Ubud Sari Health Resort

Bali, Indonesia

Ubud Sari is a health resort where people enhance their physical, emotional and spiritual life through the resources and skills of a highly trained staff in a quiet, beautiful and peaceful setting, he

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  • Jenna

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    Here currently doing the 6 days package, the staff are very polite & professional. My room is beautiful very tranquil, I feel like I have my own little piece of heaven for 6 days! so far all my treatments have been amazing, relaxing and again extremely professional. I highly recommend Ubud Sari Health resort.

  • Vicky Australia

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    I have just completed the "Healing Week in Bali" program and will definitely be back for more! The resort is peaceful and secluded yet an easy walking distance to the main street of Ubud. The staffs are incredible, so caring and cheerful, they definitely made my stay even more enjoyable.

  • Shannon Cambodia

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    This 3-star resort is just so beautiful. Whilst the surroundings are nice and the rooms are clean and functional. It's the practitioners and staff that make this place.

    I went with a friend and did the raw food week. I was completely blown away by the level of care and nurture I experienced. Genuine people, outstanding therapists.

    I could actually feel their care for my well being. This is not something you come across every day. The food was fantastic and I learnt so much about yummy vegan food. One of the best breaks I've ever had.

  • Tonih United States

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    Found the Ubud Sari by chance and wished we would have stayed here. Centrally located (but far enough away from the fracas of Ubud center), we were at Ubud Sari almost every day for massages ($15 for a one-hour great massage with the steam room, dry sauna, ginger tea and shower), nail services, yoga, meals and smoothies, reiki and colonics.

    Friendly staff, inexpensive services, and beautiful jungle gardens make this place a real gem.

  • Jen Y California

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    I definitely recommend Ubud Sari Health Resort to anyone considering a detox/juice fast. There are a few different packages offered and I chose the middle one (can't remember what they call it).

    All activities are optional but basically, you have a program leader who makes a schedule for you and helps you out if you need/want to swap anything for any reason. Program leader also makes sure you get your daily probiotics, vitamins, and juices. They basically just look after you, like a dad.

    Program consisted of a 5:30 am wake up call with delicious and fresh ginger, lemongrass, mint tea - I know this sounds early and ridiculous but it is SO worth it so you can head out for the 6 am group walk in one of the surrounding rice paddies or scenic Ubud areas nearby. It is so amazing to get up and get active at sunrise each day. The pace is swift and you get a better feel for Ubud before many people are up and active.

    After the walk, you return to fresh coconut water and morning probiotics before yoga/meditation. 9 am is "breakfast" 1 pm is "lunch" with vitamins, 6 pm is "dinner". Of course these aren't really meals but fresh juices prepared with a medical grade juicer. You can choose one of their recommended blends or request your own mix.

    If you're feeling low in energy or have a headache or any other common fasting side affects, there is a list of side shots to supplement the juice. My favorites were the tumeric shot and the alkaline shot (it's a MUST for an energy boost!) There's a clear vegetable broth available at dinner time if you are ready for something hot and with salt.

    Your daily colonic and assortment of treatments are arranged around mealtimes. There are two pools to relax at along with access to the steam room, sauna and cold plunge pool.

    Rooms are basic but very clean and comfortable and with AC. Towels are changed daily. Shampoo, conditioner, and soap are provided. Beds have mosquito nets and a plugin anti-mosquito device is provided too.

    I had a room near the lower pool which had a patio overlooking the stream that runs through the property. I found the whole compound serene and comfortable. I preferred the yoga classes at Radiantly Alive which can be walked though I had rented a scooter which was safe in the Ubud Sari parking area.

    The colonics. It was my first time ever having a colonic but I'm glad I overcame my nervousness and just went for it because it made a huge difference in my experience. First of all, just know that it's a bit awkward and intimate. Maybe read a bit about what to expect with a colonic before you go but do NOT be deterred. The colonic ladies are phenomenal at making a potentially uncomfortable situation as comfortable as it can get. After a day or two, you start to know what to expect and it's easier. I am amazed not just what physically came out of my body during my week of colonics but also that I noticed a big difference in the condition of my skin (for the better!), I lost weight (maybe 10 lbs. no joke) and some stuff that I'd been holding on to emotionally were also released.

    The other treatments all ranged from pretty good to really good depending on the practitioner and type of treatment. The most amazing experience was with Agung who is a legitimate healer. If possible, get him in your schedule at least twice. He is incredible.

    I live so far away from Bali and the Ubud Sari Health Resort but I cannot wait to go back again one day. If you are able, spend at least a couple of extra days in Ubud on the tail end of your cleanse to eat to your way around the town. Ubud has an AMAZING raw food scene and is a great place to transition off of juice.

    Airport transfers are included in the price, which is awesome and one less thing to worry about. Thanks Ubud Sari, I'll be back!

  • A traveler Australia

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    I recently came back from this retreat after more than two years away. Essentially if you want to work towards health at your pace without strict rules in a soothing environment, it is a great start. There are many programmes available where nourishing meals and pampering is including. Whether you choose just to rest and nourish or go the full detox it is up to you, I advise ppl to strike a balance. There is a wonderful concept at Ubud Sari, whatever you opt out of is deducted from your bill. I personally do not do Yoga and Ubud town itself has become a bit too commercialised in part to that book and movie I shall not mention. However, the retreat itself is a relaxing soothing environment. Everyone gets their own room at the retreat and most Balinese do not do yoga, they believe more about being at one with nature. Either way the retreat is whatever you choose it to be. My friend was ecstatic about her marked improvement in health whilst at retreat. I guided her in choices so she struck a balance and the value for money speaks for itself. My only criticism of Ubud Sari was yes the new extensions are impressive. The koi pond is soothing, although to extend with a 40 room two storey building and much larger dining makes it less personal, then again it is also a hotel. I do not think it would have same ambience in peak season. Bali has seen influx of tourism which has driven the rapid commercialism and dash for dollar. I think this is fine so long as people do not lose sight of what Bali is meant to represent, soul before sale. When the owner was about he was passionate and I hope his legacy lives on

    There have been a few shortcuts made here and there, so my advice to owners is invest in longterm of Ubud Sari, strive towards keeping the essence of Nomads dream and have a suggestion box that even employees can contribute towards as happy staff makes for a successful future. For your information, folks when in Bali please be respectful of the culture as the locals here are in general quite spiritual and conservative, so take in the essence of the true Bali. Cheers .

  • Ayshilin V Australia

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    I did a 7 day juice cleanse and colonics and it was fantastic. The first two days were quite easy and you follow a very simple program with lots of massages etc to keep you busy! The third day was difficult, I was tired and spacey and ready to give up, but then I woke up on the 4th day with a sense of clarity and I felt amazing! I only ended up having 3 colonics as I didn't require anymore. The ladies are very friendly and make an awkward situation much more comfortable that I was expecting. It did not hurt at all, but was mildly uncomfortable. I enjoyed meeting lots of different people on the morning rice field walk- I did try the yoga for a few days then gave it up!

  • Daniel S Australia

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    This place was just what I was looking for. After taking a six month career break, I was in need to disconnect from work and technology (social media, TV, news etc).

    I had spent five months living in Seminyak and indulging in too much good food and was looking for a healthy change. Ubud Sari Health Resort turned out to be the perfect environment to get my life back on track.

    Although the Cleansing Program was full, I stayed here for 5 nights.. ate Vegetarian Raw Food, had 3 colonics, a massage, relaxed and read a few books.

    The food was amazing and picture perfect. I had no idea how vegetarian organic raw food could taste so good. The staff were some of the most friendly, smiling I've seen in Bali. The other people staying here were also in positive mindsets. The rooms were modest but clean and simple. Overall this created a great place to stay.

    Location is also great. Not far from Jalan Monkey Forest, so it's still rather central even though it's a Retreat. Always handy for early morning sunrise walks in the Rice Fields.

    I had my first ever colonic treatment, nervous however after knowing the lady has been doing it 20 years.. I felt a bit more assured and relaxed. Unfortunately she wasn't there for my 3rd Colonic and as a result it wasn't as good as the previous two.

    Only one small issue was the spa treatments. As these as in USD + 21% tax they worked out rather expensive. Also I had a 2 hour treatment that ended after 1.5 hours as the Infrared Sauna was already in use, so I did feel a little short changed. I ended going to nearby spa's for much cheaper prices and as good service. If you looking at a honeymoon or five star place to stay, this might not be it. However if you want to recharge your batteries for a reasonable price, highly recommended.

  • A traveler Perth, Australia

    TripAdvisor website

    Just got back from the Healing Week in Bali and am already planning to go back again next year. The staff are all lovely and helpful, and the facilities are perfect for what Ubud Sari do. I stayed in a two story villa near the waterfall and might as well have had the whole resort to myself it was so peaceful. Laundry was done for me every day and my room was always spotless, the morning walks were just divine through the rice paddies (a different walk every day) and the yoga was just an incredible way to start the day, something which I have now taken into my everyday life. The massage and health treatments were professional and absolutely wonderful, especially the healing massage and mandi lulur. We also did the Mount Batur volcano walk which was absolutely amazing - tip for people doing this walk - bring sturdy walking/running shoes and socks, and bring a thick jumper as it is cold at the top! Also bring a small tip/gratuity for your guide. Perfect for solo travel, couples and even families with older teenage children. Room tip: Waterfall rooms are a little noisy - recommend the zen villas as first choice.

  • Ana Cecilia M Spain

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    I stayed in Ubud Sari for 7 nights, taking the Body, Mind and Rejuvenation program. It has been nothing but nourishing and amazing.

    My top review will go for the staff and service, people is always smiling and willing to help/support in whatever you might need; very personalized service! I stayed in the new area which is close to the pool but a bit far away from the restaurant, still perfect. Last night I moved to the Zen village and I fell in love with it! Totally recommend it. This place is the best value for money you can get!

  • A traveler Australia

    TripAdvisor website

    What a great place for the mind, soul and body. Even though my partner and I were not doing any of the programs (accommodation only) we found it to be truly cleansing and relaxing. Majority of the people staying here are on one of the programs which I would consider but I just love food a bit too much.

    The food on offer here is mainly raw with the exception of pancakes/hard boil eggs but that was fine with us. The Pizza Marinara and Avocado Sandwich was amazing along with my fave smoothie 'super charge my body' (minus honey). Breakfast was included in the room rate and you have a choice of 3 options. Very basic but tasty and doesn't leave you feeling heavy. The restaurant area has a great selection of seating from day beds, standard table and chairs, beanbags, stools for you to enjoy your meal and scenery.

    The spa facilities are okay. and we both had a Traditional Javanese Mandi Lulur (120min) for 30 USD each. We loved it and would recommend this. There are cheaper options available on the main strip if budget is a consideration.

    The rooms are basic but clean. No tv in room but that's perfect for us, plus everyone has a smart phone these days so we did not miss it. We originally booked in the Zen Villa section (room 4) but found it too noisy with the waterfall at night and were kindly relocated in the new section by the new pool area (room 29). We preferred the mattress in room 29 as room 4 (Zen Villa) was much more thinner and hard. also basic maintenance was needed in room 4, electrical powerpoint cover fell off when plugging in items and side lamps not flush to the wall. Please note if you don't like stairs or unsteady on your feet then the new section isn't for you.

    Be sure to at least go on one of the morning walks. They leave at 6am (meet in the lobby 5 mins before) and the guide picks a different trail each time.

    Highly recommended this place and would love to give it 5 stars but maintenance issues need looking at plus storage was an issue. More hooks needed to hang items.

  • A traveler Netherlands

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    Arrived in Ubud after a week in Canggu and was shocked to see how commercial this supposedly spiritual place is. Ubud Sari on the other hand is a little oasis, tucked away in a quiet side street. It's so pleasant sitting in their garden by the river and chill. Everybody seems to be on a detox program and loving it as you easily strike up conversations with the mainly single female visitors. The pool in the new part is wonderful and even allows for swimming some (short) laps. They provide good quality sunscreen. Breakfast is small but delicious. And at under $50 night this is very affordable. The reason why I'm only giving them 3* is that the rooms (in the new wing by the pool) are extremely basic, or as one reviewer called it - Spartan. You literally have nowhere to hang any of your clothes (for a perfect description read review by juliezz from Jan 2015).

    I really enjoyed the 6am walks they do every morning when you get to see the still somewhat unspoiled parts of Ubud. On one of this walks I discovered Sari Organik and had lunch there every day (recommended!). There are also some decent and quiet restaurants in the street of the hotel if you're looking to avoid the hustle and bustle of downtown Ubud.

  • Maxine T Australia

    TripAdvisor website

    Ubud Sari health resort at the very end of Jalan Kajeng provides a serene environment with good rooms that are air conditioned. A must for me in Bali. The staff were very friendly and helpful. The breakfast provided as part of the service was delicious if somewhat monotonous. Lots of healthy food and drink options though for lunch and dinner. While I didn't use the yoga facilities it is possible to do morning sessions. I enjoyed a very reasonably priced massage in the spa area which offers a variety of treatments. My room was quite far from the lobby up some steep steps which was tiresome at the end of a long day and in future I would request a room closer to the front of the resort. The 2 pool areas were pleasant and supplied fresh towels. I would definitely stay again.

  • Julie M Australia

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    I have just returned from a 6 day/night juice cleanse at Ubud Sari and thoroughly enjoyed my stay. The resort is walking distance from the town center and is set in beautiful Balinese garden surroundings. So you can easily go shopping on foot or get a taxi at the end of the laneway. I stayed in a hillside room opposite the top pool with aircon and a view of the pool from my bed. The rooms are basic but clean and comfy with mosquito nets over the bed. There is a juice menu to choose from when doing the cleansing programs and the spa treatments were great. Staff are very friendly and helpful. The yoga is for beginners which most of the people staying at the time I was there enjoyed as they didn't do it regularly but if your after more advanced there are places nearby you can go apparently. The sunrise walks were great and a good opportunity to meet other guests when traveling alone. Overall I came away feeling much lighter, healthier, with clearer skin and feeling so relaxed I know why many guests return each year. This health retreat is much cheaper than any in Australia even with the airfare and the results I gained were much better than any other health retreat I've been to so far.

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