Yoga Revolution Academy

Jaco, Costa Rica

Yoga Revolution Academy offers various yoga retreats which include a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of teaching basic and intermediate yoga.

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Anabel Miranda

(Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine)

Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Yoga)

Jivani Yoga School Yoga Alliance RYT 500 (Yoga)

Anabel is a Panamanian-born with a unique blend of Chinese and Ngobe indigenous heritage. Anabel has a vital passion for life and innate ability to connect deeply with those around her, touching the heart and soul of those seeking deep connection to source, always in love, joy, and kindness. Her style blends dynamic sequences with a strong emphasis on breath expansion combined with teachings of yoga and traditional Chinese medicine.

Testimonials 7

  • Hakima

    Yoga Revolution Academy website

    Choosing to take my 200hr YTT with the YogaRevolutionAcademy led by Anabel was one of the decisions I would take over and over again. Beyond delivering on the fundamentals of yoga in an inviting non-dogmatic way, teaching asanas, philosophy, anatomy, pranayama and the usual requirements of the training, Anabel pushed us to discover parts of ourselves we did not know existed. She allowed us to gently and safely go above and beyond all the physical /mental limitations we may have imposed on ourselves during years of practice and self-judgment. Constantly preaching safety first and mind-body awareness, we learnt to maintain a safe sustainable practice and take joy and pride in practicing every day.

    Anabel inhales love and exhales compassion. I honestly can not imagine taking this training somewhere else. Should she offer a 300hr YTT, I will undoubtedly enroll in it no matter the geographic location. Why? For someone who has practiced yoga in so many different places, this was the first time that I meet someone who embodies the yoga of heart in and out: Anabel is so strong, graceful yet extremely grounded and humble. She is very dedicated to her students and her practice that it is so beautiful to experience and be part of. I could go on and on, but I’d just say if you are looking for a transformative journey where you not only become a certified yoga teacher but also a source of love and compassion to yourself and others: look no further!

  • Kelli

    Yoga Revolution Academy website

    10 Star experience! Yoga Revolution Academy far surpassed my expectations.

    The basics: Resort was located on beautiful well kept grounds in a tropical setting only a mile from the beach. It is guard gated which always made me feel safe. The rooms were large and well appointed. The food was vegan and spectacular every time.

    The training: Anabel was nothing short of amazing on every level. Her passion for what she does and for the people she teaches oozes out of her soul. She is patient and empathetic, knowledgeable and encouraging. Her understanding of Sanskrit flows out of her mouth like a beautiful song. Anabel knows the history and legends of yoga from its inception. As a Christian I struggled some with the yoga gods and beliefs and she let me take it in and apply what was necessary for me with no judgement. She brought in guest lecturers that are top in their field in Anatomy and Physiology, Ayurvedic Teachings and Acro-yoga. We were challenged from day one mentally and physically. She did not have to push us to do anything. With her guidance and expertise we felt empowered by her and each other to do things we would have never dreamed possible.

    The memories: I met 10 amazing women from all over the world that will be in my heart forever. What happened over those 3 weeks was Devine. I walked away with more head knowledge and heart knowledge than I could imagine and 10 women who have imprinted on my love.

  • Priyah United States

    Yoga Revolution Academy website

    I had been doing yoga for five months, when I was lucky enough to be taught by Anabel at a yoga retreat for a week. The first class I had with Anabel, she said I know you guys have had a long day travelling so we will take it easy. An hour and a half later, I was thinking if that was meant to be an easy class how will I cope tomorrow? Little did I know that week would change my life and help take my yoga to another level. Anabel is patient and attentive; she works with all levels and will always help you to modify an asana so that you are able to get the benefit. I had no expectations when I went on the yoga retreat, but I left with an inner glow and a whole new sense of who I was. Anabel was a huge part of my glow, and from being a total yogi novice, I know I want to teach yoga. Anabel is a true mentor and a daily inspiration to me. Whenever I get deeper into an asana, especially one I didn't know if I would ever be able to do, I can hear her voice in my head and I know she is there with me willing me on. So thank you Anabel, for being a part of my journey and more so for helping me believe in myself - I may not be able to do an asana today but tomorrow will come.

  • Laura United States

    Yoga Revolution Academy website

    Anabel's style is totally unique and fun. Even when you are in the middle of your greatest challenge, no matter if you are a beginner or more advanced, she constantly reminds you about the purpose of your practice and how to surrender to it. A constant state of playfulness, grace, and devotion is always present in her classes. In times when yoga has sadly become a trend, it is very difficult to find a yoga teacher or maestra that remembers with devotion what yoga is all about. I find that she respects and keeps alive those original concepts to create an impeccable practice.

  • Vanessa United Kingdom

    Yoga Revolution Academy website

    As a somewhat erratic and not totally committed yoga fan, I have always been warmly welcomed to Anabels classes and I have found a spiritual connection through Anabel that has often been lacking in other yoga teaching. Although some of the advanced yoga is beyond my physical capabilities, Anabel ensures that this does not prevent full participation in and benefit from her class. I simply love Anabels spiritual and physical teaching and profoundly miss her classes when I have to return to England.

  • Cheryl United States

    Yoga Revolution Academy website

    I am so thankful for a fabulous time of peaceful, rejuvenating yoga sessions with Anabel. I appreciated all the modifications for my five-month baby bump. You have a heart of gold and I feel so honored to have met you.

  • Dave and Shannon United States

    Yoga Revolution Academy website

    Anabel has been our yogini for years and through her tutelage, we have seen our practice improve leaps and bounds. Thanks Anabel, you're the best!

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