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Alicante, Spain

Wellness and More aims to facilitate opportunities for spiritual growth and personal development through the various healing modalities and spiritual practices.

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Based on 2 reviews

4 Days KALM Detox Yoga Retreat in Spain

Available from January till November

Speaks English

from US$1,189

Excellent 10/10

Based on 2 reviews
from US$1,189
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4 days / 3 nights

Excellent 10/10

Based on 2 reviews

Reviews 2

  • Andrea Benova Germany

    November 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    Very lovely place to stay, delicious food, a warm and welcoming atmosphere that'll make you a feel at home from the first second. If you want to get away, relax and deepen your practice in an extraordinary environment, this is the place to be.

  • Serene Lebanon

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I spent 3 days at Hotel-Spa La Romana in Alicante, Spain doing a Yoga & Detox KALM Retreat. I wanted to do it because I really need to disconnect, reboot and refresh. I went alone there and honestly had the best experience ever, more than I expected it to be. Magda, the owner of the hotel, and who took care of making sure the retreat was going as planned, was super amazing and I felt really taken care of: everything from the food I ate even to taking care of me by giving me clothes and a swimsuit when my luggage got stuck at the airport.If you are looking to really get a refresher, I'd really recommend this program. Here's an idea of how it was everyday.I'd wake up in the morning around 8:15am, get dressed for yoga, go downstairs and drink a big cup of fresh juice (it was different everyday), then I'd do yoga at 9am for about an hour and a half. It was a one-on-one session, which was great for me as I'm still learning yoga, and the instructor was super patient and nice. After yoga, I'd have my breakfast, every day was a different meal, but everything was healthy as part of the program is detox (so low carb and dairy diet). An example was quinoa-based pancake (cooked with almond milk and bananas), topped with fresh strawberries and maple syrup. Honestly all the food was delicious and high-quality.Next I'd meet with Almu at 11am, she is the wellness coach that works with the program. We'd go sit at a spot under the shade of huge trees in the courtyard, and I'd have the chance to just talk. We talked about everything in my life that was putting me under stress back home, my concerns, my fears, and so on. You can talk to her about anything. She is the most amazing woman I've met in years. Her energy is super pure and beautiful and she will really listen...some soul cleansing in check there.After we were done, I'd have lunch around 1pm. Lunch was always delicious as well, an example is a carrots with hummous or guacamole as an appetizer then a huge salad with wild salmon. I'd always get a fresh fruit platter as dessert afterwards and a beverage, which would be some sort of iced tea with fresh mint.In the afternoon I'd have the chance to sit by the pool and relax, go back to the room and nap or read. Then I had the chance to use the Spa twice. The spa is located in an entire building alone. It's built in with baths all over, fitted with water jets, along with a steam room and showers of course. If you have a treatment like a massage, you usually go 30 minutes before to use the baths and get yourself relaxed. They also book it in a way that people's appointments don't mix so it's peaceful and you can have your own time in there. BTW the whole hotel is 18 rooms so it's relatively always peaceful and you don't feel crowds anywhere at any point.I had two of the best treatments I've ever had, honestly. Inma did my massage once (relaxation) and another time she did Reiki. Both were absolutely amazing, she is a healer and works with energy so that made it more intense and purifying. I really recommend you ask for her.In the evenings I would chill out and read or relax, then dinner would be served around 8:30pm. Again it was a healthy option as I described before. It would also be followed by a fruit platter for dessert.When it comes to the meals, Magda will ask what you like/don't like or if you have any preferences and the chef will prepare everything accordingly. Everything about the retreat is tailored to you and what you like, that's what I loved about it.About the hotel in general, it's super clean, modern and comfortable. Wifi is free and all mainly all over the hotel.Again, I really do recommend this for anyone who wants to be alone - I don't know how it would be do it as a couple, but I'm guessing it would also be fantastic if you're both looking for that, or need to rebalance yourselves or realign.

Testimonials 2

  • Alex

    Wellness and More website

    Life empowering experience: It was an incredible treat to experience this beautiful retreat in a wonderful hotel, where everything seemed magical. The rooms were beautiful, the views unmatchable, the service impeccable and very friendly. All activities and courses are carefully designed so as you work on yourself, you have a sense of freedom and surprise and looking forward to whatever comes next. It was truly fun. I was fortunate to have wonderful colleagues and we really had a fantastic time. Almu and Magda are dedicated, friendly fun and very accomodating. Thank You, I can’t wait to come again.

  • Vadim

    Wellness and More website

    Just wanted to mention that I had a really good time at the hotel. The people, food and the environment were just wonderful. I would recommend it to others and would consider coming back. A special thank you to Almu, she is great in every respect. Please pass along my regards to her and to the massage lady (don't really know her name). This was one of the best spa experiences for me! I feel so much lighter as a result of staying at the resort. Valencia was also great and I am already planning a longer get away to Barcelona, Seville, Valencia and may be a stop in La Romana.

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