Zen Den Yoga School offers pampering yoga retreats, enlightening 200-hour YTT, fun dynamic yoga workshops, spiritual growth, health, and wellness to everyone.

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Ira Schneider

Valerie Leeds

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Karen Capestrain

from United States, April 2019


Great place great location,,,,great classes learned a lot,,,,,got inspired,,,to go home and change body.

Tara Zenker

from Switzerland, April 2019

"Outstanding Yoga Retreat"

This is the first time my husband and I have done yoga. We found both Ira and Valerie to be outstanding teachers and individuals who walk their talk. The yoga instruction and explanations were excellent. We loved the variety of health-oriented activities: Paddle-boarding, acupuncture and massage to calm the nervous-system, colonic and juices / smoothies for internal cleansing, energy-healing sessions with Valerie are available. I personally benefited from this. Successfully meeting the needs of all levels from beginner to teacher training. Our week was transformative, eye-opening, restorative and fun. Can't remember having felt so good physically and mentally after a week's break.


from United States, January 2019

"Absolutely nothing was as expected. In fact, we had to make "

This place was nothing as advertisers expected. In the first place, all of us had to make our own juices. People are on different types of cleansing rituals and routines, and the refrigerator is stocked full of food, which makes it very enticing to eat and not fast. There were nine people for the first couple of days of my arrival so it was like a university dormitory with all of us clamoring to make our own juices. They don't even bring you water. For the money I paid, I was aghast that nothing was advertised as expected. Additionally, this place is filthy.

Becky Sarakun

from United Kingdom, January 2019

"I Learned so Much"

The Yoga was fantastic and I learned so much. We practiced Sivananda which I have not had much experience of. I loved it and Valerie and Ira are excellent teachers. I practice yoga every day and Sivananda is now part of my daily routine :) ... I came to this retreat primarily to detox, which I did for two weeks. I was closely monitored by Valerie to ensure that I followed the plan in order to get the most out of it. Yoga was also a priority for me, so I did get all that I wanted from this retreat. Also, with the juicing, I can continue with this at home when I need to as I have the guidelines to do so. I also know that I can email Valerie whenever I need any advice on this. A great experience at Zen Den which will always be with me :)

Diana Caporiccio

from Canada, November 2018

"Excellent Place to Reset & Refresh "

- The house was very simple, clean & had a relaxing cozy feeling to it. The house is shared amount guests whom all have mutual respect for the space & eachother.

- Cost effective and worth your money. This was one of the more budget retreats I found on this website and it exceed expectations for what I paid. The massage & acupuncture was a huge treat!

- Yoga on this retreat was great. Everyday of the week they had different classes and weekend community yoga where you can explore the community and met other local yogis.

- Valerie, Ira & Elias were absolutely spectacular. They all genuinely care about your well being & getting to know and support you during the retreat. They all spend quality time with you and try there hardest to accommodate your personal goals. Val & Ira will spend there personal time driving you around the city and taking you places to enjoy your stay.

- I did the liver detox juice cleanse which was mentally challenging and quite difficult yet the end results are amazing and Valerie is well educated on the process

-The pool and outdoor ground are very peaceful

- Lots to do and see in the area. Del Ray beach area is where all the nightlife and shopping is, Mizner Park has great upscale shopping, lots of trails and wildlife!

- Overall positive vibe from guests. I met memorible people on this trip! Everyone is there to relax and de stress!

Sarah Prindable

from United States, April 2019

"Life Changing Teacher Training - Highly Recommended"

My 300-hr training at Zen Den was an incredibly transformative experience. I grew not just as a teacher, but also as a person. My confidence in my teaching and my depth of knowledge has greatly increased. I learned about Sivananda, I picked up vital skills in keeping class flow going, I gained the confidence to help individuals deepen their practice and adjust alignment while still speaking more generally to the whole class.

I loved having the space to meditate and deepen my own practice while delving deeper into yogic philosophy. Most of all, I made beautiful connections with everyone at the school during my time there. Especially Val and Ira. They are two very beautiful souls on a journey together to teach and hold space for other to grow and develop. Their eclectic approach was exactly what I was looking for, but even more than expected. They have complementary teaching styles, and I learned so much from both!

I highly recommend this life changing training to anyone considering it. It will challenge you physically, mentally, and emotionally, and you will come out the other side a better teacher. If you are not yet a teacher and considering the 200-hr training, I’d say dive right in. I couldn’t think of a better place to set off on your teaching journey and deepen your connection to your own practice.

Disa Jirlow

from Sweden, April 2019

"4 day SUP retreat"

Cozy accommodations in residential houses repurposed for yoga retreat. A small and family run business with a relaxing and familiar vibe. Both Ira and Valerie were so welcoming. Very flexibel with bookings for SUP and very helpful around the clock. Yoga lessons daily with varied styles and flows. Delicious and nutritious breakfast and lunch smoothies.

Denise Wagner

from United States, April 2019

"Fabulous experience "

everything about this retreat was fabulous .


from Canada, April 2019

"A profound life experience that encompassed all. "

Immediately taken into the folds of the lifestyle at Zen Den Yoga School, you become family. The daily practices of guided meditation, yoga, philosophy and meal planning leave you at the end of each day with an abundance of gratitude and quiet inner calmness. You are able to close the door to the outside world and step into the mindfulness of the here and now. All due to the peaceful guidance, knowledge and support of Ira and Valerie. These two amazing individuals truly have a gem in South Florida.

Linda Taing

from United States, March 2019

"200hr YTT went above and beyond my expectations"

Literally everything. We started teaching day 2 and when week 3 came we were all teaching full 90 min. classes! The smoothies were amazing and definitely provided energy. I’m home now and still drinking the green smoothie! This was an amazingly well rounded training. We didn’t just become teachers and yoginis, we learned nutrition, business, and energy as well. We also got the Shamanic Breathwork once a week and once week 3 came you could see how much healing and growth takes place here. It’s really amazing how much love Ira and Val put into Zen Den and all of their students and retreat guests. It truly is an amazing experience. These 28 days were truly transformational. I came here with armor and walls everywhere but they completely removed them and held the space I needed so I could truly and freely soar. I’m definitely 100% ready to hold space for others and teach yoga to all levels.

Kristin Meyer

from United States, March 2019

"Zen XXtra"

Ira & Val were amazing ! So down to earth, accommodating & real. The properties are breath taking. Clean, well kept, creative, spacious, and cozy, all in 1. The mix of students & retreat guests was such an interesting experience. Loved how the students were able to practice on us retreat guests. Loved the assitance & extra TLC from Val & Ira when in poses & even in meditation. They keep a good eye on everyone. The schedule is a perfect blend of structure & freedom. I loved being on a routine daily yet being able to wonder off to the beach, local favorites- stores, restaurants. If you're lucky you might even get a ride in Angel Namaste, their famous VW Bus! And talk about XXtra - the massage & accupunture !!!! Yes. I'm telling you these peeps - this place - the real deal. Thank you guys!!!! ✌❤🌴🌞


from United States, February 2019

"A little disappointed, but not terrible"

Met some very nice people, retreat guests and yoga teacher students, the pool was nice, some nice yoga classes.

Ben Perez

from United States, January 2019

"Yoga and new spiritual experiences"

I liked the Yoga instruction, and meditation Ira and Valarie compliment eachother well in teaching styles. They have a very high level of skill in the subject area that they teach. I liked that Ira and Valarie both seemed to me to be mature, practical, and authentic teachers. I liked being able to have new experiences like tai chi, meditation on the beach, yoga in the park, feast for life event, going to restaurants, going to the beach, drum circles, chants around the fire pit, shamanic breathing, and hot stone massages. I liked that you had the oppurtunity to learn how to make the smoothie yourself. I liked that the washing machine and dryer were accessible and the kitchen had every utensil a person could need for cooking. I loved the Yoga studio and all of the power objects located in the yoga studio. I loved how publix, cvs, and gnc were all within walking distance as well as many other stores. I loved the warm weather that made outdoor activities easy. I loved that I could live and learn from other guests and students.


from United States, January 2019

"My first yoga retreat was rejuvenating and lovely!"

Communal living, sunrise meditation on the beach, swimming at the beach,outdoor yoga sessions,acupuncture and massage, hot tub, nearby restaurant and boutiques.

Amanda White

from United Kingdom, November 2018

My stay with Zen Den was just three nights, I wish I’d been able to stay longer but I got so much out of my short stay.

Val and Ira are both wonderful people and great yoga teachers. I felt very welcome and supported in my yoga practice, making great progress in the few days that I was there. I really think I saw my potential in yoga for the first time.

The yoga studio and outdoor deck were ideal for yoga and meditation and the hot tub and pool were a really welcome addition each day after practice.

The massage was good and the acupuncture excellent, I received good advice about my future health and wellbeing, with a lengthy consultation with the doctor and a list of reading for me to research afterwards.

As is often the case I enjoyed meeting the other yogis, just as much as the retreat, we shared experiences and our stories of how we came to be there. The support, compassion and shared learning was inspiring. Some were attending for detox and weight loss which motivated me to stick to the juicing plan and I felt invigorated from just a few days of the programme.

For me, the highlight was the sunrise Meditation on the beach. My last morning and a spectacular sky. My time at the Zen Den was about healing and believing in my body again after a period of sickness. I still have a way to go but I feel that the time I invested here, both alone and amongst kind supportive people has helped me on my way.

Shelby Guthrie

from United States, November 2018

"Awesome retreat! "

The center itself is fabulous, and the accommodations were great. Valerie is very good with giving you different options to make your stay personal. I feel as if I developed a good relationship with Valerie and Ira, both very genuine people. The class size was only 5 max at a time which gave the instructor time to adjust us students into better asanas. I learned a lot and would highly recommend this retreat! Valerie also held a little movie night for us, showing Beyond Food, took us to a couple free yoga classes in the area and have us a small tour of a couple spots she liked in Delray. Again, making it a very personal experience (:

Ulyana Ivankiv

from Puerto Rico, October 2018

"Amazing school and awesome experience! "

Zen Den Yoga School is an amazing school! I am so grateful that I went there for my 200 HR teacher training (and definitely going back for my 300 hr!). Val and Ira are wonderful, kind and knowledgeable teachers. The 28 days flew by and my group graduated with confidence to teach and solid background of yoga lifestyle. Starting from the day 2 we were already teaching flows! and from that day on, we did not stop. Teaching everyday has given me confidence to be a great yoga teacher with many hours of practice and the ability to conduct a safe class. Living at the school was a great experience as the dwellings are clean, zen and our smoothies were delicious! Val and Ira took time to get to know me; facilitating beautiful experience while sharing their wast amount of knowledge. Me and my "yoga sisters", ladies that were there with me, bonded so well that I am sure our friendship will last a lifetime. If you are considering this school, go on their website or social media pages and give them a call - Val and Ira will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Thank you Zen Den Yoga School for creating such a wonderful environment supportive of personal growth! I can't wait to go back!

Zi-anne Watson

from United States, September 2018

The yoga instructor named Ginger Fawn Bowden was amazing! She truly made the entire retreat phenomenal. If you’re looking to clear any “issues in your tissues” Ginger is your girl! A yin yoga goddess!

The property was nice.

Natalia Kashitsyna

from United States, September 2018

"Experience at yoga retreat "

When we first arrived at the yoga retreat place, we were greeted with hugs and smiles. The natural aura and the vibe of the place was good. Our room was neat and clean. The yoga instructors Ira and Valerie were very nice and welcoming. Their yoga knowledge and skill sets were the best we have seen so far. Weather you want to just get away for a few days or a month, their retreat is the perfect place to do so. Our morning began with a meditation right on the beach while sunrise was taking place, that feel and that energy and the scenery is unexplainable. After meditation and a short break we had a 9:30 morning class followed by a healthy and nutritious smoothie. Between the yoga classes you are welcome to do anything around their house, which includes swimming in their pool or just relaxing in the house or going to the beach or shopping around the area. Their location is perfect, everything is near by and the Uber rides are relatively cheap to get around, from their place to the beach, the Uber ran only $6 bucks!! If you are a beginner in yoga, Ira and Valerie will focus on you a little more than the rest giving the fact that you are a beginner. Their yoga atmosphere is one of a kind, they really know their stuff. Most of the people who come for the retreat are future yoga students with lots of experience. During our stay we have learned a lot about our bodies and how to be better at yoga. We would highly recommend their yoga retreat to everyone!

Elise Gallagher

from United States, September 2018

"Excellent yoga teaching education "

Zen Den Yoga School goes above and beyond giving you an experience that shapes your own practice and way of understanding yogic tradition. You come out feeling comfortable and confident in your ability to walk into a studio ready to teach and they provide you business tools to know how to begin. I am so thankful that I did my 200 hr yoga teacher training here and I would highly recommend it to anybody who is looking into getting their teaching certification.

Joanna Cameron

from United States, July 2018

Everything I loved their space and energy very giving and loving they are the real deal

Laura Belko

from United States, July 2018

The compound sings with positive communal energy.

Michelle Egner

from United States, June 2018

"My smile runs deeper into my soul now."

With absolute certainty, I can say the wisdom of Val, Ira, and Elias was the highlight of this trip. Like-minded traveling companions provided excellent company. A cool city to explore provided a nice backdrop. The yoga was good thorough workouts that challenged me and made me feel strong.

Danielle Bishop

from United States, June 2018

Highest quality yoga instructors who clearly and consistently demonstrate the values of yoga.

Jeongeun Choi

from South Korea, June 2018

"Valuable experience"

It was never easy, but valuable and I had never forget experiences. I already had an yoga instructor certification in my country, but I had no experience teaching because I didn’t had confidence.

In Zen Den Yoga School, I learned meditations, how to teach yoga, nutrition, business and what real yoga means. Teachers were really supportive and full of love! Finally I graduated with teaching experience of four full time classes which is awesome. I really appreciate for encourging me and giving me confidence.

Sharon Lanzer

from United States, April 2018

"Retreat style training"

Ira and Val were attentive to my needs and such beautiful hosts. They kept me busy throughout my stay. Lots of great excursions throughout my time spent there.

Linda Clous

from United States, March 2018

"Not what I expected, but exactly what I needed"

I thought I was going for a relaxing beach vacation. What I got was a supportive, warm, open environment with positive minded teachers and students alike. Meditation every morning, yoga twice a day, tai chi, a supta lesson, shamanic breathwork, accupunture, energy therapy, SUP, reading on hammocks in the sunshine, new friends. Truths opened about myself. I was so angry and mentally and emotionally drained before I arrived. Now I feel like me again!

Toni May

from United States, March 2018

"An amazing experience!!"

Love the living style and how it related so much to an easy lifestyle transition as I returned home!


from United States, February 2018

"there web sight needs up dating with photos "

the one on one with instructor learned alot

Lona Alia

from United States, February 2018

"Everything I was looking for and much more"

This was an amazing retreat. I did the meditation and yoga retreat for 5 nights and 6 days. I was in a sharing room. First for the price that I paid I got an amazing vacation, healthy meals (breakfast and lunch), acupuncture, energy healing, personalized yoga and meditation each morning including one day at the beach at sunrise. You can not beat this place for the price really. I looked at other retreats and they are were super expensive. Now if you are expecting Canyon Ranch which is $1700/night you will not get it here because you pay so much less. But if your expectations are in line with the price you pay you will be very very happy.

Ira and Valerie are kind, patient, informative, caring. I really loved the time I spent with them but I also loved the time I spent on my own biking to the beach, meditating, reading countless books from their library on self development meeting other great guests and enjoying the sun.

Five stars all around.

Norma Tejada-foster

from United States, December 2017

"Great place to reset your life"

Ira and Val make a great team. There were so many opportunities to learn to open my heart and heal from my recent life hurts. I liked Val's support in helping me change my diet and loved her support with realigning my energetic balance. The morning meditations outside on the deck were wonderful!

Jaimi Vajda

from United States, November 2017

"exactly what I was looking for!"

Ira and Valerie are gracious hosts. I instantly felt welcomed by them and their students. I had the pleasure to be there while they lead a group of six students in a 200hr instructor training course. They encouraged me to attend as many classes alongside their students. I was so happy about that because I wanted to learn all I could in the brief time I had. It was a very comfortable place to be (inside and outside of the classroom). It was clean and located in a wonderful area. Close to everything! I loved beach meditation, the intentions we set, the learning processes we all experienced and shared with each other. It felt like an open and safe place. The scheduled Acupuncture appointment was amazing and the Doctor is nice knowledgeable. The pool and hot tub we're awesome! Thank you for everything!

Anastasiia Makarova

from Russia, September 2017

"Yoga escape "

If you want to become a real yoga teacher , come here ! Very comprehensive program.

Tyler Reaux

from United States, September 2017

"Ah Ho"

I liked the atmosphere that Ira and Valarie provide. It really feels like home there once you're settled in. I also liked all that they had to share about Yoga and Health. There are so many things to learn and love here.

Diane Christiansen

from United States, July 2017

"More than I expected!"

Ira and Valerie are a great team and have so much to share with students and retreat guests alike. I was able to learn so much more to further my yoga practice, and the breathing techniques we were taught also helped immensely. The shamanic breath work was a Life changing experience that I will be forever thankful for. The people I met there made the whole retreat experience all that sweeter. Thank you Zen Den for changing my Life!

Ann Bossier

from Belgium, November 2018

"What a lovely surprise!"

I had no odea what to expect when I arrived at Zen Den. And low and behold, here I was on my own at this retreat for quite some days. I had to get used to that idea at first but it happened quite quickly! Private yoga lessons twice a day and a house full of books, and a pool and kitchen for only me to use! I was in heaven :-) It made it all more relaxed for me and even though Val and Ira were going through a moving transition, I really felt there was time and attention (and some great chats Val!) to make my stay really fantastic.Thank you! I will definitely consider coming back if I am in the area!

Also, if you get a chance, do the paddle yoga and also the one on one with Val! She's a gem!

Fernanda Alvarez

from United States, October 2017

"Excelente!!; 100% recomendable"

Me encantaron las clases, los batidos detox (verde y sobre todo el de proteina) y la casa, espaciosa, limpia, con ambiente tranquilo. Además es un lugar muy central por lo que cuando uno queria salir a conocer era facil desplazarse

Carolina Laursen

from United States, July 2017

"Super recomendadisimo!! Volveremos pronto"

Valerie and Ira were the best host in the world! We learned a lot in just 4 days!!

Testimonials (5)

Christine Hurta

Zen Den Yoga School website

Experience @ Zen Den

Transforming, enlightening - mind/body/spirit connection, finding the soul/self. I enjoyed the teaching/experience/hospitality. The retreat center & studio are super cute! Great enviroment! Met so many amazing people & felt like a little family here. Unity <3 Helpful tools to cope with mental/physical/emotional pain - lots of release through energy work/shamanic breath/practice. Teaching Vinyasa to the class I felt confident & supported - instructed well! Continued journey to the Self. Lovely experience/yoga teacher training. Fun and light hearted.

3 things that could improve:

Treat all students equally, be careful with favorites.

2. Make sure to give all Juice Plus info not to be misleading. Make clear that it’s not vegetarian & that 3 additional installments will automatically come out (that they have your card info)

Be careful with appropriate/inappropriate comments - be professional - certain students won’t mind but others will who will potentially mention these things in reviews.

Tell students ahead about additional activities involving more. Grateful for the experience!!!

Daniela Romero Montes

Zen Den Yoga School website

Thank you for the hospitality! I felt welcomed and very happy. Congrats on what you are doing. You all are amazing.


Zen Den Yoga School website

Zen Den Yoga School has been a very unique and unforgettable experience for me.

Having lived a single life for many years, I thought it might be challenging to live in a house with 4 otehrs; however I have loved every moment of sharing, what I have become to consider, a home.

The deep and close connection during the yoga practise, meditations and workshops have lifted my spirits and I surprised myself when I took the plunge to ride a bike for the first time in forty years! This was very empowering and I intend to continue to do this when I return to the UK.

Sum the experience up as a journey, within a journey, within a journey.


Zen Den Yoga School website

One of my best memories thus far at Zen Den Yoga School occurred during the second week of the intensive teacher training program. After having spent all day in the studio practising our breath work and Vinyasa sequence, a few of us decided to study after hours at the beach.

Being one who learns by doing, I took my practise to the shoreline, alone. After spending nearly two hours practising the sequence and cues that Ira had been teaching us for the past 2 weeks I walked upshore and returned to the group.

I could see that they were excited to tell me something. The girls approached me with pictures, showing me that I had inspired several individuals to go into yoga poses on their own, behind me as I practised. This deepened my desire and inspired me further to become a yoga teacher.

Alex Bourguignon

Zen Den Yoga School website

I was not convinced I was ready or even wanted to do yoga teacher training, I did not think I would be the right fit or have the ability and wasn’t planning on teaching afterwards, just having the experience to improve my own personal practise. Now at the end of the month I have changed in a way I wasn’t expecting. Starting with Val and Ira and the other twelve people in my class, they shared and opened up with so much trust, love and respect that is hard to find. This was an intense month with many ups and downs but the environment at Zen Den is contagious and everyone is so positive and supportive, after the first few days we all felt like family. This was much more than what I was expecting. I did not just enhance my knowledge of postures and sanskrit words, but really learned a lot about all the mind, body, and spirit yoga truly is. I’m leaving with more confidence and with the desire to teach and share that I did not have before. This was a life-changing experience and I am so grateful and feel so privileged to know the beautiful people here and to have so many memories. Namaste.