Yin-Yang Spa

Yin-Yang Spa provides personalized consultations paired with technology and a highly professional educated staff to help you create a plan to meet your goals.

Instructors 2

Lena Reley

Lena Reley is an expert dietician and an international guru of positive living through complex flavors and simple nutritional coaching to balance whole mind and body in a natural and fulfilling way. As both an artist and certified chef, Lena found a passion in food which led her to areas of study such as vegetarian cooking and organic nutrition, molecular cooking, and a knowledge of spices, energy, and foods.

Fabio Amaro

As certified personal trainer, as well as group fitness instructor with over 12 years of experience, Fabio is responsible for coordination and instructing. He is passionate about fitness and helping people get the most out of their fitness workouts. Fabio specializes in weight loss programs, overall fitness, strength training, conditioning, and endurance and is convinced that anyone, no matter age or fitness level, can find their perfect place in the gym, with a little guidance and encouragement.

Reviews 4

Marissa Ellberger

from United States, March 2018

"Spa was amazing, but not your typical retreat "

The room was gorgeous, the resort was amazing and all inclusive. The scene was to die for. Lots of different types of restaurants around. Lots of activities to keep you busy. Personal trainer was awesome.

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Linda Mount

Yin-Yang Spa website

So, I’m going to be honest here. First, I love to go to the Spa and I have managed to sample a plethora of Spas in the US, Latin America and Europe… Secondly, I had heard the “hype” about the Yin Yang Health & Wellness Spa and thought that it could not be that different from the other spas I have been to! Boy was a wrong.

When I walked into the Spa, I was pleasantly surprised by the openness of the lobby, the décor and how clean it was. Then I met Sladjana and while her name is hard to pronounce, she is very easy to work with. She is such a genuinely nice person. She glows with the passion she has to help people and I knew I was in good hands. Whether it was to loose weight, get in shape, improve my health or just to help me feel good; she was there to consul me on to the right path and treatments.

The depth and breath of their services was impressive. Their services range from treatments such as Oxygen Hyperbaric therapy, body wraps, hydro aromatherapy sessions, yoga and exercise plans, to consultations with their on staff dietitian, or Holistic Doctor.

I found that they really can help you change your life, and with the recommendation of a Cavitation treatment with a Lymphatic drainage, I found that I definitely felt a whole lot better! I can’t wait for my next visit.

Lisa Ferraro

Yin-Yang Spa website

I have spent a week here in the DR on an Ayurveda Retreat with Dr. Scott Gerson & his beautiful wife Rossi. The staff therapists at the wellness Spa have been excellent in every way. They are professional, caring & friendly and their skills are exceptional. Dr. Scott is kind & caring & a brilliant doctor. I trust him completely with all aspects of my health & wellbeing, he & Rossi are a fantastic team. It would be very difficult to find the level of care they provide in any other place! I have also spent a lot of time at the other spa & it is just perfect. The setting provided me some of my most relaxing & enjoyable & spiritually fulfilling time of my stay.

The staff is great, I’d like to thank Juanita, Jiami,, Pablo & The women who run the spa in particular, they have made my stay a special e The setting of the entire place is very well done & the food has been very good, but I would love to be able to dine at an organic spot on my next visit which is a definite after this wonderful stay.

Thank you again!

I have had many massages at home, both regular & hot stone, and the hot stone I had from Justina was the best I have every had! This was a wonderful and much needed massage and she was very professional! Absolutely FABULOUS!

Michelle Kline

Yin-Yang Spa website

Fabulous! Fabulous! Favio is awesome! I will be back to get another massage. He is a professional and much better than massages that I have received in the past. You will be recommended.

Muchas Gracious Favio!

Claudie Smith

Yin-Yang Spa website

Absolutely fantastic, my treatment was done very professional and I feel so much lighter. Enjoyed thoroughly.

N.L Crodley

Yin-Yang Spa website

Deep tissue & cranial massage was excellent. Marcella was very strong, was able to get deep into my muscles and tissues. It was very relaxing & comforting. One of the best massages.

Had a rememberable deep tissue with Anyelina. Highly recommend. Don’t let her size fool you.

I had an amazing experience with Florian. I would recommend her to anyone.

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