Vietnam Detox is here to help you to live a healthy lifestyle. They offer detox retreat which is designed to promote internal balance and overall well-being.

Testimonials (3)

Janine G. Vietman

Vietnam Detox website

Dieter is a true professional! His knowledge of health, nutrition & wellness is exemplary! Dieter has organized an amazing Retreat in the most wonderful (& appropriate) scenic setting, surrounded by fresh air, mountains & beautiful views.

The Edensee Hotel, Dalat, is fabulous. The program during the Retreat is well-organized, educational & informative. Dieter makes everyone feel encouraged to achieve. His explanations are clear and the information he shares on wellness is cutting edge.

I left the Retreat feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. After the Wellness sessions and actually learning how to make some of the juices, I feel ready and informed to move ahead on a healthier lifestyle. The Vietnam Detox Retreat is amazing!

Kristine P. Germany

Vietnam Detox website

I have fasted many times before, however this is a very special concept and I can really recommend it to all new as well as experienced fasters.

The exceptional, competent and caring support by Dieter Buchner during the week, together with the many interesting presentations, films and daily changing library related to fasting, nutrition and healthy habits made my week a transformational experience.

The guided hikes in the beautiful nature, the many avtivities, which I don’t want to spoil the surprise, create a very complete and rounded event.

You can be sure you will have lots of fun, get plenty of movement and did I mention I lost weight as well? But that is just a side effect which cannot be avoided, as Dieter explained.

It’s best if you just give it a try

Caroline C. Germany

Vietnam Detox website

I think this week really had an extremely positive impact on me and that I will make a lot of changes (have already started) I changed my eating habits as I am eating more consciously and pay attention to what I am actually eating.

I still find it challenging to say “No”, but it is getting better every day. And I am not just talking about saying “no” to things which make me fat, it is saying “no” to things that are unhealthy and my body doesn’t really need.