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Waterfall Villas

Waterfall Villas is a romantic boutique wellness retreat and spa with private waterfalls in the Baru Rainforest with accommodations in Balinese style villas/ suites.

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My experience at Waterfall Villas with Fateh, the host and owner was beyond expectations. So much respect for Fateh and her vision and care in building this property. She has kept the natural beauty in-tack - and even more special with the architectural design, building materials and furniture from Bali. The food was 5-star vegetarian - each meal is so lovingly prepared with special recipes I would never think of. The balance of flavors are exceptional! This is the place for busy people to unwind and rebalance with the healing waterfalls, local healers, and every meal something to look forward to. The rooms are beautiful! Right down to every detail, Waterfall Villas is exceptional. Providing this experience day in and day out is not easy - thank you Fetah for taking your time to make everything so wonderful.

A traveler USA

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This is my second time staying at the Waterfall Villas and it is my absolute favorite getaway place to recharge. I stayed there for six nights and every vegan meal that was prepared blew my mind. It was extremely nourishing and looked like art. Typically, the food was freshly picked from Fateh's garden and all the dishes were inspired from places around the world. Some of the best food that I have ever had. The place is designed based on Feng Shui principles and you feel it. I love how you are in the rainforest next to a waterfall but in a really comfortable environment. Fateh is amazing and a true healer with a variety of experiences. If you are looking for an authentic experience look no further.

Tara P USA

Trip Advisor

My husband and I are really into yoga and eating vegetarian food. We have extremely busy jobs and were looking for a place that would allow us to relax and disconnect from the crazy outside world. After searching for days online for the ideal honeymoon location, I found Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica.

From the second I began to inquire about Waterfall Villas, Fateh was EXTREMELY helpful and responsive to my emails. I emailed her so many times prior to our trip asking questions and she was always so responsive and helpful.

When we finally arrived, we felt like we had entered paradise. The rooms are so beautifully decorated and the landscaping is amazing. We were taking pictures and wandering around by the waterfalls for hours. The first Monday that we were there, my husband and I went down to the Waterfall and we had it all to ourselves. We joked..... "THIS IS MONDAY?!?!" when we typically are at work stuck in front of a computer.

I could go on and on about how much we loved Waterfall Villas, however I will just cover a few main items:

Food - The food is absolutely amazing and honestly the BEST food we have ever eaten ANYWHERE. We never wanted to leave and explore, simply because we loved the food so much. The Vegan Lasagna is heavenly and will be embedded in our tastebuds for ever. I keep telling Fateh to let me know if she ever publishes a cookbook!

Service - Sergio was a sheer delight and ensured we always had what we needed. He was so patient as we practiced our Spanish with him and he was great speaking English with us. The chefs in the kitchen were always greeting us with a smile and created masterpieces on our plates at every meal. We took pictures of all of our plates. The night watchmen was always kind and I felt very safe knowing he was there in case we needed anything after hours.

Owners - So friendly, helpful, and hospitable. Fateh will ensure that you have all of the information you need to have a wonderful and safe stay and she also teaches great yoga classes. She even showed me some beautiful pieces of jewelry that she had for sale from her world travels and I bought the most beautiful necklace. She has an amazing energy about her and illuminates it to everyone around her! Franco leads the most AMAZING hike down to a very large waterfall. I highly suggest you go on it, but make sure you have the stamina to walk and get back up the hill. I wish I had my Fitbit on that day to track my steps!! :) Franco is a delight to speak with and will share any information about how he developed a balanced ecosystem around the property.

Amenities - We stayed in the Butterfly suite and had a large tub to relax in. It was so beautiful and the deck overlooked the waterfall. We went during the rainy season and every day at 4pm, we would make the most delicious Costa Rican coffee and would sit on the deck and just listen to the rain and watch the water flow down stream. This was one of our favorite past-times! We would always take our water pitcher down to the kitchen before went to bed and fill it up for the night. Since you are in the Baru Rain Forrest, you are in your rooms by 10pm. It was great to catch up on sleep and wake up fresh for another day in paradise. Although we loved disconnecting from technology, we are big movie buffs. We brought our laptop with some movies stored on a drive and watched them in bed in the evenings.

Massage - While we were there we each scheduled two massages as part of package. They were incredible and so relaxing. My husband has a ton of knots in his back and he can never find anyone in the US to truly work them out. He chose the Bamboo Jaguar massage for both of his sessions and finally felt like he was able to get some of his knots out!

Phone Service - Please listen to Fateh when she tells you to pick up a phone card in Costa Rica. Although she told me to do this, I still went and picked up one in the US first. It did not work when I got there and wanted to make a safe arrival call. Sergio was so nice and had one of the taxi drivers pick up a local phone card for me so that I could make the call. Just listen to everything Fateh suggests and you will be A-OK!!

To this day, I continue to keep in touch with Fateh on Facebook and she was even kind enough to share one of her amazing recipes with me. My husband and I both hope to come back to Waterfall Villas again many times throughout our lifetime and also hope to accompany Fateh on one of her retreats to Bali.

Waterfall Villas will continue to remain as one of the most amazing places that my husband and I have ever visited. We will forever hold this little slice of heaven in our hearts and hope to visit again soon!

Final thoughts.... just know that if you choose Waterfall Villas, you are choosing to relax, disconnect from technology, slow down, enjoy nature, and soothe your soul.

Dill W

Trip Advisor

My partner and I decided we wanted to escape the cold and create some impromptu plans to elope in beautiful Costa Rica. A search for "vegan weddings" on google helped us find this gem of a place. Right off the bat we were impressed with how responsive they were to our initial inquiries. They gave us quotes and ideas and got us so excited we decided to book right away without finalizing our wedding plans. The owner who also served as a wedding consultant jumped on a Skype call with us to go over lots of questions and help us think about the type of event we wanted. She had lots of ideas and made EVERYTHING so easy!

As the plans developed we decided to invite a few more people and again they were so accommodating at making adjustments and accommodations. There was a total of 8 of us (all vegans, some of us gluten free) and it was recommended that we would enjoy the convenience of signing up for the meals each night. BEST MOVE EVER!! Some of us are a bit of culinary epicureans and were BLOWN AWAY with the creativity, the elegance, the ambiance, the service, and the kindness of all of the staff.

I don't even know where to start with how impressed we were about how amazing the actual wedding was. They coordinated and arranged EVERYTHING, flowers, hair, make up, massages, officiant, dinner, reception, booklets, champagne toast, photographer, wedding cake. No stress, no paying each one, no running around and following up. We just laid back and went where they told us when. What an incredible blessing to have such a beautiful and special time and get to spend all of it with our friends or relaxing beforehand. The scene for the wedding brought me to tears, the alter was so beautiful with fresh native flowers, shells, leaves, glitter! (YES!) and all in the natural setting on the waterfall. They even taught themselves how to make a vegan / gluten free cake just for us (3 layers!) It was AMAAAAAZING!!!!

Everyone had different unique beautiful rooms with a view and AC and very comfy beds. The location is just 10 minutes up the road from a gorgeous beach where we swam and surfed and ate at shops and picked up some arts and crafts.

It was definitely the best vacation we've ever had and we've done a bit of traveling and to top it off a PERFECT 10 VEGAN WEDDING WOW!

We're back home now and dreaming of the delicious food and peaceful place. If you are considering this place for a vacation or wedding JUST DO IT and put all your worries away!

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