Yoga o Clonazepam

Lima, Peru

Yoga o Clonazepam is a company in Peru which purpose is to expose people to yoga and a healthy lifestyle (organic vegetarian cooking, superfoods, meditation).

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    • Lani Santa Mara Rizo Patrn


      Last year someone posted an ad about a yoga and meditation retreat to Tarapoto that caught my attention. So I wrote quickly, and had an enthusiastic response from Jessica that helped to clarify my doubts...I invited a friend and we went on this adeventure of healthy food, meditation and reconnected with nature, but above all with ourselves.

    • Milagros Garay

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      Our retreat was a wonderful experience for me and my husband; it allowed us to connect with nature, fall asleep to the sounds of the jungle, getaway from our everyday lives in the city, bathe in the river in clear and revitalizing waters, all while eating super clean and healthy.

      The yoga practice in the early mornings was the best way to start each day and connect with our bodies and our breathing. It's an experience you must try and repeat!

    • Thais Quevedo

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      Good luck and good vibes!

    • Maria Gracia Peru

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      It was the first time also that I ate delicious and healthy detox food, the meals were the thing that worried me more about all the trip because I am very picky person with all the foods, but every meal was excellent (I was eating so clean those days, that when I was back in Lima, I was afraid to eat all the food that I was used to eat!).And last but not least, it was the first time that I practiced yoga every day, and I enjoyed that so much, that nowadays I have to practice yoga a couple of times a week at least to feel peaceful with myself. This retreat made me feel very thankful about the gifts that our Peruvian nature has for us, that I have never appreciated before, and also, find a way of escape of routine in yoga, that now is a very important and vital thing in my life.

    • Swann Digregori

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      My experience with Jessica was in Tarapoto; the retreat I went to was nice, with activities such as walks, daily yoga and excellent detox food. Excellent people, with very positive attitude to help us start a new journey to expand our consciousness. Great meditation sessions and talks. Jessica and the team at Tarapoto was excellent, it was a very good experience and I would try it again at another place

    • Alvaro Peru

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      This retreat inspired me a lot; it wasn't just a getaway from my daily activities, but also a moment to think about myself and to meditate deeply. In short, that would be the summary of this beautiful trip

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