillity after a shower. The feeling of never being bored, always in the moment to do what felt right; whether it was reading my book outside in the summer heated terrace, going for a brief walk at sunset or join the evening meditation. A week at The Ochre Hideaway with thorough yoga sessions, delicious juice, goodnights sleep and nice daytime hangout at various pools and river beaches is highly recommended. Book now if you want to leave relaxed as if you had two weeks off instead of one. Bear in mind that you will share house and become one with the family of two (Michelle the host, and her son) as well as the few other participants of the retreat (a maximum of five whom some you might share room with).

    • Maren Norway

      TripAdvisor website

      The Ochre Hideaway is located in a remote hamlet in Portugal and is a true hideaway. Only six people live here and two of them in the retreat house, also the home of host Michelle and her son. When you see the houses around, it is impressive to see the renovation job done to the house from 1746. It is quite perfect for a small and exclusive retreat, with cosy bedrooms, a relaxing yogaroom, a super nice lounge to hang out in in the entrance and the sweetest backyard. The yoga classes and workshops goes really deep into finding your bandhas, grounding your feet and tighten those thigh muscles. It is slow and thorough. It is dynamic in another sense than I imagined, but go with the flow and you will experience a different kind of growth on your mat. At least i did. I signed up for a three days juice cleanse, and ended up doing five days. The juices were delicious, I cant say I experienced any mental downs or ups from it during those five days, but I noticed a change in softness and glow of my skin which I loved. (One other guest ate vegetarian food the same week and from the smell of it, it had to be really good, Michelle does know how to nurture her guests!) Every day we had the option to go somewhere to swim and sunbathe, we went to a riverbath, a hotels pool and some semi public swimming pool. Each place nice in its own way. The small natural pools in the river that I saw photos on on facebook and on the website was however dried out because of the warm season. What more? Oh, the massage and the meditation! Michelle gives awesome massages. And the meditation (not guided) at dusk in the yogaroom was a perfect way to end the summer days. Summa Summarum: The Ochre Hideaway might not be for everyone, you have to be open to dive into a slow week in every way and surrender to be part of a small family, but if you do Im sure you will benefit from it and leave with an experience of a lifetime. One last tip from me: Get up before sunrise one morning and go for a walk to the top of the hills, it was total bliss!

    • Anna N

      TripAdvisor website

      The retreat at The Ochre Hideaway overall was a wonderful experience that will stay in my, and my partner's memories forever! It was our first experience with yoga and a magnificent one. Michelle is a great teacher with passion and profound knowledge. Her massage sessions are deeply relaxing. During the stay I reconnected with my body and soul and released all the tension. I felt as relaxed and peaceful as never before. We loved the room we stayed in, and always slept well and tight. We chose the juice detox option and enjoyed it very much. The juices were nutritious, fresh and delicious. Michelle's house is beautiful and in a gorgeous location. We highly recommend an experience at The Ochre Hideaway.

    • Anna

      The Ochre Hideaway Facebook page

      This was mine and my life partner's first experience with yoga and we couldn't have wished for a better introduction to this meditative and healing practice. Michelle is a wonderful teacher with passion and great knowledge and throughout our stay in The Ochre Hideaway she also became a friend we would love to stay in touch with. If you would like to fully relax, take a deep breath, release all tension and catch some perspective far away from a busy city life, this is the perfect place to do that. I haven't felt this relaxed ever before like I did in The Ochre Hideaway. Florian and I are deelply grateful for the experience Michelle provided us with. Much love and greetings!

    • A Traveller

      TripAdvisor website

      As "yoga beginners" we have enjoyed it so much that we hope to remain with a lifelong yoga and meditation passion. The fresh and delicious food and detox juices, the peaceful alternative to a hectic life, the nice'n'chilly swims at the river, the chats and relaxed times, made a brilliant holiday. Michelle's adorable home, her host-cum-yoga-cum-masseuse know-how have made our holiday one to remember. Her lovely boy was a definite bonus to our experience. We also had the pleasure to meet Karo, the cook with a difference. We recommend the Ochre Hideaway wholeheartedly! Thank you Michelle & co. for a lovely experience. We'll be back!

    • Kime D

      TripAdvisor website

      I had a wonderful time at The Ochre Hideaway. Perfect to 'hide away' and reload the batteries with excellent yoga classes, workshops and massages. Every day we went swimming in the river or in the communal open-air pool close by. The veggie's came from the land next door, deliciously fresh and healthy, and so were the juices. Thanks to Michelle's warm energie and care this place is definitely something out of the ordinary.

    • A traveller

      TripAdvisor website

      The room was spacious and lovely, great juices and food, very generous and caring host. We didn't quite click with the style of yoga offered and were sightly misled by the photo of a natural swimming hole. Disappointed on the first day by the local swimming river, but Michelle very kindly lent us her car so we could go to two other rivers slightly further away, which were much more to our liking, and we also managed to kajak which was great!

    • Natalie H


      I enjoyed a wonderful, relaxing retreat with Michelle. This was my first retreat and I will certainly be going on another one. The yoga sessions were fantastic and really helped to improve my practice and the the food was incredible. I felt revived, healthy and rejuvenated and have taken some of the things I learned into everyday life to help manage stress; I can feel some of the benefits already which is lovely. All in all a brilliant way to spend a week and I have already recommended the retreat to friends and colleagues! Thank you Michelle.

    • Claire Deane United Kingdom

      The Ochre Hideaway Facebook page

      If you are looking for some R & R along with a pleasant dose of digestive well being - please do contact Michelle Walder and sign up for one of the Portugal retreats. During my research to find the perfect week away, I was overwhelmed with the variety of retreats available but I knew I wanted Meditation and Yoga - and I am happy to say I lucked out completely. Michelle was an excellent masseuse, Yoga & Mindfulness guide - a great down to earth beautiful person and I don't doubt I will be knocking on her door again when I need some sorting out! The location was a treat, the other guests were just perfect and I couldn't believe the cuisine we were treated to every day - healthy, wholesome ..but delicious! Not a combination I'm used to - Thank you Eva! I cannot recommend getting in touch with Michele Walder enough!!! All you need do is reach out - she will take care of the rest!

    • Clare

      TripAdvisor website

      My retreat at The Ochre Hideaway was more than I imagined it would be! I learnt more than just yoga, I learnt about my body and about myself in ways I never thought possible. Michelle was incredibly warm and welcoming, a great teacher and massager. The place where the retreats take place is peaceful and beautiful and you can walk for hours. I would recommend the retreat to anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and is open to change in their lives. I'd go back without question! Wonderful!

    • Gemma United Kingdom

      The Ochre Hideaway Facebook page

      Lovely and relaxing 5 days in the Portuguese countryside. Michelle was a wonderful host and made me feel very much at home. She taught me more about yoga than I had learnt in any other classes and the food was exceptional, all very healthy vegetarian but delicious.

    • Teresa Portugal

      TripAdvisor website

      Great yoga sessions, meditation, very interesting workshops, fantastic massages and delicious food. I really recommend to whom would like to go to a small intimate retreat and take all the benefits from it.

    • Bart F Switzerland

      TripAdvisor website

      A good foundation is built from the inner sensations for the Yoga postures. Classes are with only four participants which allows for very individual coaching. After yoga sessions there are workshops for deepening your understanding of the postures and their benefits. In addition, you get a memorable therapeutic massage session. The food is all organic and wholesome and you also get several power juices during the day. Recommended for a peaceful retreat.We stayed for 5 days. The home setting feels cozy and effortless. Relaxation is the overall theme.

    • a traveler Netherlands

      TripAdvisor website

      5 days of stepping into a wonderful, relaxing, friendly world. Amazing massages, amazing juices (fresh and regional), amazing yoga... lovely people! I had a wonderful time and would advise everyone to do yourself a favour and go! (Fresh oranges on the trees next to the olive trees.

    • Jackie Cahill

      The Ochre Hideaway Facebook page

      I'm missing the serenity of our recent New Year's retreat led by the inspirational Michelle in Omassim, Portugal. It was a beautiful venue full of tasty food, like minded people & yummy yoga. The meditation in particular really helped me. I am v grateful for the experience

    • Carol Greene Dua Ireland

      The Ochre Hideaway Facebook page

      Just back from a yoga and meditation retreat at Omassim in Ericeira. Retreat lead by Michelle Walder. Michelle is an inspiring and giving instructor and I learnt so much. Michelle is committed to detail and will not allowing the group to move forward without understanding the integrity of each pose. I also enjoyed three different massages by Michelle. Each one was relaxing, energising and giving. I would highly recommend Michelle.

    • Jacqueline Ho

      The Ochre Hideaway Facebook page

      I cannot be more grateful for stumbling upon this opportunity to be part of a retreat that totally exceeded my expectations. Michelle is an inspiring yoga teacher. Her enthusiasm and commitment to the practice is incredibly infectious. This retreat is the perfect opportunity for you to get comfortable with yourself. After all, the only person around to judge you, is yourself. For anyone feeling depleted or stressed, this is the retreat for you. It will leave you feeling energised and ready for life's challenges.

    • Maire O'Neill Ireland

      The Ochre Hideaway Facebook page

      Had a wonderful retreat with Michelle. She chose a great venue and ensured we were comfortable and ate healthy but very tasty food. She helped us come together as a group but Iha plenty of time to reflect. We laughed lots too....

    • Signe Maria Brogaard-Kay

      The Ochre Hideaway Facebook page

      I've had a wonderful retreat at The Ochre Hideaway. Michelle is a brilliant teacher, massagetherapist and a warm and inspiring person. The juices were delicious. I became very interested in Dynamic Yoga, and hope that I can come back to Michelles retreat again another time. I will recommend the retreat to anyone looking for a place to relax in a friendly home-environment and to work with their body and mind in a interesting and harmonizing way!

    • Nikki Andersson United Kingdom

      The Ochre Hideaway Facebook page

      I went to the Ochre Hideaway six weeks ago and spent five days doing yoga, meditation and eating some of the best salads and soups I've had - all produced with locally grown vegetables and fruits. Michelles home is lovely and comfortable and if you are looking for a smaller, more intimate retreat with no more than 6 people, then this is perfect. Michelle's massages are also exceptional. I came back feeling lighter and relaxed. A wonderful way to restore and recover, and in the surroundings of the beautiful portugese mountains.

    • Alex Gans-Bona United Kingdom

      The Ochre Hideaway Facebook page

      I'm not sure what it was I expecting out of a week-long yoga retreat and 5 day juice detox in Portugal. But what I've been left with is an experience that I'm still in the process of fully realizing.As an avid runner who is always on the look out to shave precious seconds of a PB whenever I can, I thought accompanying the wife to a yoga retreat in sunny Portugal sounded like an interesting proposal.It was indeed my lovely wife Jen who had introduced me to my first yoga class a few reluctant months previously, and I had already been rewarded with some significant improvement in my (very limited) range of movement, and considerable noted gains in my core strength. I still couldn't quite touch my toes, but I had realized there was perhaps some hope for me and my oak / like flexibility.The juice detox was an added bonus as I far as I was concerned (fruitarian runners had been fascinating me for some time, and I was keen to see how I felt on nothing but a juice diet while running at least 10 kilometers a day and throwing some yoga and meditation in while I was at it).As a yoga beginner, I felt truly blessed to have Michelle welcome everyone into her lovely home and then guide me / us through our week (as well as knocking up some of the most fabulous tasting juices!). Awesome teacher. Awesome person. Very clear and obvious she knows her subject and is very passionate about it. I felt part of the yoga being taught as opposed to simply witnessing it?! I am not a yogi (though I may now be becoming one) and I LOVED IT!What I had planned as a simple week of being good to myself (while scoring some significant brownie points with the wife), has resulted in the yoga I was taught being practiced for an hour a day since my return to the UK (I'm actually feeling as though I've been given the answer to a question I should have asked years ago).I've not even gotten into the benefits of juicing, discovery of spirulina, cleansing (and highly thought provoking) meditation sessions, incredible massage, homemade ginger tea, great hospitality and the best period of sleep I've had in years!Oh, and I can now touch my toes! :-)

    • Emily United Kingdom

      The Ochre Hideaway website

      Gutted to be leaving this place. Had an amazing weeks retreat. Michelle is an amazing yoga teacher of which I was introduced to dynamic yoga and meditation, had some amazing massages and got a cheeky bit of tanning on. Opted for a weeks juice cleanse which was surprisingly easy and yummy. I injured myself 10 days before causing bad ligament damage in 2 of my fingers and muscular damage in my chest wall. I can't say what exactly it was and it was probably a combination of the yoga, massage and high nutrients/vitamins in my body but I am recovering faster than I thought I would. I would highly recommend the juice cleanse, I feel amazing! Such beautiful accomodation and surroundings, just perfect for a retreat.

    • Liana Australia

      The Ochre Hideaway website

      I feel absolutely amazing after attending the juice cleanse retreat. The time spent at Ochre Hideaway has strengthened my foundations in both body and mind, my energy is soaring and my yoga practice has deepened under Michelle's tutelage. The massages are out of this world and are a fusion of therapeutic and deep relaxation, an absolute bliss.I cannot thank Michelle enough for facilitating my healing on such a profound level. Bring on juice and yoga....such a perfect combination to hit the reset button and get back to who you truly are!

    • Dore United States

      The Ochre Hideaway website

      A beautiful and relaxing venue and location. Michelle's understanding and teaching of the dynamic yoga method brought instant change to the strength and integrity of my practice. She's a fantastic massage therapist and food and juices were delicious and nourishing.

    • Sarah

      The Ochre Hideaway Facebook page

      I have just returned from the Ochre Retreat and I'm so sad. I want to go back there!! Michelle you are an amazing host and such a wonderful teacher! You were right, I need yoga in my life. I have firmly been bitten by the yoga bug. I have come back feeling so enlightened and so relaxed. And I can't believe some of the positions I have managed to get my body in this week! Thank you Michelle for your encouragement. Not only are you a fantastic teacher but you are also a warm and very genuine person. Oh and not forgetting an amazing cook too!!!! Thank you thank you thank you. I loved every minute of being in your wonderful home and I am 100% going to be back!! I recommend anyone comes to this retreat, you will leave feeling healthier and so very refreshed!!! Book it now! You won't regret it

    • Linn

      The Ochre Hideaway Facebook page

      Thanks for a lovely week, Michelle. Such a beautiful place, amazing morning yoga, massage and evening meditation. A perfect week for relaxing and recharging completely! I've learned and explored so much this week, and my practice will be even more meaningful in the future because of you. A perfect vacation!

    • Sian United Kingdom

      The Ochre Hideaway website

      I spent the most relaxing, rejuvenating, fantastic week of yoga and juicing at Michelles lovely home. I learnt so much, now allowing me to get the most out of my regular yoga classes at home. Michelle really spoilt me and made me feel at home, making it such a special time away. life-changing even! Ill be back!

    • Tessa United Kingdom

      The Ochre Hideaway website

      Thank you for the fantastic week at your place. I have not been that relaxed and calm in a very long time. I will definitely try and come back.

    • Becky United Kingdom

      The Ochre Hideaway website

      Thanks again for a truly wonderful stay. I feel so relaxed and grounded.

    • Angie

      The Ochre Hideaway Facebook page

      The accommodation is beautiful, comfortable and clean. It is a little gem hidden in the middle of nature. The house is surprisingly modern and new although retaining the character and originality of the area. It's private and extremely peaceful. Michelle is a great and experienced host where nothing is too much. I was made welcome and my health was cared for implicitly. I had a great all over body massage which was just what I needed.Michelle made me the best juices I have ever had and I felt comfortable in her environment. I had my space to be alone or travel around. I will go back again. Thanks Michelle.

    • Valerie

      The Ochre Hideaway Facebook page

      This is the most wonderful and special retreat. I cannot praise it and Michelle enough. She is the most welcoming host - such a warm, lovely person - generous and with so much to offer. I stayed for a week in September and did the juice cleanse. Wow! Yes - it got back into serious juicing and having carried on juicing a lot since I got home. I even upgraded my juicer...and I feel much better for the continued juice regime.The yoga and meditation were brilliant. I loved dynamic yoga and Michelle is such a skilled teacher. I learnt so much. The meditation was also so helpful and just the sort that I like, with a wonderful breathing workshop too. I spent a lot of time lying around in the hammock, not doing much, which was just what I needed. Swimming is lovely - great local pool - and the walks nearby are very nice.The massage - well - what can I say??? Wow! What a brilliant and wonderful experience it was. I cannot thank Michelle enough for her kindness, generosity and understanding. It was the most restful and nourishing week. If you are looking to relax, refresh and renew, there is no better place.My only tip is: if you are arriving from the airport by bus, check the bus schedules BEFORE you book your flights as the buses are not frequent, which can mean long waits if not properly planned!

    • Charlotte

      The Ochre Hideaway Facebook page

      I stayed at The Ochre Hideaway in August and had the most relaxing time. I had a private retreat and it was perfect. Michelle welcomed me to her beautiful house and I felt at home straight away. The location of the house is great, you can go on morning walks before yoga, when the sun isn't too hot or later in the afternoon. You also see the most beautiful views from the top of the many surrounding hills.I went on the juice cleanse for 5 days - I'm now hooked on juices, I've even bought a juicer! I thought that I would be hungry but I didn't even need my emergency banana and they were so tasty. They gave me lots of energy, my skin feels so soft and looks so clear. There is the option to do the juice cleanse for less time or not at all.The yoga sessions are really good and thoroughly enjoyed them. Michelle is a great teacher, she explains the different poses really clearly which I found really useful. I hadn't done a lot of yoga before and wanted to get a good basic knowledge to get me started. I really felt like I have learnt a lot from Michelle and have been able to practice at home. Michelle was really helpful as she helped my find a local yoga class, copied me some core poses which we had done in the sessions and gave me links to audio disks to do at home. We did the workshop session combined with the yoga in the morning so there was more time in the afternoon to relax and swim! There is the option of having the workshop in the afternoon too.In the afternoons we went swimming in a number of locations. The river beach, (you can find a picture in the photo section on the facebook page to see how lovely it is), the local outdoor swimming pool and to another river in Alvaro, which was my favourite. The local outdoor swimming pool was great and had a free aqua aerobics session too, it was amazing to see how enthusiastic everyone was, as soon as the music started they all jumped in the pool! At Alvaro there is a stunning view. Its so relaxing to be surrounded by nature. They have sectioned off a small swimming pool on the river, a shallow and deeper one, you can also dive into the river. I went swimming in the river which was lovely and you can gaze at the surrounding views.Mediation in the evening is so relaxing, its at the perfect time to really get you sleepy and ready for bed. Michelle explains what to do if you havent mediated before and the sessions get longer as the days go on. After meditation I sat outside and star gazed, as there is no light pollution you can see the stars so clearly, it really took my breath away!You also have a massage done by Michelle, I thought I was relaxed and then I had the massage! Wow it was amazing! She is really talented and makes you feel at ease.I would really recommend this retreat, its a great place to totally relax and practice yoga. If you are starting out or have been doing yoga for a while I think you would all have a fantastic experience. The location is perfect with fantastic weather, walks and views. It would be perfect to do with a few friends too. Dont hesitate, definitely get in contact now if youre thinking about it!

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